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  1. Dear All A long gap fot train modelling with my apponment to do an inquiry which took 3 months. Now finished and back to regular progress on hte layout. I hav added some tunnesl ot the roads , but just very first stage whith foam blocks glued in place. I need ot compare the pictur of the area to see if I need to add a ittle more foam to bulk out the groungd area further. Once I have got sufficient land mass I need to sculpt the foam and add plaster gullies and cliffs. A few pictures below: First tunnel area with land mass. Perhaps one mor layer of foam at the top.
  2. Loving your North Wales coast theme! Really ambitious and most impressive!

    1. truffy


      Thanks for sharing 

  3. Sir Douglas, Thanks for posting the site. Any additional information is always very valuable. Looking closely at the photos of the diorama is very exciting and rewarding. I appreciate the contribution made by those reading the posts and this is really very helpful. Thanks again. I find it interesting that the length of the whole model is about 1.5 meters, whereas the viaducts in my model alone are nearly 2 metres in length. With the smaller scale comes more detail!! Regards, Anthony Ashley
  4. Dear All, While progress appears to be slow it has been steady. I have cleaned all of the main line track a nd have tried to finalise the electrification of the Penmaenmawr switch point decoders. I managed to run a diesel with 10 coaches from the southern Panmaenmawr around the bottom of the layout up to the switch area for the transition to the hidden track. I need to permanently electrify all of the decoders in that area and then I can run the rake all the way around to Conwy. I did have some trouble with the Penmaenmawr decoders. There are 4 of them connected to one
  5. Dear All, Some work on the road way leading onto the Road viaduct and the scree area is painted. Photos below. I had to widen the road area as the viaduct was placed a short distance from the back cliff and the original road was cut back for the original intended placement. i used a drop saw to cut the two unpainted pieces showing in htei photo. The top slice was challenging as it is only about 10 mls wide. I shall add a 18 ml ply wall once the road base has been sanded back. Cliff face has been repainted again awaiting scree and plaster gulli
  6. Dear All, Have been doing some work over the last 3 weeks so less progress on the layout. I have at least managed to complete drilling the 40 holes to take the piano wire to move the points in the Bangor area. I should have drilled these before completing the wiring but the job is now done. I shall now move around to the Penmaenmawr side of the layout and complete more paper mache, paint, attach plaster rocks and moulds to create ravines as required in many areas. and put a layer of concrete scree in the gaps. The scenery should be quicker so I hope to make faster progress, althou
  7. Simon, Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the site above. I went to have a look and it is very promising with some great photos. I have signed up for the site and waiting for ack by the administrators. Thank you again for letting us now of such a rich resource on the area. I have finally finished wiring and testing power from the train controller to the main lines and all is good. I still need to wire about half the orange section in the Bangor platform area, but it should be a simple job. I realised after I had finished I had not drilled the holes for the piano
  8. Dear All, Painted the paper mache brown but have then recoated with more paper mache. Photos are below with the plasticard providing a slippery underside to facilitate the removal of the avalanche shelter. More layers of paper to finish the paper mache. Paint again and then move onto screeing the slopes. Regards, Anthony Ashley
  9. Dear All, Some work on the paper mache and a small problem hopefully solved. Photos are below. Penmaenmawr side of the mountain View of the avalanche shelter Problem is the gap between the slope and the avalanche shelter, which should mesh together. allowing the shelter to be removed by sliding out, and provide track access. I shall add a small section of thin plasticard and paper mache over the top of it up the slope. This will still allow the avalanche shelter to slide out under the plasticard strip
  10. Dear All, Avalanche shelter has been painted and dirt added on top of the roof. Photos below. I have commenced securing the wire to create the cliff. This required an extra support behind the shelter. Next is paper mache up to the edge of Penmaenmawr. I shall add some and much vegetation to the top of the avalanche shelter and more shading on the stone work later but for now it will do. Regards, Anthony Ashley
  11. Dear All, Continued with avalanche shelter near Pen-y-clip viaduct. Also completed wiring the Yellow Bangor platform track section to the plastic strips stage with the help of Sarah. Photos of the avalanche shelter are below: I need to add paint, dirt (coffee grounds) and vegetation to the top of the shelter. Once this is done the wire can be pulled down to create the cliff around the edge of the mountain. Next is to paint the avalanche shelter. Regards, Anthony Ashley
  12. Dear All, Avalanche shelter is underway as shown below: Each of the upright ribs was individually super glued. I need to add a lid and then another stone section above the lid. Some of this is already cut. Regards, Anthony Ashley
  13. Dear Bogie, Thankyou for your kind words. I agree that there are challenges working in N gauge. I do have a little advantage as I have been painiting 15mm Napoleonic figures for the last 50 years. My most challenging figures included 4 battalions of Scottish Highlanders. The kilts were tiny but generally included 5 colours. I have provided a photo or so to show the painting done many years ago. Gordon Highlanders of the British Army Cameronian Highlanders French Dutch Guard Lancers
  14. Adrock, Thanks for your very positive contribution to the blog. If you go to the first entry on page 1 I have a summary of the basis of the layout. It is set in 1960 so yes the road viaduct is dual carriage way and will include 3 stations - Conwy, Penmaenmawr and Bangor. Regards, Anthony Ashley
  15. John and Simon, A step closer with all of the track between the main platforms and towards Penmaenmawr have been wired to the plastic terminals. I have about 40 more pieces of track to go from dropper stage to the plastic terminal stage to join up to the previously wired track to the north of Bangor with the up and down mainlines. Once this step is done laying a number of power lines, creating the Bangor scenic switch board and wiring for the plastic terminals to the power lines will complete the Bangor wiring. I taught my wife Sarah to solder today, as I needed to be under the
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