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  1. Hello all, Right, I know that after final withdrawal, The class 03s were eventually transferred to various Scrapyards, or were transferred to a BR depot to be cut up. What I don't know is whether this was by road or rail. If by rail, would I be right in assuming the wheel coupling rods were removed? And what happened to these; did they accompany the Loco to the Scrapyard in an accompanying wagon as per shunting locomotive transfers? (See links) The primary era of interest here is the early 80s. Links: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tcs-pics/6753828823/in/set-72157626146384465 Copyright
  2. Right, here we go. Some of you may know I model in the Early 80s, and my next project will be a Nuclear flask unloding point. I realise that BR used Flatrol MJs first, and then gradually phased in FNA wagons, but apart from the RNA barrier wagon, which are too late for me, I can't find any info on the net about Early 80s barrier wagons. There are some photos on a site called 2D53.com of a Nuclear train near Trawsfynydd in '82, but I can't glean what type of wagons they are. Long story short, does anyone have any info on what BR used for Nuke barrier wagons in the early 80s, before the RNAs?
  3. In that case, Does anyone have any Diagrams or drawings of these wagons, or know where I could find any? As I said, info on them seems pretty scarce on the ground. Reason being that If I can't find any Kits for the Pig Iron, then I'll scratchbuild it (I was going to scratchbuild the Hot Pig anyway, unless someone knows of any kits for these as well.)
  4. Hello, and Sorry for the absense. Right then, I realize both Pig iron and Hot pigs were still in use in the early 80s, and that they got TOPS Codes UPO and URO respectively. However, the only place I could find Information is MR. Bartlett's excellent website, and the photos taken were all around Workington, Cumbria. So were they all based around Workington or did they pop up elsewhere? More research has shown that The Hot Pigs popped up elsewhere, but mainly around Manchester, where there was a Steelworks at Old Trafford IIRC. Anyway, as I said, were they still nationwide or were they found pu
  5. Hey Matto, you said back on page 3, I think that on your 24.5 Ton Mineral Wagons, the rust is done with a cocktail stick, a sponge and something else, which I can't remember. Is the same true on your VEA wagons or not? If it isn't, could you explain how you did it please? Thanks, Josh.
  6. BR had some 16 ton Mineral wagons fitted with Westinghouse air brakes. But they lost them, and were converted to vacuum brake (or similar) When did they lose these? I know they were converted by '85, but this is out of my modelling era. So once again, I reiterate, did they lose these before 1983? Thanks, Josh.
  7. Ok, so correct me if i'm incorrect, but class 03s made the odd foray on to the mainline. Did they take their runner wagons with them or not? Also, they did work freights, as well as acting as depot shunters/station pilots, didn't they?
  8. Right, I realize that BR's Palvans were mostly withdrawn by the early 80s, and that Bagged/ palletized cement was carried in VAA/VDA vans. However, I know that they also used box vans. Which vans were these, were they of any specific type, or any that they could find? Cheers, Josh.
  9. Pardon me if this is in the wrong place, but: Out of 14 shunter classes, 6 made it to the TOPS era. These classes were: 03, 06, 07, 08, 09, 13. However, there are reams of shunters which worked on BR, especially in the late 50s/ early 60s, but were withdrawn by 1970. Then, WHY is there a dearth of virtually every kind of shunter? The Manufacturers complain that they are "Scraping the bottom of the barrel" in terms of Main-line locos to produce. The world of shunters is still, even in 2012, when we have such diverse RTR models such as the class 419 MLV, and the Class 16, which quite frankl
  10. I have for some reason, purchased some C40 Presflo Kits from Dapol. I was wondering, now that they are nearing completion, what livery to paint them in. I model in the early 1980s. Were they still Running by then, and if so, in what livery?
  11. From what I can gather, Br's Air Brake network was broken up/stock redistributed/became Speedlink. Can anyone tell Me which of these actually happened, and when (to the nearest year) Also, I see that BR converted a collection of wagons to the ABN Network. What type of wagons were these, and what happened to them after the demise of speedlink. Did they keep their ABN branding, and if so, for how long? Sorry about all the questions, and thanks in advance, Josh.
  12. Hi, all. Yesterday, I was reading some kit instructions, which said that some Dogfish Wagons had EWS Maroon livery applied, but which were all withdrawn by 2008. Presumably, These were air braked. Are these statements right, or not?
  13. Hi Kev, primarily the Midlands and/or the south west, if anywhere. Oh, and probably most of the class!
  14. I know that the Sharks were Ballast ploughs, but were they ever used as brake vans, or barriers on nuclear trains?
  15. I know this is off topic somewhat, but where did you get those transfers for the wagon on post #15. They're brilliant!
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