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    Post Steam - Pre Tops; just as it was when I really began to have an interest in the railway.

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  1. leopardml2341

    Dapol 08

    There's now't like compatibility between products from the same manufacturer, and that's now't like comp.......
  2. Julian, I think only you have made the connection 'man=boss', hitherto it had not been stated or inferred.
  3. Despite what I said when I saw you last Mick, I won't make Stafford - SWMBO has just booked us a holiday, an' it ain't in Stafford
  4. Hi, it would be great to see you at our Mince Pie weekend 14th/15th December unmade-up road Park Park Road off Coppice side.  Introduce yourself. Cheers.



  5. ^^^ must check mine when I'm back at the place it is.
  6. Lancastrian buying 'a' round, let alone the first.......??????
  7. ^^^ error 522 here as well, ironically when opening this post notification
  8. Same here, very slow for last few days, using Android device. Posting things is timely, but opening new pages is very pedestrian.
  9. Northern is good, though some would suggest I may be biased, the area that is and not necessarily the TOC.
  10. Yep, despite what I said earlier I 'did' go to the NEC show and your layout lived up to expectations from this thread, didn't get to say hello though.
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