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  1. Further progress. I have shot a short video following (badly) a Class 105 round the branch line, from Walnut Grove station, to Digby Fen, then through the fiddle yard, Lilac Grove station and back to Walnut Grove. Apologies for the poor camera stability and the mess around the rest of the layout. At some point I will take photos and upload these, whilst also continuing to make further additions to the layout. Keep safe Mike
  2. Further progress has been made. At the moment no photos, I will take those when I get the chance. The fiddle yard tracks have been sorted. A total of 10 tracks, five in each direction. Just need to finish wiring and fixing the tracks. The approach from the opposite direction to the one shown in the photos above also needs to be sorted, which means building the bridges to ensure that the trains can pass over them without any problems. At the other end of the layout I have been laying cable trunking to hide the signal cable. There is also a siding at Walnut Grove, which will remain in place, but will be overgrown as well! The track is weathered and ballasted. Now working out the undergrowth and how that will look. I have also painted the back scene a nice grey. As the layout is going to be set in the Autumn i felt a grey sky was more appropriate, there will be patches of blue and cloud variation as well. With the current situation progress has been quicker, but at the same time I am enjoying looking and reflecting before doing each stage. From the end of next week I will officially have retired from teaching. Trying to find another job may prove more challenging than I originally thought however! Keep safe Mike
  3. I joined in 2012, just before spending 7 years working Kuwait. RMWeb helped me cope with the loneliness and the fact I couldn't work on my own layout, by providing me with lots of inspiration and ideas for when I would be able to get stuck in again. Thank you all for the inspiration, no matter how grand or small your own layouts. Happy birthday to RMWeb. Mike
  4. Some lovely images as usual Gilbert. The one under the roof is probably one of the best and certainly my favourite. It just exudes power and class. Thank you for the constant supply of images. Mike
  5. Time progresses slowly with the work I have to do on the layout. Maximum of one evening a week at the moment. I have now completed the double track round to the fiddle yard, although the fiddle yard now needs to be relaid. Class 47 approaching the fiddle yard. Class 85 leaving with its train. Now need to decide whether or not to reinstall the retaining wall in the foreground and hide this section under a hillside. I will probably run trains for a while to make sure that it all works fine first, so that there are no derailments. Half-term at the moment, but can’t get up there as we are having the bathroom replaced!
  6. Looking very interesting. I like the idea and the shape of it. Looking forward to seeing more now. Mike
  7. Progress has been slow, with realigning the track, fitting point motors and rearranging the access to the fiddle yards. The last part is still ongoing, partly due to a few issues with points, which have now been sorted. The picture shows the realignment and simplification of the station approach. The station now needs to be rebuilt. The lines to the right are the mainline and will have OHLE installed once the track is relayed with the concrete sleepers. The track to the left is the branchline which will be the main running lines for the time being, or at least they will be once the fiddle yard is sorted out. The fencing will need to be repaired as well as a general tidy up, after some regular running, I will also be ballasting the track prior to the fixing of the OHLE in the foreground and to the right. Still a very long way to go. There have been a few new additions to the fleet, but more of that next year. Happy New Year to all who bother to read my ramblings. Mike
  8. Looking forward to watching this develop. Regards Mike
  9. I like the look of the worl you have done so. I will be following with interest your progress. Regards Mike
  10. Further destruction deconstruction of the layout has taken place. The retaining wall around the single return loop has now gone. I have temporarily laid the double track return loop to get an idea of the further ground work that will need to take place in that area. I have also lifted the middle platforms of Lilac Grove station, as this will need repositioning in order to lay the mainline. I have also lifted the branch line tracks through the station, modifying the layout slightly. Having checked the temporary track to make sure it works, I am now in the process of relaying the track. Hopefully, I will soon have a complete circuit once again in the not too distant future. Once the track is down, I hope to take some photos to show the changes. Regards Mike
  11. Finally made a start on the removal of track and the retaining wall. Slow progress as I don’t want to make a complete mess of it. ``that said, it will be great to reach a point where trains will be running again, just not going to be any time soon. Mike
  12. So whilst on holiday I have had a further rethink about the layout and have decided to make it a roundy-roundy! This means that the goods yard area on the inside of the one return loop will be reduced in size and also turned into a derelict site. The retaining wall will have to move forward to allow for the double track mainline. The fiddle yard will be accessible from both directions, meaning the loss of the other return loop, which I wasn’t so happy about. The two boards will join together with a double track. This section will be wired as a return loop. On the left of the above picture there is some track, this will be lifted and turned into a disused track bed. One further change is that I intend modelling the layout in an Autumn time period as this is a season I enjoy, but haven’t experienced for the past seven years. Not sure when progress will start what with weekends away, rugby World Cup and getting used to my new job! Regards Mike
  13. Good to see the progress you are making. Sometimes you just have to stop and play, in order to make sure it all works properly! Regards Mike
  14. The last photo with the 47 and the pond does look good, but definitely needs some planting round the pond to enhance the overall image. Mike
  15. Spent an enjoyable time catching up on the videos, then to see these pictures just shows the needed enhancement to an already good layout. Mike
  16. Some steady progress has been made in the possession that is currently taking place on the layout. No pictures, as currently there is nothing to show. Still sorting out the track bed and the lay of the track. I am keen to ensure it is laid correctly for smooth running, not quite managed that yet. Not easy as it is quite warm in the loft as well. Mike
  17. A good start. As with the othes, another one to follow with interest and copy some of your ideas. Mike
  18. After seven years of living and working outside the UK, I am now back home and so hoping I will be able to make some long needed progress on the layout. At the moment the priority has to be relaying the track so that I can get trains running again! At present there are sections of track laid, but nothing is running. Prior to returning to the UK earlier this week, I placed some large orders that will help with that process. As well as some rolling stock. Once I have moved things on a bit, I will post up some photos of progress. Mike
  19. Good to see the progress you have made. I can also see the benefit of running a mix of the two years you have highlighted as it does give more variety in terms of what can be run. I am doing something similar with my layout. Mike
  20. Andy, from the photos, I don’t think you need to re paint the rocks, as they look pretty natural to me. Mike
  21. Good to see your progress. Mike
  22. Looking forward to seeing this one develop. Regards Mike
  23. Certainly looks interesting and rather different to Dent. Regards Mike
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