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    Far from being dull I think this is a very impressive layout in the making. I am all too aware of the challenges of space that you refer to; I model in a garden shed which accommodates a circular layout that can represent the Western Region in either the late 50's or early 70's dependent on locos, stock and vehicles. Unlike your very 'grown up' approach I have been unable to resist cramming the layout with depots, factories and such like; I know it's simply too full but all those lorises havre to go somewhere! I shall continue to watch developments with interest.
  2. These are brilliant pictures, I especially like the prairie tank, really grainy and full of atmosphere. Thanks for the postings.
  3. Dear Mark, Thanks for passing this thread on. I can see the mish mash of period details has exercised a few correpsondents but as I'm a fully paid up member of the 'if it looks OK then it is OK club' I think it'll be just fine!
  4. Funny how such apparently specialised topics can generate such interesting discussions - I've read all of these with interest and it's fuelled my thinking about what else could lie at the end of my single track branch line that I originally set in the early 60's but am now setting up to swap on occasions into the 70's (good excuse for buying stock, etc!) and a military storage facility might be just the thing.
  5. I'm busy buying stock to give me the option to switch my layout from the early 60's to the early 70's so that I can 'ring the changes' in about an hour. I'd really like a Class 31 in blue but think the only one that's available is the Hornby Railroad version and just want to be sure that it's smooth runner and not of the coffee grinder motor ilk of some earlier Hornby offerings. I'd be grateful for any views that owners of this loco might have.
  6. Thanks very much indeed - clear as crystal now!
  7. I think you're absolutely right about the need to take care with the vehicles that go on to a layout. I have set my layout in the early 1960's and currently use what I suspect to be a very inaccurate mixture of crimson and cream and plain green BR vehicles. I also own some yellow BR goods vehicles as well but don't have them on the layout as I think they belong in the 70's. Can someone set me straight on the 'timeline' for the various colours of BR vehicles?
  8. I am very impressed by your first attempts. I have tried weathering some wagons but have no air brush and my early attempts were a little 'heavy handed'. I've used some of the cans of weathering spray and that has worked reasonably well but, once again, you need to be fairly gentle to avoid over doing it.I'm told that weathering powders work well - have you tried these? I've yet to pluck up the courage to weather any of my locos as there's always the risk of making an expensive mistake! I remember reading an article in RM Magazine about the weathering of cattle trucks that suggested that the bottom of these would have been stained with white from some sort of lime wash that was used to clean the floors of these vehicles after use - you might want to try this out on your versions of these vehicles.
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