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  1. Its probably sprung steel (rusts slower). I doubt they go for stainless steel or tungsten weights. Does it have light rust?
  2. Lima basically used steel bar cut to length as the weight. My guess is mild steel bar. It will file but not as quickly as aluminium, mazac etc. I doubt they would have used something harder like sprung steel (a cow to file) unless they liked changing saw blades regulary.
  3. I've had 4 arrived to me in France (see my post above yours), none had VAT added at the source. One via the NRM, sound fitted which came by UPS. This one got the VAT + admin added on my side. The other 3 via Royal mail as 2 seperate parcels. None of of those got charged VAT nor admin charges on my side.
  4. And here are all my Ds togethor: An SECR Wainwright D with other Wainwright locos.... And finally a BR D with other ex SECR BR locos:
  5. At the end of the day, prices have shot up due to wage increases in China. But the processes that produce these models have little changed. My Bachmann SECR C class from the first run cost me less than £70, the latest run isn't far short of this D class and the quality between the 2 is marginal though somewhat in the D class favour. Had I built it myself, it would have been a huge challenge to match this quality. And I certainly would not have built 4 of them that I brought! They all arrived with at least one buffer off, not really a niggle and easily refitted.
  6. Technically called a "data migraine-tion".
  7. I think the crux is, Rails "probably" don't want to commit to injection moulded tooling and the vast production run required to recover the cost if they want to keep the end price viable. But such vans as this mink and some of the midland types that appeared everywhere (which was quoted on the SECR van thread) - would indeed - to my mind be perfectly viable as a mass produced RTR model by one of the mainstream RTR players (Hornby, Bachmann, Rapido, Accurascale etc...). Given Rapido already doing SECR types (even if late ones which reached BR), I suspect that they are heading that way anyway. And it is just a question of time as the number of pre-grouping locos increase (a sharp rise in recent years) causing a demand for correct rolling stock (not later types painted in pre-grouping colours) to run with them. Maybe the Rails Mink is merely a stop gap until an injection moulded one appears. The 1424 type, though common on the SECR itself were less so elsewhere and after grouping.
  8. We could quote that for almost every RTR model ever produced ;-)
  9. No. It seems that only Wainwright SECR and Maunsell SR green are out at this time. I'm waiting for the Grey and BR early crest and I hope they arrive just before I go away.... or can be held until I'm back.
  10. Rails Dapol Wainwright D class with Rails Dapol SECR 1424 vans: (I thought this would make a change from Birdcages)
  11. 35017 - Belgium Marine arrived this morning. This model has both a new tender tooling (compared to the first batches) and the re-sighted safety valve positions.
  12. My pair just arrived. First observation, HOORAY, finally a manufacturer that does not provide a box 10 times larger than it needs to be!
  13. Hi, I mainly model the south east England. Blue, RF grey and sometimes sector. But never privatization.
  14. Thanks. I agree Flickr and other sources can be used to track down individual locos and liviries. My main question was where the locos were running in the liveries chosen. For example I brought a Hornby 31 which was confirmed in the south east however not the Blue livery Hornby did their's in. I feel confident that their research material doubtless has the answer and it would be wonderful Cavalex to hint at where the locos generally were when they carried these liveries.
  15. Great News - my only question is, do we know where they were generally running in these liveries please?
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