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    Expat Yorkshireman in S. Derbyshire (but would prefer the seaside)
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    Post Steam - Pre Tops; just as it was when I really began to have an interest in the railway.

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  1. And if IIRC from my time there, a fair share of tarts too
  2. Lived up that neck o' t' woods for about 5 yrs, never once heard it pronounced that way
  3. I'm guessing that label is 1970's - and also that it's a summer extension (to Weymouth) of a Poole service? I know many of the 'via Cudworth' services operated from the old Leeds City North (Wellington) station, but that closed in 1967, not to say that trains weren't still routed that way though.
  4. Guessing the originating station was Leeds, but unusual that it doesn't have Wakefield Westgate on there; might've been York in that case?
  5. Toton TMD from the air, looks remarkably similar in proportion to your road Chris.....
  6. Ref the Brush 4 pic, Flickr caption gives place of photo.
  7. I see the sentiment, but it is of course pronounced Bake-up - oop Norf
  8. Hi Richard, Was it a loksound micro V5 you used or a V4 please?
  9. So, back to bargains then? These are good for loco/tender connections: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pairs-Micro-Electrical-Female-Connector-Black/dp/B06WGM9W7S/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=Micro+jst&qid=1580103738&sr=8-3
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