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  1. Sanding sealer Bob. Sand'n'seal is one product I know of. Al's Hobbies sanding sealer is another. It's around £20 for 500ml. I believe Humbrol do something similar as well. Regards Lez.
  2. If you think that's scary Al you should have a look at the ex George Norton MR Kirtley 0-4-4 WT that's now in the London Road stable. That's really scary. I had one and I flipped a coin, heads I framed it, tails I sold it on Ebay. It came down tails and I made a nice profit. I have to say that the Kitson looks a very nice kit though. Good luck with it mate. Regards Lez.
  3. That distillery is your tour de force mate. It has to be one of the most outstanding 4mm scale building complexes I've ever seen. I don't say this lightly but your buildings are giving Pendon a serious run for its money. I'm gonna have to really up my game now to come anywhere near your standard. I'm hoping to start my own thread soon now that I have the koi pond done. I only have one or two things to do to it now and I can get on with some modeling myself. Regards Lez.
  4. Great stuff Jamie. It's looking like a proper 4F. Regards Lez.
  5. It's looking very good Bob. Regards Lez.
  6. They are looking very good Bob. Regards Lez.
  7. They look great Jonathan. They really set things off nicely. Regards Lez.
  8. Pale grey with a bit of green stirred in for pigeon droppings. Don't mix it in well you want a swirl effect, think about where a bird would sit and drop the mix on to that area. Don't splat it on at random it is concentrated below where they perch. Then add in a tiny spot of black/brown here and there. Regards Lez.
  9. Progressing well Jamie. Fettling the components so that it all lines up always takes a bit of time and effort. It'll all be worth it in the end mate. Regards Lez.
  10. It's always best to paint the boards Chris. Even if only to seal them. You should paint them on both sides as well to prevent warping. Regards Lez.
  11. I too suffer from mental health issues so I feel your pain. I won't bore you with the details as it's not pretty and I don't want anyone's pity either. It's my cross to bare and I get by as best I can with the help of my loving and long suffering wife. How she has stood by me for 26 years is beyond my comprehension. All I can say is that I'm a very lucky man to have her. So cheer up guys it could be a lot, lot worse. I will say that the effing plague hasn't helped peoples state of mind one little bit. Regards Lez.
  12. ABP does indeed do what it promises. I've used it for years now with no issues at all. With this in mind I too can recommend its use. It is also selective in that you can allow adds to either be on or off on a site by site basis. I started using it for a certain browser game I have been playing for years it is supposedly free to play but to play without adds you have to pay for an addon ABP negates this and I've used it ever since. Regards Lez.
  13. It looks much better with the rails painted Jonathan. I would also think about taking the shine of the cobbles as well, maybe even cut the buildings into them to get rid of the line at the bottom of the walls. Regards Lez.
  14. Looking good Jonathan. I would paint the rail sides before weathering with powders. Regards Lez.
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