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  1. ash39

    Farish Due Soon

    I find it hard to believe that the cost of plastic is the main driver behind the price of a model, particularly in n gauge? Surely a lot of the cost goes into the intricate assembly & wiring, motorised mechanisms, painting & printing etc. I've bought other products where there was more plastic in the disposable packaging than there is in an average 'n' gauge vehicle!
  2. I would certainly complain if my beans had gone up in price and I had to wait 3 years for them
  3. Slightly off topic but relevant I guess - does anyone know if there are any visual differences between a 5-car Class 800 and a 5-car Class 801? I think I recall reading somewhere that all the engines and fuel tanks are concealed under the bodyside valances so in theory they are identical in side profile but presumably there will be additional exhaust ports in the roofs of the 800? Trying to work out how much work would be involved in repurposing an Kato LNER set into an 801 variant.
  4. The LNER one looks fantastic. The colours, printing and typefaces are all spot on. Dapol could learn a thing or two from their finishing. They will absolutely clean up with these. Hopefully they are planning 9-car versions and 802's in due course. TransPennine Express ones will be popular.
  5. Yeah, looks teal in the pictures doesn't it? Could just be the white balance on the camera. Ironically I prefer the teal to the shade on the prototype! Not a lot that can go wrong on the LNER version being essentially plain white so I'll probably get one too.
  6. The grills look like they were drawn on! Are they stickers?! Not for me I'm afraid.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions Karhedron. Not locations or periods of time I'm familiar with (didn't even know 313's ever worked out of Euston to be honest!) but they will be useful for someone.
  8. I wasn't demanding anything either, just pointing out what I believe to be an oversight. I'm pretty surprised at some of the responses suggsting toys have been throw out of the pram over this - all the cases for a C&C 314 have been made politely and backed up with facts, including pointing out that Revolution had got the dates wrong for the Orange livery. I agree we're going round in (Cathcart) circles so I'll leave it at that! Good luck with the project.
  9. So are Revolution basically a large manufacturer now? They started out by proving the business case for the Pendolino because none of the established manufacturers were touching it. Now you're saying we, at consumer level, have to prove the business case for a model? I thought that was Revolutions MO. Find out what modellers want and produce it.
  10. I might be in the minority, in which case this entire post is moot, but I tend to buy models based on what else is available to go with it. I'd love to model a busy commuter station on the south ECML and a couple of First Capital Connect 313's would be perfect for this, but without a contemporary Class 91/Mk4 it is not much use. I'm not hugely familiar with the Southern Region, but I believe a similar case exists there as the Electrostar family are hugely widespread but as yet not available in any scale. For those reasons the 314's are appealing to me as you could model a southern
  11. I think the argument I'm trying to make transcends this particular case to be honest. Manufacturers consistently produce 'celebrity' and one off liveries because they know they can sell the batch quickly - which makes complete commercial sense. However I think what gets overlooked sometimes is the more mundane, widespread liveries that are more useful might actually lead to more sales across the range as it allows you to build up a selection of models to model a certain area and period of time.
  12. You're missing the point. The 320's were refurbished pretty quickly and C&C didn't last long into the ScotRail era. The 314's lasted right up until last year and arguably you can't really accurately represent that era without C&C. I'm not personally bothered enough to go to the lengths you're suggesting, I just wanted to make the point that the decision has been partially made based on 320 data which is not representative at all (as you can see by the number of comments over the last couple of pages). I'm not going to lose any sleep over it but the hobby does f
  13. Appreciate your reply Mike, and I get where you're coming from. I remember Ben saying you had to make the tough call to drop 321 liveries that he'd have actually wanted for his own personal layout, so I understand the commercial implications and that half a dozen people expressing dissapointment on a forum don't necessarily convert into the 250 orders you need to make it worth producing. My post was partially based on a personal desire for a C&C 314, but I also think your previous & upcoming models (Pendolino, Class 92, Class 320) fit right into the window where C&C wou
  14. Are you sure it's the right call to exclude C&C livery ? It spans a huge time frame and has options for mixing with both Strathclyde Orange and ScotRail livery. If both were being produced, I'd probably order one of each to go with my 320 as it would be give enough variety to justify a micro layout of a Cathcart circle station. If C&C is missing, I may end up with just one ScotRail (or perhaps none at all). I can't be the only one thinking this? It would be nice to model their final days when they were battered and bruised, but more than half were still in C&a
  15. The paint looked unfinished to me, like it hadn't been varnished maybe. I wouldn't judge it based on that clip. Really impressed with the livery application though, especially how they've represented the fact that the vinyls don't go into the recesses and are just white in these places. Great job
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