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  1. It's still looking good Bob. Don't let your self doubt distract you from the fact that you're doing a bang up job of the building mate. Regards Lez.
  2. Yes isn't though!? Especially as this IS my garden. Lez
  3. I've made the new switchblades using the new jig. I think they are much better. I've fitted the blades and now I'm thing about tie bars. I might just go with a moving sleeper type. On a slightly different note today is my 60th birthday. I can't have a party coz of the effing plague but that isn't stopping me from having a cake. This is the cake a dear friend has made for me. It's a fair representation of my garden although there is a little more space in reality but not much. Lez.
  4. As I said Bob it looks bang on mate. Regards Lez.
  5. I like it Bob. The mortar courses look bang on mate. Is that the Das method I talked you through? Regards Lez.
  6. So after fitting the stock rails I've corrected the lean on the curved closure rail and adjusted the crossing flangeway. I've also fitted the check rails. I haven't yet fitted the switchblades as I want to try the new filing jig first. I'll finish this one off and then see how it looks. I'm not that happy with it myself as I've built far better turnouts than this one. I might just call it a practice run and build another B8 or if I can figure how to get Templot working I might make a C8 instead. I've also given up on building the whole lot as a batch, mainly because my railway
  7. Sounds like scratch building to me Chris. If you've marked out the material and cut it out yourself I reckon that qualifies mate. It don't matter where you get the drawing from and if you use windows and doors that's just a helping hand in my book. I have a partly built MR 156 class on my shelf, I'm using Gibson frames, wheels and boiler fittings and as far as I'm concerned it's scratch built. Well it will be if I ever finish it. Regards Lez.
  8. Yes mate that's about right. Regards Lez.
  9. The roof looks very good already Bob. Regards Lez.
  10. So back to track building. Progress has been a bit slow as I've been a little distracted by the shocking events in the USA. I've found myself riveted to CNN since 3rd Nov last year. Anyway Track building. Starting with the B8. I've aligned the timbers and using a straight edge to ensure accuracy soldered the vee in place followed by the straight and curved closure rails. It needs a little tweaking, the curved closure rail isn't upright for one thing, but overall I'm quite pleased with it. Once I've fitted the stock rails I'll move onto the Tandem and get that stabilised
  11. Well a new toy arrived today. A new Switchblade filing jig from the S4 stores. Given that I've made the switchblades for Tewkesbury why do I need it. Well it goes back to the reason I started this layout in the first place. You may recall that it started out as a way to get me interested again in modeling as my home 00 layout has been stalled for many years. Well I have to say that it has but not in the way intended. Building the trackwork for Tewkesbury has shown me two things. Firstly I love building track. Secondly open the box modeling isn't for me and it never has been. So what
  12. I like the colour Bob. Regards Lez.
  13. It's all looking really good Bob. Regards Lez.
  14. Hi Dave. Once again I love your trackwork. See the following link for turntables. http://www.midrailcentre.com/turntable-kits-general-information I have no connection to these guys other than knowing that they exist. Regards Lez.
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