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  1. We could have said the same for the King, Princess Coronation (both types) and Princess. The rebuilt Merchant Navy falls far short of rebuilt West Country standards.
  2. Hornby churn out 4/5 new tooled locos each year. After the Duchess, Princess etc, I'm confident an all new rebuilt MN is going to be in the pipe somewhere.
  3. It is the old Rovex hall tooling with some parts retooled. The boiler is so far off (stick it next to a modern Hall, Star or 28xx) that I would bother with it.
  4. Indeed without the heavy rework, I ,m not convinced this model is designed for sound. Coal cannot by removed from the bunker (as far as I can tell) no space to run wires either.
  5. Interestingly, the help sheet supplied with the loco has 2 title mentioning DCC Sound twice in bold letters. One compliments it with a phrase "see your local dealer...". The other with a drawing showing plain 6-pin DCC fitting. So idea whether or not it is suitable for sound from the instructions. Maybe they wanted to in the put a speaker in the bunker and in the end could not.
  6. I don't disagree, just saying a the finess of the paint job can influence the price. (though oddly not always). Bodiam cost me £35 in the early 2000s, yet last year these things ask for twice that new. That can only be put down to paint finish as indeed there are fewer details. Anyway, here are some pics comparing the new terrier to a P and B4 class.
  7. And here we are. Old Hornby (ex Dapol pig tooling) Bodiam vs new Hornby Rolvenden. Paint scheme wise the old is nearly as complex as the new. My perso opinion. The buffers on the new are and look plain wrong and strand out as eyesore to my mind. The black paint on top of the tanks hide's well the missing recess (so not bothered by that). The coal gaurd irons on the rear cab windows is wrong for this loco/time period and does not look easy to fix. The remaining faults don't bother me much but for some odd reason the front sandpipes are poking out to the sides in front of the brake blocks! Easy to tweek though. Performance. The new Rolvenden is not yet run in, and cannot yet go as slow as old Bodiam - but it is quiter. It is bettered by Hattons P in terms of slow performance (all of mine still relatively new) and totally outclassed by Dapols B4 (again my 3 all still relatively new). She is a fast little engine, not quite as fast as smokey joe but not far from it and would have benefitted from a higher gear ratio with more reduction gears. Some picks comparing old Bodiam with new Rolvenden. Clearly the two cannot be side by side on a layout without feeling you are looking at 2 different classes. A great improvement but maybe rushed and not entirely thought through.
  8. The NRM has quite a few goodies waiting to be caught by a net. Previous Hornby policy was not to do commisions but we have seen changes with the new management. The high cost of Bachmann and others is starting bite, the NRM having some difficulty shifting stock. An SECR C class in full Wainwright livery is close to £200, what then for a D class with all new tooling? Yet other makes (Hornby included) had little difficulty in producing a full Wainwright coloured loco at no price difference to lined BR black! Personally I suspect a calaberation between the NRM and Hornby. Perfect business sense for Hornby and the NRM to be business partners.
  9. I have heard from good sources that another SECR D/Elightful locomotive has a strong probability of appearing from Hornby within the next couple of years.
  10. We seem to forget that the old dog was not just a model with fewer bits but at the same time a model that was given modern state of the art paint jobs. You only have to look at the A1 model in Railroad basic deco scheme vs A1 in full fat scheme to see the difference is huge and that the A1 in full deco scheme is not far off the price of a super detailed pacific.
  11. Probably sooner than we think.
  12. At least the vote would be YES by majority for everything in it!
  13. Now I don't know about others, but I would REALLY LOVE Accurascale to do the Gloucester version. Oh and the Vee tanks, and the PDAs, and the Prestwins (now that Bachmann dropped them), and the.....
  14. These really are painstaking attention to detail. A work of art. Just missing a scaled down mouse.
  15. Well mine have been busy on the layout. Each wagon has its own character, there are lots of little marking details between each. The rake is not like one format with just a different running number. Many of the tiny signs are so small that you wonder why they bothered! But it really adds to the character. Here are some pics; A Crosti 9F. Ok not strictly accurate! Class 33 with the rake and a nervous big diesel trying to pass with an express. A class 85 with the rake. Class 17 with a mixed rake of Cemflos and Presflos. Entirely prototypical. Ditto Class 15 with a mixed rake. Not sure if this ever happened. TOPs stuff is placed towards the rear to give depth. Close up with a Cemflo/Presflo mix.. My rake of Cemflos and Presflos are technically a mix of 2 or 3 decades. But by shuffling TOPs stuff to the front and placing pre tops behind, you can imagine an 80s train. See what I mean....
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