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  1. Interesting video called 'SPAD Indicators' on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xje3coP9-IM
  2. What about a five story fake house http://www.urban75.org/london/leinster.html
  3. Dye

    New OO gauge Class 73

    When available the spares list should show up here. http://www.dccsupplies.com/cat-771/class-73.htm Page is currently empty.
  4. Suggest LU D78 stock, that way the Vivarail D-Train http://www.vivarail.co.uk/ could also be produced. Rail magazine (Issue 766 pg 26) indicates Vivarail are "... talking to all the bidders for the Northern franchise." Mind you the D-Train DCC sound version would sound like 4 Ford Transits doing 60mph.
  5. the Crewe track will be this one http://www.bbrail.co.uk/Products-and-Services/Track/Embedded-Rail-System more details about the track system here: http://www.innotrack.net/IMG/pdf/d233-f2p-design_manufacture_bbers_components.pdf
  6. After about 10 attempts today, using Firefox, gave up and tried using Chrome instead. Pledged on first attempt. Dye
  7. Is anybody else having problems pledging? I keep getting the following message on kickstarter: Well, this is embarrassing.Processing your pledge is taking longer than usual If you'd like, you can refresh and try again. Not to worry: you can only back a project once, so you will never be double-charged. Dye
  8. Form 1+ http://formlabs.com/products/form-1-plus/ Printing Specs: Technology Stereolithography (SLA) Build Volume 125 × 125 × 165 mm 4.9 × 4.9 × 6.5 in Min Feature Size 300 microns 0.012 inches Layer Thickness (Axis Resolution) 25, 50, or 100 microns 0.001, 0.002, or 0.004 inches
  9. Dye

    New OO gauge Class 73

    Same here. Dapol 4D-006-004 Class 73/0 electro-diesel E6003 in BR green with lower grey panels September 2014 & October 2014
  10. Ilios HD Kit http://www.os-rc.com/en/ilios-products/25-ilios-hd-kit
  11. Updated version of the B9Creator® 3D Printer announcement. http://dawsondistributions.com/ The new version, designated v1.2, will feature the following enhancements: A new "HD" Projector with a brighter lamp, allowing for resolution as fine as 30 microns! Improved mechanical design for simpler assembly and increased print precision. Improved software features for greater ease of use. Pegasus Touch by FSL3Dhttp://fsl3d.com/printer/
  12. Dye

    New OO gauge Class 73

    Page 11 - April 2014 of Model Rail - received this morning - has the following info. 'OO' Gauge Class 73 Bo Bo "The CAD drawings have been corrected to show the wire mesh roof grilles. A sealed beam headlight will be included on a separate slide in order to make all period locomotives. The '73/0' CADs are now approved; the '73/1' body is also approved but drawings are being prepared for the Mk. 6 bogies. Tooling is planned to start next month [March]." Dye
  13. Dye

    Dapol 'Western'

    Might be of interest - some information about your rights and who pays for return postage. http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/distance-selling-regulations/ Dye
  14. Dye

    Dapol 'Western'

    Thanks, Dave, I'll shall order the sound chip in the morning. :-) Dye
  15. Dye

    Dapol 'Western'

    I notice the review says the Dapol Class 52 has a 21-pin decoder socket. On the Dapol web site - http://Dapol.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=179_235_236 it says 'DCC ready with provision of a PluX 22 pin decoder'. Is this a mistake or are the future releases going to be fitted with a PluX 22 pin decoder socket? I have a maroon one on order and wanted to order the Howes sound decoder ready for when it arrives. As they only do 21 pin decoder I felt it best to ask first. Dye
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