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  1. Thanks for the replies. I'll carry on as I am for now then. The bus wires will indeed follow the track layout so should be able to keep droppers to 6-8" or so. There shouldn't be more than one loco per track section at any time either. Cheers, Ben
  2. Hi, I've recently been laying track and wiring on my OO gauge 8x8' roundy roundy. I've been soldering droppers to each length of track and each point using the Gaugemaster 7/0.2 wire I picked up from my local shop a while back after being told it was the right stuff for the job. Been doing some searching tonight with a view to ordering my bus wire and have seen lots of places mention 16/0.2 as a recommended minimum for droppers. Have I gone too small and is it worth replacing before I do the whole lot. Have only done about half of my mainline loops so far. Would be a pain to r
  3. Well, bullet has been bitten. I now have my first bit of O gauge on the way. Have ordered a couple of Peco buffers as well. Unfortunately they only had track in 12 yard packs and I only need a few for now so will order that elsewhere. Just need to build a shelf to put it on now!
  4. Thanks. In which case a few lengths of track and something like a Heathcote simple shuttle would get something moving for minimal outlay. In the not too distant future I'll be buying a Digikiejs DR5000 for my oo gauge main layout with a view to automating parts of it eventually. That'll leave the Sprog 3 I'm using currently spare, at which point I can use the O gauge plank to start practicing with simple automation before i try doing it on a twin track mainline with storage yard!
  5. Just having another thought, does anybody know if a Hornby HM2000 controller would be able to cope with this loco and a few wagons at low speed, as I have one spare.
  6. Good to hear. Though not doing anything to put me off taking the plunge! Very true, 2nd hand may be an option. Though I think at £175 second hand prices aren't likely to be much lower, if at all, and it's always nice to have shiny new things!
  7. Evening all, I was wandering what peoples opinions are of the Heljan 05? Are they reliable slow speed runners? I am currently laying track on my 8x8 oo gauge roundy roundy. I've been thinking quite a lot recently that in a year or so when the oo gauge layout is getting towards complete I would build another shelf above it for a small O gauge layout as I'm being drawn to the physical size of O more and more. My dilemma is that the Heljan 05 is currently reduced to £175! For that price I'm tempted to pick one up now and a couple of lengths of track. Even if I just se
  8. Ben C

    New Hornby Rocket

    Thanks, will look at those in the morning and put my order in.
  9. Ben C

    New Hornby Rocket

    Does anybody know where to buy/ pre order one of the R3810 sets? I've looked at all of the usual suspects and they're coming up as sold out on pre order and only giving the option to request a stock notification email. Cheers.
  10. For the area I'm (very loosely) aiming for there were apparently B1s in use so will have to look at adding one of those, but it seems mostly K1s and V2s. I've already got the Hornby K1. Bachmann are due to release a V2 sometime soon so I think that will be on the list as well.
  11. Many thanks again for all the input. With every reply it's becoming apparent how little I know. The layout, as mentioned, is going to be loosely based on early 60s north eastern. In an ideal world it would be based on Alnmouth on the ECML with its branch to Alnwick. In 8x8' though the best I can manage is an extremely simplified layout with just a bit of a flavour of it. So a it's a twin track mainline with branchline and a fairly minimal yard. The blood and custards I mentioned haven't been bought yet. I'd just quite like to use some as they look good to me and was just wo
  12. I've already got an A3 which will be on mainline passenger duties with the Deltic, also a K1 for freight. Theres then a 3MT and 4MT for local services. Will most likely have the 4MT on local goods and the 3MT with 3 or 4 blood and custard coaches. I gather by the early 60s there wouldn't have been many of these around but I'm willing to be a bit loose with the era because I like the look of them!
  13. Thanks all for your help. I think to keep it simple I'll stick with the maroon mk1's. Given that I'm looking at early 60s would they likely have been open or corridor coaches? If I go with this sort of formation I assume the brake at each end is to allow for running around at the end of the line? Would I be right in remembering reading somewhere that a short train would sometimes have the brake in the middle, or am I imagining that?
  14. Afternoon, Hopefully this is the right part of the forum. I currently have an Accurascale class 55 'Royal Highland Fusiliers' on order which I'm looking forward to receiving. I'm going to need some suitable coaches though. My layout is only an 8x8 under construction so limited to about 5 coaches, possibly 6 at a real push. What would be a reasonable combination given the limited numbers? My layout is roughly North Eastern based somewhere in the early 60s transition period, though not set in stone. I'm guessing I need to be looking at Maroon Mk1s? Lastly which manufacturers
  15. TonyMay, they're just storage roads rather than fiddle yard so shouldn't need to be in there. At worst the front sidings will be used for some of the shorter branch line trains but with 200mm height difference as mentioned and only using the front siding it shouldnt be a problem. Zombiod, good point on the running wrong line. Need to perhaps see if I can squeeze in a crossover nearer where the branch joins. Didn't mention in my last post but the idea is that the line to the inside of the station would be both the goods loop and a 3rd platform face. My thinking being that the branch tra
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