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  1. Good to see your progress. Mike
  2. Looking forward to seeing this one develop. Regards Mike
  3. Certainly looks interesting and rather different to Dent. Regards Mike
  4. Looks to be an interesting layout you are building. I will be following with interest. Mike
  5. Nice to see round the back of the layout. Mike
  6. I like the positioning of the buildings. Mike
  7. I'm using the bubble wrap silver sided stuff from Wickes, because it is light in weight and I didn't want to increase the weight in the loft too much. It comes in rolls and just needs to be tacked in place. You can get rolls of aluminium tape to seal the joins between the separate sheets. Mike
  8. All of the top half's done, I need to finish the lower half, which I will do once I am home again. It has made a difference, but will make more once complete. Mike
  9. A little more progress when I was back home for Christmas. A couple more sections of cable trunking have been laid, I have now found a way that works well, with my fingers crushing them! I have also completed the girder bridge shown in an earlier photo. This now needs to be painted, as job for the summer. I have also removed the track from the mainline as I felt it was more appropriate for it to be laid with concrete sleepers. The original return loop has also been lifted as it had not worked properly for sometime. I have purchased a couple of rolls of cork, so again, when I am home in the summer, I can commence the relaying of the track. Hopefully all these changes will improve the running, as I will be in a position to run trains through the autumn this year, for the first time in seven years! A mere 22 weeks to get through now! Happy New Year to all Mike
  10. Another enjoyable video, thanks for sharing it. Mike
  11. Inspirational stuff. Some very lovely photos in a fantastic setting. Mike
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