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    Post Steam - Pre Tops; just as it was when I really began to have an interest in the railway.

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  1. Some Met Camm units had a four character blind too There were actually quite a few classes with them.
  2. Just in case @Wild Boar Fell is not along soon, IIRC from a conversation I had with him some long while ago the plans were originally shelved due to the 3D printing process not being reliable enough to repeatedly produce distortion free prints of that sjze. HTH?
  3. Around about that time there were some 'odd' renditions on that type of vehicle, not sure why, but I remember seeing them and thinking 'that don't look right'.
  4. And the first coach with a £50+ RRP, again IIRC £54.95 - quite a shock at the time.
  5. The Model Rail (IIRC) one I referred to was published after the Hornby release. Don't partake of 'The Muddler' very often, nor for that matter Model Rail.
  6. In fact, here you are: https://highlandmiscellany.com/2015/08/15/dinner-time-a-gresley-buffet-for-portchullin/
  7. Pretty sure it was Model Rail, but also have a look on the web for Porthcullin articles, I'm pretty sure Olly Turner (?) documented his conversion thereabouts.
  8. For anyone that might have missed it on its first box office release, "Leeds City - the prequel"........
  9. Does anyone have direct experience of Arduino IDEs for Android? If so which would you recommend?
  10. One BSK regularly made it to Manchester, electrically hauled........
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