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  1. Sounds complicated as a system. So I wonder if this means that the delivery man turns up and asks for a cheque for the VAT before leaving you with a parcel! And what about stuff ordered and paid for last year but not yet sent out and recieved?
  2. For me, this is the sort of wagon that might sell well in single units. It's an odd beast that would look great by itself on a layout
  3. If they are really selling for those prices, its a sign to do another run of - say - 200.
  4. The Bluebell one is the one I've ordered too. Can't wait. A lot has happened in the world since.
  5. They make Ivor the Engine look like a true story.
  6. I wonder if those models and the layout still exist. Be a shame to discover it finished in a tip.
  7. I had a lighting problem on an EPB once. A pair of copper spikes were not quite touching the contact stripes in the roof.
  8. I did not think it was post any condition. This 70s toy looks more generic than the generic coaches.
  9. No, they need to make the train look plausible.... Hollywood style!
  10. Hi, Since the 1st of January, when I place an order for delivery to France, I have found some shops no longer include VAT while others still do. As they are pre-orders, I suspect that they will have time to sort out the rules and charge me correctly. But should they still charge VAT sending to the EU? (I see shops outside the UK selling into it, have to register for a UK VAT number, but not sure what happens in the reverse).
  11. Farish did do a metal bodied MN in OO gauge a long long time ago. Yes rather odd choice for Dublo I suppose
  12. The two big players are defending ground in a saturated market. There is so much stuff now that I go "that's nice but don't really need it as X is doing something else more suitable for me". Where as in the past, there was no such much choice announced. Hornby not only need to defend ground but equally remain the main player bringing new blood into the hobby. The market dying out serves no one even big shops like Hattons. Now generics are being done by two companies, there success could lead to accurate models of 4/6 wheel coaches.
  13. I feel it is quite a risk doing this loco. If we look at the Nelson's and Princess Coronations, many of the first runs ended up in the bargains section. I brought Nelson class "Lord Rodney" to complement my older Bachmann "Lord Nelson". There was something like 25 years between the two model designs. "Lord Rodney" had early front end while "Lord Nelson" was later. Yes, the Hornby model was better everywhere, but the disparity did not look much from normal viewing distances on a layout. I had hoped at the time that Hornby would release the TTS chip to upgrade Rodney to DCC sound. Th
  14. I bet it has wheels numbered in pairs..... Actually following an Islesy hint a few weeks back, I smell a steamy coming.
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