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  1. Thanks, John, for bringing this across from the Scalefour forum. Description and photos on that page. For a more detailed look at how it comes together, the instructions are here (html) or here (pdf)..
  2. Hi David, I haven't tried, but it might. The mech presumably is the same so no problems there. For ride height, depends if the floor of the chassis moulding is the same height above the rail as the Peak (17.9mm - give or take). From what I've heard about the bodyside dimensions, there's a chance it might be. Otherwise, perhaps it could be made to be so without too much trouble? Cheers
  3. See the Wheelsets section of the instructions. HTH.
  4. The PenBits sprung bogie kits for the Bachmann Class 40 and Peak models are now on sale. Details on the PenBits website at these links: Class 40 here, and Peaks here. The kits cover the models as currently available from Bachmann, i.e. the six-wheel drive split-axle 40 bogies, and the Peaks with centre motor drives and the buffer beams attached to the bogie frames. Instructions, either as web pages or downloadable pdf, are available via this page. As ever, I've tried to cover everything from a basic level because 1. it's all a bit different and 2. many diesel modellers will have less exp
  5. We now have bogie springing kits available for the Heljan 47 and Lion locos. The 47 kit is £37.50, with Lion at £35.00. More details and ordering links, as ever, on the website. The 47 kit has the etched brake parts as included in our original kits for the Bachmann 47 and Heljan Kestrel. Available now for mail order and at RailEx this weekend. Test build of the bolster and subframe, with Ultrascale wheelsets. No brake details on the subframe, as this one is for Lion, but the bolster does have the secondary spring details for the 47. Weight of the loco is taken on the top of t
  6. Anyone who's trying to get a feel for how the bogies go together, might be slightly confused by the photo in Small Suppliers' Forum in MRJ 238: there were two pairs of captions and photos and one of each got printed . For the record, here they both are, correctly paired... Class 33 bogie subframe, underside view: Class 33 bogie subframe, topside view: Cheers
  7. Some EM and P4 modellers will already be familiar with my PenBits Model Railways sprung bogie kits but this is a first outing on this forum. I do a range of etched-brass kits designed to provide a straightforward and accessible route to fitting sprung suspensions to proprietary OO diesel locomotives as part of a conversion to P4 or EM gauges. The kits feature fold-up, etched brass, soldered construction coupled with simple steel spring wire beams for both primary and secondary suspension. They require only soldering kit, hand tools and basic hobby metalworking skills to assemble. Modif
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