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  1. Don't forget his forth coming crowdfunded Connels inspired soundtrack : Seventy-four, Seventy-one
  2. If it is foam like the DJM ones, a sharp scalpel will soon sort the issue. It did on my DJM ones.
  3. I suppose they could always supply a transfer sheet for those 2 pieces of lining for people to add themselves. Yes it is £200 where as Bachmann's original C was about £80, prices have gone up due to rising increases in China in the approx 10 years since. However the process to make these models and QC have not evolved much since. These are a bigger proportion of our income. I've long ceased buying stuff just because it looked pretty or unique and only buy things that are well in line with my interests.
  4. Hi Olivier, Do you know when the remainder of the BR black 32655 sound fitted ones will be sent out? I see my order (March 2019) is still pending but all the plain 32655s have now sold out on your site. Thanks & Rgds John
  5. Very interesting. Concerning the KESR no.15 ex NLR luggage break, I believe KESR no.14 was the same before it was transferred to the EKR to become their no.2 in 1912/13.
  6. @John Arkell I am not sure if you are aware of these wagons. Maybe something for the SECR club magazine (I can send photos).
  7. Yes, the KESR has already done so in the past.
  8. Payments are doubtlessly based on milestones. Getting tooling done is one big milestone, production is another huge milestone. They will be almost certainly be forking out a 6 figure sum just for the production of these models. A resource that they could not really afford to tie down now by buying currency right away as there will be no return until we all pay for the delivered models (our deposits help a little but don't cover much). Normally the GBP is quite stable compared to most currencies but the we have two big factors which could affect the GBPs strength one way or the other depending on how these events evolve between now and when the models are produced. I have 4 of these models on order. Not cheap.
  9. It has not been said yet, but this is all part of Rails plans to sell some masquerading as T9s......
  10. Congratulations on this very fascinating move forwards. A top quality man, in a top quality job working with top quality people in a top quality company.
  11. Two Sultan's and Eastleigh's from the same manufacturer in the same livery only different toolings neither really correct! I wonder how that happened.
  12. Hi Derek, I have not pulled one apart but - looking at it - I would say that for the Hornby 2e, it looks like it is moulded as part of the body like Lima. I brought my 2e's prefitted with lights when they first came. Much derided by some but wish Hornby would add them to their 2fs (Bachmann's lighting, is designed for DCC control which is not really a requirement for me personally). (BTW, good to see you back on the forum). Rgds John
  13. Here is the Mk2d top vs Mk2e bottom under frame views. Both made by Hornby. From a distance they look similar but the bits are all different dimensions. Kinda amazing that some 40 years after its release, modern manufacturers are having a hard time surpassing the old airfix model.... Yeah, for the price, I don't think the Bachmann one is ideal for repainting and bashing around. Better is the enemy of the good enough.
  14. The Hornby Mk2e came out a couple of years before the Bachmann Mk2f. Then within 6 months of the Bachmann Mk2f coming out, Hornby announced that they were going to do a Mk2f too with not as many separately fitted detail parts nor the high tech spec of Bachmann's. The Hornby Mk2e and Mk2f are entirely different toolings sharing nothing between them (well, not sure on the bogies).
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