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  1. Indeed, when I scrolled down toward that pic I fully expected to see a steam locomotive.
  2. leopardml2341

    What should the Home Screen Look Like?

    Ah, yes. I'd forgotten about that. Thanks.
  3. leopardml2341

    What should the Home Screen Look Like?

    Thanks folks. So it's not just me being then - yippee! I don't have regular access to a pc that is connected to the www.
  4. In the FAQ section, there's this pic: On my home screen (logged in) there are no home and activity tabs, also further down the FAQ section there's this image: Try as I might, I can't find anything like those whilst trying to customise my views and be certain I can see and use the new RMWeb to show me stuff like the old software did. Nowhere do I see my avatar, there seems to be no means of knowing if I'm logged in or not and there is no search bar line the one above. A pic of the home screen I see follows: Any ideas, suggestions or reasons. I'm logged in on an Android device. Thanks.
  5. Fellow RMWebbers, please accept my apologies for still not updating the master list.
  6. leopardml2341

    Leeds City, the Midland Side, in 4mm.

    That little lot should finally allow me to get the hang of 9 & 10 points, various contributors to this thread will know of my exasperation in this area
  7. J6059; HST set 254002 - first ER one I saw, heading north thro' Rotherham Masboro' on the old road. Presumably a test / delivery run.
  8. ^^^^ just googled that unit, 'cause I thought it might be Northern economising on transfers by masking the number when repainting the yellow. But it's ATW (as was)!
  9. Also explains why they look a bit careworn.
  10. Possibly 'cause it would mean some of that there actual modelling Baz? #cynical; moi?
  11. leopardml2341

    Cwm Prysor - 'The Bala Branch'

    Unless you conanect the 'static' applicator wrong way 'round
  12. leopardml2341

    Black Country Blues

    Burnley, Colne & Nelson https://s0.geograph.org.uk/geophotos/05/27/17/5271722_9d8575b6.jpg
  13. leopardml2341

    Black Country Blues

    It's a bit cold today as well!
  14. leopardml2341

    Bargain Hunters Mark 2

    Thanks John IIRC it is a regular occurrence at this time of year for them.

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