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  1. Thanks for the idea. A bit more than I was hoping to spend but I think I’ll ‘push the boat out’ as its Christmas. Have you any idea on what these kits are like to construction, I've only tried my hand at the Revell aircraft before
  2. (Sorry if this topic doesn’t quite fit into the forum category, I think transport is close enough.) I’m currently redeveloping my area of docks on the OO gauge layout, I have a sizeable space to fill with ships but can’t find a lot to fit with my era. The era I’m depicting is GWR Post WWII just before nationalisation (1945-1948). It’s a ‘dry’ area and I’m planning on using Water Effects or similar. I’d like some advice on kits and ready made models. I’ve seen the Airfix etc 1:72 models, but what are they like alongside 1:76 scale? Any ideas or past experience much appreciated. Bradley
  3. Hi, I know these questions have been asked probably a million times before but I can’t find what I’m looking for. I have been experimenting with ballasting sections of track using Woodland Scenics ballast and the Proses OO/HO Ballast Spreader, I am very pleased with the visual results but as anticipated there’s a lot of noise caused by vibrations. To combat this I started to experiment with the Peco foam underlay, this keeps the noise down by makes properly ballasting impossible and ruins the visual effects. I have heard goods comments about Cork underlay and the Gaugemaster Ballasted Underlay, what I could like is some personal recommendations about what works best. Many thanks, Bradley
  4. Hi, I currently remodelling parts of my model railway and considering, for the first time, installing point motors. Currently I am operating on Non-DCC (Analogue) but I may change to full DCC in the future when I can afford it. What I’m looking for is a point motor that is easy to wire and can be converted to DCC operation easily, also it has to be compatible with the Hornby R965 standard controller. Any help appreciated, Bradley
  5. Has anyone got any feedback on its adhesion, my line is steeply graded and I am wondering how well it would cope. Thanks in advance
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