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  1. Kernow are currently doing a 4-TC and a class 33/1 for just under £300.
  2. Love the kit bash. Look forwards to the review parts 2 & 3.
  3. Great Video. Thanks to it, I have now brought all 3 volumes of LBSCR coaches books quoted there-in PLUS all 5 Hornby LBSCR generic coaches! I was initially going to wait to see if either Generic maker did the Bluebell numbers but there closeness to actual LBSCR types and the need for LBSCR items to go behind my 2 LBSCR locos that did not make it into preservation, lead me to buying them. The coach numbers are so small that I probably won't renumber to Bluebell running numbers and run them on preservation trains as is. At £22 each, they are a really good bargain and a lot che
  4. Early ordering was nigh on impossible in this case. The book closed in 48 hours, before most people even heard about them. I just managed to get one in 5. There cannot be doubts on Market demand for this van. E-bay speculators are going to have a field day. I'd even buy them unfinished at £10 more than the price for decorated ones where proposed at (and maybe higher). They are a simple livery to paint. Transfers exist (or easy to do). It's not like a Birdcage with loads of windows and tonnes of lining needing skills of Coachman to do it correctly. It seems that the voice of few people say
  5. My statements was never about PPE vs a wagon. Please don't distort as such. But about how I would love Rails to do further runs and if its proving to be somewhat impossible (there are hints of other limits here not related to COVID) then to consider offering us a means to order the bits through whatever 3D printing company (the wheels are Gibsons which we can order elsewhere, there exist paint, transfers and couplings too). But the way this is being steared, I get the impression it would have been far better if we were to stop creating market demand and stop wanting to spend money
  6. It would not be a freebie (I quoted Shapeways as one, but there are probably plenty they could choose from). If the resources are not there for a rerun then the next best thing is something like a kit. Here we are frustrating almost every SECR modeler whose alternatives are a very odd/hard to find white metal kit, scratch building or - not in rails interests - doing their own CADs and printing themselves. I am suggesting ways for Rails to get more out of their CADs before someone else nips in with an alternative. As an SECR modeler, I cannot run a Cambrian SECR kit with Wainwright
  7. The alternatives are nothing or paying a fortune on flea-bay. My first choice is of course for further runs but if not, there may be ways for people to order the 3D parts elsewhere even if they are not up to the same RTR standards and cost more. Otherwise its a case of someone else doing CADS and putting them orderable from a 3D printing company - which is bound to happen once the price of these things rocket on the S/H market.
  8. I - like many others - seriously hope you do a rerun (or put the CADs on shapeways at least).
  9. Steamers have been suffering greatly from duplication as well. 2 Manors and 2 Terriers for a start. And those Great Western saddle tanks Heljan did also covered by Kernow.
  10. Now the models are starting to breed like rats....
  11. I used blue tack. Otherwise Poly cement if you are brave enough not to mess up the paint work while positioning them, or PVA (wood glue) with a risk one might flic off during handling.
  12. I use this to blacken brass and steel (though mild steel tends to go rusty a few days later): I have not tried but guess it will work on nickel etchings too. It does not work on aluminium (doubtless due to the first layer being an oxide).
  13. All wheels on the rails in that picture (C1 + Dyno + 4 GNR coaches). The track curves slightly after the point and there is a 3rd rail there.
  14. Just the leading pair on the single.
  15. I recieved a mail saying they posted something today so I guess Rails are ok.
  16. Today I received 4 GNR Generic coaches. These are to occasionally run behind my Stirling single and Atlantic C1 (both NRM versions). I have included the NRM LNER Dynometer(?) car in one photo for teak comparison.
  17. Cool stuff - You got me inspired again. Here I removed the Bachmann Mk2 FO and replaced it with a Bachmann Mk1 in Choc/Cream and then replaced a Hornby Brk with a Replica Mk1 BG. The Hornby RB is in 4th spot sandwiched between 2 darker Bachmann Mk1s: Here I have dug out my Brighton Evening Argus. The Choc/Cream now replaced by a Hornby brake. The difference in green between the first 4 is quite striking in this shot (replica then Hornby then Bachmann then Hornby):
  18. Good Morning Headstock, Sorry but I did not say in my post that DCC sound has nothing to do with real locos! There are plenty of fine DCC sound chips out there with people that can pull of the right sounds and get them synchronized to the movement of the loco. Loksound and Zimo are two of the perfectly excellent sound chip makers who succeed well in producing superb DCC sound chips for example. But they are 2/3 times the price of TTS sound. My comments refer to the TTS chips ONLY. These are the cheapest sound chips on the market, I use many of them as it is better
  19. There are 2 possibilités: 1/ "We're cancelling" 2/ "We're still going ahead and promise the modeler the bestist Manor ever which will including a working crew and head lamps"
  20. On a TTS chip, the chuff is quite generic (and notches up like diesel!). Only the whistles change from one loco to the next so if the whistles are the same then a what they say is good for a P2 should work for a A2 (which to the ears of many would be awful in both cases).
  21. I ended up changing my order for the 2-HAP twice as I wanted one as it ran in the south east. First I went for the NSE thinking it would SE division. Then it was said it would be south western division and the blue-grey in south eastern div so I called and changed my order. Then finally we see the painted samples and first reviews and the Blue Grey is a South Western unit while the NSE is a South Eastern. Poor KMRC having to cope with me changing my mind twice after the initial order. With the BEP, it will be blue-grey regardless so maybe I won't have the same issues here. But can feel fo
  22. Me too. Absolutely gorgeous. Still humming over the grey or green one. Grey fits in with late SECR while green is just simply more EKR style......
  23. Dam! I did not think these coaches could be useful in a power cut.
  24. The question is though will they split UK outline between the two warehouses or just ship UK outline to the UK and EU outline just to the EU? The former could be done, but probably needs firm orders from EU shops to do it (on UK shops on Hornby's international range). Otherwise its guess work on how many UK outline models they will sell in the EU and small numbers hanging around in NL for years on end is not a viable stock holding proposition.
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