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  1. I forgot to mention earlier that once the paint has dried properly you can then gently polish it with a cotton bud or piece of tissue and it will begin to shine just like polished steel. You can do this with any of the metalcoat range. If you make up a rust colour using 113 rust or 62 leather mixed with any of the metalcoat range, which will give you just about any shade of rust you can think of, you can polish this as well and it will glitter with tiny flakes of metal just like real rust does as light plays across it, great for mineral wagons. Regards Lez.
  2. Try 2 parts humbrol metalcoat polished steel to one part metalcoat gunmetal or even 3 to 1. The polished steel does not cover very well so you have to mix it with something. If you don't want to use the gunmetal, it is very dark, then use ordinary gunmetal or add polished aluminium to lighten it up. Regards Lez.
  3. Very nice Jonathan. Looking forward to seeing the signal operate. Regards Lez.
  4. Very nice. Looks better with that extended chimney. Regards Lez.
  5. Very nice Brian. Loving the wriggly tin. Regards Lez.
  6. lezz01


    I have to say that the 2 tone livery really does not suit the 29 at all. My first train set had the playcraft H0 one in plane green, It might have been the 21 though and not the 29. It was a really good little loco, all wheel drive and helical gears with a huge can motor in the middle. Way better than anything from Triang/Hornby. Loving the canal though Martyn you have to look really hard to see the join with the backscene , very very nice mate. Regards Lez.
  7. You could try nylon thread instead of cotton it's much stronger and not hairy it also comes in grey. Regards Lez.
  8. If anything Bob I would build a two bay goods shed instead of the single bay one you have there. It would look the mutts nutz mate and would not be out of place at all. Regards Lez.
  9. I have to say that I don't think it looks anything other than great either way Bob. I just feel that the larger shed works better with the station you have. If anything you could have gone with a larger goods warehouse, well one of the smaller ones at least. The smaller one is very atmospheric and looks great. The larger one is more imposing but looks a bit clinical maybe if you weather the larger one some more it would become more atmospheric as well. Regards Lez.
  10. How have I missed this layout??? Outstanding scenic modeling mate. Very good indeed. Regards Lez.Z.
  11. The footbridge looks great Bob. I'm not sure about the goods shed though mate I think the other one looks better. You have quite a large station so I think the bigger one looks more in keeping with it. But hey it's your layout so rule one applies. Regards Lez.
  12. Oh yes that's a great idea. I mean rugby is such a nice safe non-contact sport isn't it?! I still have trouble with the knee I messed up playing rugby at school in 1975! The real problem is your idea of "football" is very different to the rest of world's. I mean really? What are you trying to play? Rugby? Football? That stupid yank game that they call football? What you've ended up with is murder ball with sharp studs. It's the most incomprehensible game I've ever watched. Who thought up the rules? I bet it was a comity, I'm also willing to bet they were very very drunk. Mind you cricket is no better. I'm a huge cricket fan. I played both at school and in the army but how do you explain it all to someone who's never seen the game let alone played it? It's also a game you can quite easily get killed playing! Not once did that stop me playing it. Oh I don't really mind about playing incomprehensible games, it makes the world a much more interesting place, I'm an Arab by ethnicity and we Arabs play drag the dead goat on horseback! Yes I know....believe me I know..... It's a really stupid game that's basically polo with a dead goat and no sticks but at least we all sit down to a nice meal of goat afterwards and it's a good opportunity for the youngsters of one village to meet the youngsters of another village, just so our grandkids don't have webbed feet and a very bad squint you understand. Mostly the only thing that dies is the goat and maybe the odd horse now and again but with Aussie rules all you get is injured. It's a funny old world eh?! I hope the ankle is on the mend with as little trouble as possible Jesse. Regards Lez.
  13. Chin up Bob. We're here when you're ready mate. Might I suggest a good quality tonic from your local pharmacy Bob. My boss gave me a bottle when I was recovering from pancreatitis. It definitely helped. Speak to the pharmacist and he will recommend the appropriate jollop for what ails you. Regards Lez.
  14. Who makes a good 2P? There are kits if you can find them but I don't know of anyone with it in the current catalogues. Maybe Hornby has it in railroad. The Bachman compounds looks good maybe replace it with one of them. Regards Lez.
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