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  1. Couldn't agree more with your intentions. It was a photo of a rake of MR opens in some loop sidings on the Norris layout that inspired me for years. Just plain everyday railway 'landscape'.
  2. Genius ideas. Thanks. And when you are finished with the spaghetti glued to some card add one of those little calendars and give it to your Mum on Mother’s Day like we did as kids!
  3. Ah. I love this argument. Always makes me chuckle. Reminds me of this quote: Carlo Calenda, an Italian economics minister, said it was insulting that Boris Johnson had told him during a recent meeting that Italy would grant Britain access to the EU’s single market “because you don’t want to lose prosecco exports”. “He basically said: ‘I don’t want free movement of people but I want the single market,’” he told Bloomberg. “I said: ‘No way.’ He said: ‘You’ll sell less prosecco.’ I said: ‘OK, you’ll sell less fish and chips, but I’ll sell less prosecco to one country and you’ll sell less to 27 countries.’ ” https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/nov/16/european-ministers-boris-johnson-prosecco-claim-brexit
  4. I’m minded to buy it at the new price to show my support to his approach! How neatly this thread explains another reality of Brexit: how Europeans see us, our own surprise at the new value of our currency, the impact on free trade and the folly of this self inflicted misery (in the narrow terms of model railway software).
  5. Everyone should welcome a Hastings Diesels railtour on their layout... is there anywhere one [or two] of these units hasn't been?
  6. I'd have expected nothing less! Plastic waste blowing around model dioramas will be a 'I remember when...' moment in years to come when we've finished cleaning up the planet and you don't see it anymore...
  7. Fabulous work. Not sure I could do it on any model of mine but I was wondering if you'll have any 80s litter blowing around? These days its whole bathrooms and piles of plasterboard in gate places but back then it was a different class of crud: bottle of Panda Pop, a Marathon wrapper or packet of Smiths Crisps with the blue packet of salt perhaps, a jazz mag caught in the bushes... perhaps not with 5 year olds with the best view.
  8. Fibreglass pencil. Run it over the inside of the white window until it gets to the opacity you like. Job done.
  9. Pardon?! Not really true is it. It was 20 years earlier that the Lumière Brothers were showing their films in Paris in 1895 and a movie industry quickly developed from then. By the First War the film industry was well developed. Colorised film was also very early process. Trip to the Moon was colourised in 1902!
  10. By the way, soaking the eyes of the lovers that to save other steam engines you need to sweat one or two copies. Shocking [and the quality of Google Translate].
  11. I'd forgotten all about that Buffet wall. That looks excellent - amazing job on the paintjob and weathering - that window is so evocative. I almost miss the ambiance of those BIGs. My kitchen wall needs painting maybe I'll print a big sheet of this and fix it up... cheers
  12. These have to be the most vanilla of all Brighton locos. They did have lovely names for a while though.
  13. I like the 700s. Extract yourself from a stuffy Southern service with their claustrophobic interiors, grubby seats and tables and onto one of these its a blessed relief. And to be honest to be moving at speed on the Brighton line is the priority not the softness or width of the seats. Remember that these replaced the hideous 319s - lovely to drive apparently "a proper train" but nasty inside. Perhaps I've been bullied into this opinion over the years, but those older trains: a draughty VEP or greasy late CIG were horrible too. But one of those Phase 1 BIGs or CIGs with the grey moquette - now you are talking. My grandad complained about PUL and PAN motor coaches on his commute in the 50s - impossible to read with the poor riding apparently.
  14. Great stuff. I find it interesting that you build and paint each car one after the other. That presumably that helps with the boredom of the same job over and over if doing them all in one go. All those door handles on traditional units or the glazing for example? I always got stuck at one stage and back in the box it went... Finding better ways to go about things probably occur as well?
  15. The old station was a cramped and compromised on the SE side, and an damp echoey mausoleum on the Brighton side, now its the worst of both! I hate to say it but I think that this station has become a freezing hole, I saw that little brass band and worried for their fingers playing in there... I guess it suits someone we have to traipse past loads of shops to get between tube and train, and when in the big hole it takes so long to get onto the platforms. And when you arrive on them the platforms are narrow, wet, windy and cold most of the time. If this is a place of interchange between Southern or SE and Thameslink - how long does it take to cross from adjacent platforms? Must be at least a few minutes? Down those huge escalators and back up again. In the old days you could cross platforms via the bridge in a few seconds [and get a coffee]. The lack of a high level bridge is a big mistake - as is not creating a pedestrian bridge over to London Bridge [the actual bridge] as this still involves either a road crossing or over that funny little bridge under the arches which I think is staying put? The harsh lighting and crappy materials, which are already showing signs of damage, make for a rather depressing experience. It may be an engineering marvel and I commend the skill in rebuilding it while still in use but something went wrong in making it a good 'customer experience'. There maybe lots of wood around but we wander around on concrete paving, with grey metal everywhere, that nasty bright white light - maybe fashion will turn around agin and a warmer, softer more comfortable station will be rebuilt here in say 50 years of so?
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