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  1. Absolutely brilliant Chris, thanks for taking the time to create and update this topic.
  2. David, Some questions if I may? Are the springs handbuilt or castings? What glue have you used for brass to the Lima plastic; I've had the devil's own job of getting something to bond durably? Who's W Irons? Thanks in advance.
  3. ASDA were out of Wychwood Firecatcher, so I took a punt on Hobgoblin Gold (in cans) - surprisingly palatable when cooled in the fridge
  4. I was asking because I don't have the model, but was wondering whether to take someone up on an 'offer to buy'
  5. Not necessarily. If the yard/depot is defined as a shunting area, a fitted vehicle would be permitted to operate in any ETCS level in ETCS modes 'SH', 'PS' or indeed even 'NL' in certain cases. UNISIG subset 026-4. In fact, there are lots of possibilities for 'modes' as opposed to 'levels'.
  6. I think I have some, might be EM though.
  7. Hello folks, can anyone please tell me sound chip is fitted to this model? Thanks.
  8. 10 sets in a jiffy bag, waiting an address - PM me.
  9. Evenin'all. Missed check in this morning as again it was straight back to the coal face. Today's biggest c*ckwomble was yours truly, glass of diluted fruit juice all over the (company) laptop keyboard. Explanations duly given and device has now failed. Whilst I shouldn't be overly concerned, as accidents do happen, I just feel pretty stupid. That on top of a distinctly below average week so far has not done my mental health and feelings about myself much good at all. Sorry to be a burden, I might be away for a short while as I seem to be making posts which are a bit of a depressing read of late. I've read and rated, hopefully correctly. Now time to force some food into me, but I really CBA. Have a good evening and night all. See you tomorrow, hopefully.
  10. Morning all. Loadsa vivid dreams and interrupted keep last night, presumably due to the previous day's events not being fully cleared from the output buffer. Today, however is a new start and a new chance to make the most of the day. It is heralded by sunshine, birdsong and some good times on the radio. I have a different plan of attack to the various 'professional' disturbances of yesterday and that us to ignore the idiots...... I need to make a visit to the 'proper' office today so I'll take a circuitous route, allows the car to stretch it's legs a bit. The alarm clock is about to sound; shower, breakfast and home 'office' beckons. Porridge, fruit, toast, cereal or bacon butty? Decisions, decisions Best wishes to all.
  11. Evenin'all. Missed check in this morning as it was straight back to the coal face. Today has sadly been a day overly full of c*ckwombles, f*ckwits and general d*ckheads; I really must find an alternative.... Apologies for that outburst, but sometimes it seems like the people who actually care about what they do at work is a diminishing breed. Seems like lots of people have had good days, so I'll reflect on that and be grateful that my day was the Yang to others' Ying. Hopefully I've read and rated appropriately, but 1 beer turned into 3 (on an empty stomach) means that I might not have got it quite right. See you all tomorrow.
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