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  1. Hi Anyone one have a Electrotren Talgo car(s) (any model) in damaged condition, or cheap for whatever reason, for repair. Thnaks Charles Harris
  2. Hi Paul Thanks for the links. Excellent photos. Now I have something to work with. Still would like some photos of the cars with KOAX reporting marks Regards Charles
  3. Hi A few years back there was discussion on Industries - Corn Syrup Jason Cook, who I see is still on this list gave some information etc. I am currently searching for photos of tank cars and airslide hoppers from the 1970-80s era that at time were owned by Coca Cola, and used the reporting marks KOAX . The were all sold in the late 80s to various buyers including ADMT Cargill Seaboard US Rail Service, etc. and were then hired or leased back. They were mainly as I understand it in grey color with no Coca Cola markings except for the reporting mark. To date I have only found 1 airslide hopper car photo # 75079 a photo of Tom Golden. Copyright of Sam Beck. Anyone have a contact for Tom or Sam? No photos to date of any of the KOAX tank cars. A lot of both cars were on sold and remained the same color and had reporting mark and number changed. Your thoughts Jason. thanks and regards Charles Harris NZ
  4. Hi Mark Thanks for info . I will followup. Charles
  5. Hi I would like to contact Mr R Tourret of Tourett Publishing in Oxford re any publications of his, or knowledge he has, on the Breuer Shunting locomotives captured and taken back to UK. Also if he knows of any taken back to USA ? There are no email addresses on their web page. Can someone assist with an email ? Thankyou Charles Harris New Zealand
  6. Hi With these shunting locos, some were captured by Allied Forces and taken back to UK. Do you know of any in existence now in UK ? Were any of these locos captured by USA Forces and taken back to USA ?
  7. Hi After WW2 the allies returned with I think about 5 Breuer shunting locos that had been captured in Europe, Middle East. Have any of these survived in museums or on display somewhere. The are only telephone box size!! Thanks Charles Harris
  8. Hi In the 1980s Sentinel/Thomas Hill exported 2 locos to USA. A 0-4-0 and a 0-6-0. Where would I locate builders photos of these. Is there a resource somewhere ? Thanks Charles Harris
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