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  1. That sounds like something dear old Murry Walker would have said. God bless him! Regards Lez.
  2. There's a guy in Italy who seems to have the entire K's range and he's doing them for really, REALLY silly money £211.89 + £21.27 P&P for the Kirtley. I paid £130 for mine and I still have to buy wheels for it. Then I found out that Nu-cast were going to reissue it. Hey Ho that's the trouble with eBay. The week after I got a Norton 3130 class with Sharman wheels and motor/gearbox for the same price that LRM are doing it for the kit only so it's swings and roundabouts I guess. Regards Lez.
  3. Very nice Andy. Regards Lez.
  4. Thanks very much MR Chuffer. I've found it already as it happens. £30 cheaper than they're going for on eBay right now. That's really good news. I might just be able to have a small fleet of them now. You can't have too many Kirtley DF goods if you model the Midland. Regards Lez
  5. I still have the first few copies on my bookshelves as well. I thought we had a very good mag on our hands and then it all went Pete tong. I must confess that I miss the constructor the drawings were very good. I have a few bound volumes from the 70's. It's one I always looked for on second hand/bring and buy stalls at exhibitions. Well back when we had exhibitions that is. Ah the good old days! Seems like only a couple of years ago... oh yes it was only a couple of years ago...my bad! Still booster shots for me and Kimmy next week. Maybe we can take in a show or two before the end of the year they seem to be stirring again in the shires even if Warley is cancelled again this year. Regards Lez.
  6. It was quite a good publication Martin. Sadly it didn't last long. Regards Lez.
  7. Very nice Anthony it's coming on very well. Regards Lez.
  8. Bit of a master class in DF locos, what's not to love? Regards Lez.
  9. Now that looks like a proper DF loco. Regards Lez.
  10. It's still a hansom looking beast despite the Deeley makeover. Regards Lez.
  11. Looking good Andy. Regards Lez.
  12. The only Falcon/Jidenco kit I tried to build apart from the Kirtley DF goods was also the MR steam railmotor which had the same result as MarkC's. The body was OK-ish but the motion was basically not up to the job. I too have LRMs version on my wish list although it's not a priority as I can't justify for Tewkesbury shed but maybe for the new home layout. Regards Lez.
  13. Not your fault at all Derek. There's a very good reason why Jidenco kit's were, and still are, known as S***denco. The situation didn't improve in the slightest when it became Falcon Brass. Ricey got it wrong too as the proper term for those kits is preformed scrap!! They are without any doubt the worst kits ever produced for British outline locos. I have nothing but admiration of the highest order for anyone who can actually build a half decent model from one of those monstrosities. A perfect example of "never mind the quality feel the width" if ever there was one! I've never met a modeller who has anything nice to say about those kits. Regards Lez.
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