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  1. It has been a pleasure doing this. Something interesting like this on your own doorstep doesn't happen everyday and the input from Richard and Crun plus my good friend Trackside ECML has also been welcome when I have not been able to get out. With the new fencing being set back a few more inches from the pavement and the bushes having been cut back it is possible to drive through on the pavement. Nobody would do that, would they? Something will have to be done to restrict the width which may be a job the City Council has to do, althought the new bollard has been reinstated too far from the edge of the pavement compared to the original one. The original bollard and the mark on the road for the gate post to the right of it. The position of the new bollard.
  2. i would have thought that creating a turning space at the dive under end to drive out would be a priority on safety grounds. Closing the existing entrance would also free up space for a new footbridge at Hurn Road, something that is desperately needed IMO.
  3. New access to the dive under at Hurn Road. The old access (below) to the relay room next to Hurn Road footbridge is according to local sources being closed off. The new permanent access being created at Hurn Road is next to Book Drain North as it is said that it wll follow along the side of the drain to the dive under. I am standing over Brook Drain (the rusty railings) on the right which flows under Hurn Road on is journey passed Glinton to join the Folly River at Peakirk.
  4. New flight of steps going in on the embankment west of the A15 bridge at Hurn Road.
  5. Some new fencing at Lincoln Road. The Armco fence has been completed along the top of the embankment next to the access road to Glinton Junction. Green fencing at the end of the field next to Lincoln Road. Yesterdays (2021-09-15) state of Lincoln Road, the trees alongside the footpath are about to get a haircut. Today (2021-09-16), shiny new fencing. New gates at Lincoln Road for the access to Glinton Junction. From the gates towards the new bridge they have dug a trench to fit the rest of the posts for the galvanised steel fencing when the other wooden posts are removed. Instead of digging a trench all the way along to the bridge they took the easy option here by leaving the tree roots in place, then cutting the bottom of the fence to suit. It is like this in quite a few places.
  6. Superb photos, thank you for posting. If ever a picture spoke a thousand words, these certainly do.
  7. We could string a cable car between our two mountains and have scenic rides viewing the ECML from the station to Werrington, with a bit of the NVR thrown in for good measure.
  8. The main site is becoming a dumping ground for yet more spoil. These full size photo's can be had from here https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1-A1162n04x6xDXVyuQbf-am4O8ps52qy
  9. I nipped out to Hurn Road in the evening as it was a little bit cooler but it soon gets dark now. In the temperatures we have had this week Cock Lane is out of bounds, all that metal of the footbridge acts like an oven and should have a health warning, seriously!
  10. Armco fencing is being finished off along the top of the embankment at Lincoln Road. Interesting how the posts are put in. An excavator with a large diameter augar drills down, then a length of drainage pipe is inserted, the post is positioned and the pipe filled with cement. The adjacent field has been cultivated and probably seeded too. Changes on the west side of the dive under. The field has been levelled and top soil is being pushed further towards the main site. Brook Drain North is clearly visible curving around from Cock Lane to go under the ECML north of the dive under. The roadway on its west bank is access for the Environment Agency.
  11. That is why we are the Soke of Peterborough https://wikishire.co.uk/wiki/Soke_of_Peterborough According to to doom mongers it will be Peterborough-on-Sea in 50 years time
  12. Around the access at Walton. We are not sure what is going on here as nothing seems to have altered since the end of May. The Utility cables are still strewn all over the place, these are in the area that was once Marholm Road which led to the level crossing that was closed in the late seventies. Looking towards Cock Lane footbridge, the fencing appears more complete. We have noticed that every so often there is a lighter green fence panel. It is only the vertical bits that are a different colour, from what we have seen at Cock Lane these verticals give the appearance that they could be made of fibreglass as they have that straw like structure on the back unlike the smooth steel finish.
  13. Yes, there is a lot fencing still to be done all over the site. The Cock Lane footbridge is also closing for seven weeks according to this notice that Trackside ECML sent me this morning.
  14. The fence has been removed between the two fields (near the dumper) at Lincoln Road. The dumper was off to collect another load of weeds and undergrowth that is being grubbed out from where the fence was. It was being dumped near to the site entrance. The concrete barriers where being removed. Waving goodbye to the large dumper at Lincoln Road. The S&T gang having a break at Hurn Road.
  15. Something going on where the land bridge was removed across Brook Drain North. Some hardcore has been put down the embankment and some long beams and flat sections were being placed near the bottom edge of the drain. Unfortunately I could not see very well as the reeds were obscuring a good view. A lot of dumpy bags full of materials and plenty of those concrete barriers. The new Brook Drain is looking far better than the old drain which was stagnent for most of the time. Plant life is thriving and wildlife seems to be enjoying the new environment. Well done Network Rail for creating a nice habitat.
  16. Thank you for that info. No wonder I was way out at 1:80 . I guesstimated the distance as 800 metres from Marholm Junction to the dive under south portal from Cock Lane bridge, 600metres north + 200metres south. That was 500 metres short of the actual distance. I must stop viewing it through the telephoto lens and get a better perspctive.
  17. Lincoln Road/Glinton Junction today. Working on the electrical cabinets at Glinton Junction. A lot of electrics in the six foot. The back of the 60mph sign for entering the Junction is on the extreme right. The green bridge top centre is Foxcovert Road footbridge, the brick one beyond it carries the A15 southern bypass from Glinton to the Paston Parkway. The new signal which is nearer to the brick bridge than Foxcovert Bridge controls the existing Up Line from Spalding and entry to Glinton junction for the dive under. This now comes under Peterborough PSB control, whereas previously this stretch was controlled by Lincoln. Lincoln control now starts just this side of Foxcovert Road for the Down Line (the signal is hidden just beyond the Junction by the trees). Lincoln controls the Up Line as far as Folly Bank (Peakirk). The re-instated field is getting wire mesh fencing alongside the reduced width access road. More black drainage pipes have appeared this week, a truck loaded with smaller diameter pipes was delivered this afternoon. Not sure where they are intended to go. Near to Lincoln Road extra drainage channels were put in to the embankment last week, where the soil has been laid bare. The top soil creeps ever closer. The extent of the fence posts put in so far, along the access road can be seen in the background. Under the A15 bridge (the northern A15 route from Glinton into Peterborough, Werrington Parkway), showing the back of the new signal that controls the Down Line from the dive under to Glinton Junction. Interesting how the ground ducting terminates and the wires then carried on the deflection wall. All that room under the bridge and someone forgot to allow enough room in the cess for the ducting.
  18. No not the actual gradients, but I estimate the southern ramp to be around 1:75/80
  19. Forgot about this one. Up line at Glinton Junction to the dive under rated at 60mph.
  20. I only pose in the local dive (under) Modelling is too expensive, I need a new camera first.
  21. Here is another example, this chap was measuring the soil height next to Brook Drain this afternoon.
  22. A trip back in time at the main site. 13 December 2019 29 December 2019 01 February 2020 Today 24 August 2021
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