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  1. Rather a long time since I last posted on here. Work has continued at a snails pace, slowly working on different aspects, trying to get the mainline reconnected so I can give the track a proper test. As I have not got all of the things I need to complete this yet, I have been slowly building up the scenery side of the layout. I l Developing the autumnal theme for the layout. This shows the branchline where it becomes single track. There has been more work, but the photos seem to want to load upside down! I will sort those before sharing. Mike
  2. I find it totally different, most of the time it is me on my own with the occasional interaction with a customer. I am thoroughly enjoying the change at the moment, even with the wonderful variation in the weather, a wet and miserable day today, a few weeks ago it was extremely hot! Mike
  3. Since the last post I have had a change of career, after 32 years as a teacher, I wanted to do something different, so now I work as a delivery driver. I enjoy it, but it has reduced the amount of time I spend on the layout. That said, I have been working on the tunnel section for the branch line under the mainline between Digby Junction and Walnut Grove. , Still more work to be done, but first I need to complete the raised section carrying the mainline, which is taking time, although I am enjoying building the Metcalfe kits for this! Regards Mike
  4. Under the roof this morning. Different distances, and crops, which do you prefer? I think both work well. The top one because of the extra light. But, I prefer the bottom one as it shows the power of the loco more, in my opinion. Mike
  5. Finally got round to using the airbrush to weather the track and start the ballasting on the section between Walnut Grove and Digby Junction. I have also positioned some dummy point motors, one can be seen centre left. Ballast yet to be glued down, but temperature in the loft means only short periods of work are possible. Mike
  6. After some time running trains round the layout, i found a section where most trains were derailing. The problem was a point, so I removed the point as it wasn't totally necessary. Modified layout for Walnut Grove shown below. Before the change. After the change. I have also been working on the mainline section in the Lilac Grove station, as well as where it meets the branchline at Digby Junction. As well as laying more cable trunking and fitting signals. I am continuing to work slowly and steadily. So more updates as and when. Mike
  7. A little more progress over the last couple of days. The main task yesterday was fixing a Berko platform signal, as well as refitting the Lilac Grove platform 4. This has also had a little scenery added, as shown in the photo below. Mike
  8. A bit of track relayed to impoverished the access to Walnut Grove station. The surroundings to the station I am now working on. A view under the mainline showing the cottages in place near the station. More of the sky has been painted and the area behind the station car park developed further. The view showing the road leaving the station with the cottages in place. Still working on this area. Laying more grass. The bridges leading into the fiddle yard have also been built and I am starting to bed them, but more work to be done here yet. Mike
  9. Niece, their website is well worth a look. I ordered four different lots of 500ml of static grass and it was delivered in a couple of days. No further progress, just had a couple of days running trains. One problem area of track to sort out, possibly some others. Mike
  10. Neil, I’m using War World Scenics. I came across them at the Peterborough Show. They work on a base layer, then you build extra layers of 2mm, 4mm and 6mm on top of that. I’m really pleased with the effect. Latest picture, with the wagons in place. Mike
  11. Further layers of static grass added. I will leave this area for a while now, just to be sure it feels right! One final one taken through the bridge arches for the mainline. The only snag is this view would not be possible if the mainline was built as originally intended. Fortunately it is not so making sure there is an arch here is now possible. Still lots to do, but with time to do it! Mike
  12. More work done. Both tracks of the branch line are now running. A lot of testing needs to be done before I will be completely happy. I have been interspersing track laying and wiring with some scenic work. The three photos show a corner of the layout behind Walnut Grove station, with a siding, which will be used to store some wagons - mostly Bachmann collectors club models, which are not appropriate for running on the track, but can be used as a preservation There is a newly laid base layer of scatter material, which will have longer static grass added to it over the coming days. You can also see the cable trunking, which doesn’t look great, but once the track is ballasted, the worst of it will be hidden! The backscene is an attempt at hand painting the sky, with card covered in different types of scatter material to give the impression of fields. I am only looking at the overall impression, not an artistic masterpiece! Keep safe Mike
  13. Further progress. I have shot a short video following (badly) a Class 105 round the branch line, from Walnut Grove station, to Digby Fen, then through the fiddle yard, Lilac Grove station and back to Walnut Grove. Apologies for the poor camera stability and the mess around the rest of the layout. At some point I will take photos and upload these, whilst also continuing to make further additions to the layout. Keep safe Mike
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