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  1. Very nice, are you going to model the FPL treadles Jonathan? Regards Lez.
  2. The problem with bolts through the end of the boards is that if the boards flex it will introduce tension to the joint between the end and sides of a board. If you use over centre latches on the sides, the joints between the boards and the internal joints at the ends of the board remain in compression at all times and are stronger even if the boards twist or flex and it isn't that much of a faff either. It will add a little weight but not that much. Regards Lez.
  3. Just layer it up where you want the latch Phil. If you stick a layer of something like 12-18mm on the inside of the board edge glued and pined you can cut a channel deep enough to hold a latch so that it stays below the surface of the outer face of the board. You will have to rebate the end and do the same on the adjacent board but as long as you clamp it all up and make sure it's properly dry before unclamping it'll be fine. Regards Lez.
  4. Half way down P34 of Jonathan's Derwent Spa thread is a pic of the aforementioned FPL at Buxton, it is for the double slip just out of frame in the extreme righthand foreground, further down there is a link to the uncropped pic which shows the slip. There is also an article in one of the early Midland Record mags that has full drawings of a Midland FPL. Regards Lez.
  5. Not if you recess the latches into the base board sides they won't Phil. Regards Lez.
  6. Yep it screams Bum to me as well. Some times you just have to admit that your grand plan isn't doing it for you and rip it out and start again using as much of it as you can to build something that will. I'm there myself right now. Starting to build my Tewkesbury exhibition layout in EM did it for me. Regards Lez.
  7. Very nice Jamie I do like a jig. I have lots of jigs! I have a point building multi jig. So it does switch blades, crossing vees and stretcher bars. There's even room for more. I'm leaning towards midland pattern buffer stops and a soldering jig for vees as there is enough room for it. I also have a B6 left and right jig and a plane track jig. Like I say I do like a jig. Regards Lez.
  8. The "roof" is called a Doric arch Jamie. The triangular bit is also known as a pediment. Regards Lez.
  9. Great work Chris. You set a very high bar and keep raising it ever higher. Regards Lez.
  10. Very nice Steve. I do like a working ground signal mate. Regards Lez.
  11. I kind of like them separate as well. regards Lez.
  12. Really excellent work Jonathan. It's good to see you back modelling again. Regards Lez.
  13. Thanks for the update BoD. We will continue to include Gordon in our prayers. Regards Lez.
  14. I know I've said it before Bob but I have to say you really do have wall painting down pat mate. Regards Lez.
  15. Ouch!!! Regards Lez.
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