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    Expat Yorkshireman in S. Derbyshire (but would prefer the seaside)
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    Post Steam - Pre Tops; just as it was when I really began to have an interest in the railway.

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  1. That's what happened to mine.
  2. 4-TC if the number is to be believed.
  3. A well known fact, just like the mk3 cortina, rust was a 'no cost option'
  4. I think I have some screw together K's brass frames somewhere - PM me?
  5. For a whole host of reasons, I haven't even used it yet. Apologies also for not thanking earlier respondents - now sorted.
  6. I might have one, need to check as I've been clearing some stuff, pm me with a price which you consider not to be 'silly money' then I'll go and check and report back. Andy.
  7. And a complete bag o'sh!te in some. Notably anything with a Nissan K9K diesel and a 5 speed box. Drive take up judder all the time when the engine is hot.... gives the impression that you don't know how to drive or you have a [email protected] clutch. Neither being true in my case.
  8. Indeed it isn't, but it is helped by the fact that the trolley heads swivel on a vertical pin whilst the collector wheel rotates on a horizontal shaft in the head itself. In that way the groove in the wheel is always aligned with the wire. Because the head rotates around the pin and the whole trolley pole rotates on its base, this permits true parallel alignment and thus only one wire can be used for both roads.
  9. When I were a lad, oil drums (partially?) filled with concrete and painted with red/white horizontal bands, sometimes with a pole in the centre, were also used.
  10. OK, so I paraphrased my initial post on the subject. Here's the actual text of the message: "Hi, can you please expand on what you mean by 'pro-serviced' please? Thanks in advance." What's your semantical analysis now? ps I've no intention whatsoever of entering into an agreement to purchase
  11. Just because I'm inquisitive, you understand, I've asked the seller what 'pro-serviced' actually means.......
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