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    Post Steam - Pre Tops; just as it was when I really began to have an interest in the railway.

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  1. In that case you'd better buy a place opposite the laird (of this parish) and his Leeds City Wellington project
  2. Thanks Bernard, as soon as I read that; a 'yeah that's it' moment.
  3. IIRC it was the black/grey stripey stuff with pastel colour blocks; there is a name for it, but for the life of me I can't remember......
  4. The swapped coach came from yours truly, as I wanted a long one to make a centre car for my 2H unit. Now if I'd known you were going to spray it blue, Martin, I could've sent you a blue one! Conversely, I should've waited then you could've sprayed the green body, that you sent me, blue as I'll be doing that anyway
  5. Three letters; QED! I try to do my bit by visiting a selection of preserved railways 3 or 4 times a year, but the more distant ones only crop up sporadically, Covid's put paid to that this time around, but when we're next able to......
  6. Diesels, of course, don't suffer from that problem
  7. Sound aside, why are Bachmann still fitting that horrendously overscale MW receptacle?
  8. When can I place my order ps you have a PM about suburban coaches.
  9. A very simple but oh so true statement: Depressive Illness - The Curse of The Strong The title of a book by Dr Tim Cantopher.
  10. Accepts .dxf files, easily exported from a CAD software suite. I use Libre CAD which is a free open source 2D CAD software. No connection other than a user
  11. Lez, is there anywhere you can suggest where I can read more about CSB principles and practice?
  12. Is that true, shouldn't the right hand wheelset 'lead' the left when looking forward, and shouldn't they be 90° apart (quartering) thus being 9 & 6 O'clock? Or have I misunderstood what you said?
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