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  1. 2020 is also 40 series since the children's series, God's Wonderful Railway was aired: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/God's_Wonderful_Railway A manor was quite prominant in the last 3 episodes.
  2. That will indeed be quite scary. If it is yet another duplicate...….. I will breath a sigh of relief if they don't as I don't think they can afford to have a lemon sales wise.
  3. I have long accepted that the Hornby advent calendar is not for me but aimed more at newer modelers (in the broad sense of the term). None of these sets etc, could ever interest me. However Kernow too are doing an advent calendar which I feel is more apt. Day 1, a Bachmann DRS class 37 exclusive for £99, day 2 a Kernow/DJM tank loco for £69, Day 3 a Bachmann DCC fitted mk2F TSO for £60.... (well the last one does not look as great a bargain as the first two....). Ok, nothing for me yet in Kernow's version, but it is only a question of time before they probably will grab my money with an item that I would like to have.
  4. The giraffe wagon might reappear yet: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=transport+giraffes+by+rail&&view=detail&mid=12CF6B66CAC44BB1C36D12CF6B66CAC44BB1C36D&&FORM=VRDGAR
  5. Well they did do those Hitachi trains. The problem is that Hornby is in competition to get licenses to model all-new real world classes. Hornby won some, Dapol won others (68), Accurascale got the Mk5s and so on. I doubt they could have some all new class even every few years. But if there is an all new real world train out there that looks sexy, and no one else has announced it, then maybe , just maybe.....
  6. I kept waiting for the death star to appear after the Japanese carriers were sunk.... As for War of the Worlds, I think the musical got the closest (well radio aside I suppose). The 50s movie was quite advanced for its time. The Tom cruise version uses a mix of the 50s movie and the book I feel (with the Tom Cruise touch!). I think if the BBC had pivoted between the book and the musical, it might have come off better.
  7. Hollywood is renowned for "based on true events" and taking us off in a totally different direction. Nolan's Dunkirk film, captures the tension well but way off the mark for historical accuracy (who has even seen a spitfire shoot down aircraft on empty fuel tanks? and what the hell was he doing over the actual beech itself where naval gunners had orders to shoot down any aircraft that flew there? and so on.....) The train at the end taking survivors home using 1950s mk1 stock with interiors that actually looked 1950s! The new Midway film, portraying an actual pilot in the Midway battle as a sort of WWII Top gun film Maverick. The real chap was quite reserved and seriously professional. Portraying a book wrong is one thing, but reinventing the entire character of a real world veteran who fought for our freedom is another. We then have 200 knot planes skimming the sea with wing tips (your plane would crash and kill you instantly), planes weaving in and out of Japanese warships (they were spread over a 20 mile radius, the chances of flying over one is remote let alone several) and if the Japanese actually had AA flak like the film, they would have won the war! The last Wonder Woman film has a lot of errors for WWI (how did refugees in 1918 cross no mans land? Why are allies from different nations mixed in the same trench?...) but that at least is based on a geek's originally child's comic book (fun fiction), and the train, though technically post WWI (except the loco which is pre WWI) was pretty well chosen given the operating constraints of modern railways.
  8. I am not sure if for us, it is "obliterated without a thought" but more a case of "obliterated when it is likely to be a pest to our plans". I eliminate an ants nest when it threatens entering the house or doing damage in the garden but I would not seek to go out of my way to destroy ants nests. I suspect Aliens would do the same. Eliminate all aspects which could possibly hurt them or trying to stop them from settling and living on our planet. But unlikely to go searching the very last parts of the earth to eliminate everyone of us. A roman army could do our modern day generally unarmed civilian population great harm despite our technical superiority but that would only happen if our modern armies allowed them to form and get close. An ancient civilization would be quickly routed in the face of modern firepower. It could still exist but would not pose a threat. They could use us food, but then you would want a fair amount to survive and breed to supply that food, in much the same way we farm cows. Even here cows would be a better choice. How long do we take to become adults vs a cow? Strangely, a French channel (Canal+) has also released a War of Worlds Series set in modern times in London and France. The adds have no big tripods only dog like aliens (note video is mostly in English with some French). https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=la+guerre+des+mondes+série&&view=detail&mid=C35B1310C17F2D26D0DDC35B1310C17F2D26D0DD&&FORM=VRDGAR
  9. Had the aircraft been 1/76th or more likely 1/72nd, I'd have brought a set but fully understand that volume wise the aircraft would have been 8 times more than a single 1/144th one. I was in an aircraft museum once and remember walking into another area thinking "the ceiling is a bit low in here for such a massive room..." until I realised that I was under a Vulcan wing. These aircraft are huge so understand why Bachmann gave a pair of smaller scale models instead.
  10. It could be because you get 8 times more model for a little under 4 times more the price! Equally, as your eyesight goes with age, and the OO collection becomes too vast to master, perhaps there is some yearning for something bigger, easy to see and fewer items to handle.
  11. Would have done, but ordered a full rake of PCAs a few days before. PCAs being more apt for the south east in the 1980s. Now had they been pre-tops (for 60s scenes)….
  12. ok they could relax it to 20%. If they don't start getting into profit and clearing that debt, sooner or later the plug will be pulled or they will be forced to make sharp reductions which will loose confidence with staff and retailers alike far faster and greater. The ship might be stbalised, but it is still taking on water and sooner or later it will capzise sharply. ( The metaphor here is that a ship has a rolling point and a centre of gravity, the ship can be not listing with the centre of gravity just below it but as it takes on water, even if you keep the ship balanced, sooner or later the gravity point goes above the rolling point and boom the ship capsizes).
  13. They still have some fundimental issues with costs. It is not just a quetion of winning customers, but getting back to profit. Maybe the margins need to be increased and the 10% limit breifly dropped. I know the 10% limit levels the playing field a bit betweeb box shifters and smaller shops, but no Hornby at all is going to have an even bigger impact on model shops. Tough choices ahead if they are going to start refloating the ship.
  14. The SER had a rich dark rich blue for locos, I cannot remember if this was extended to coaches, if they were, then it would have been only SER types which run as such in early SECR days. These Birdcages are well into SECR days and more into the latter of half of SECR days, I don't think they ever did any dark rich blue livery. There might be some confusion in that the current South Eastern Railways do have EMUs in a dark rich blue livery which was probably inspire by the older SER loco liveries.
  15. Photos of EPs have gone up on facebook. The 33/0 in OO gauge with intensity lights now has finer radiator grills, and the horn covers are removed too. However we are still missing the pair of small panals just below each radiator grill on each side and there is still that incorrect panal on the roof between the exhaust port and cab.
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