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  1. They're bogie sides from old PC kits - AFAIR 8 foot Americans came with the compo and brake 3rd. I've bought a few PC kits over the years, and when I've come to open them the contents haven't necessarily been what's shown on the box. And some I've cannibalised for earlier projects, so what's left is all pretty mixed up. Couldn't find any whitemetal bolsters so made my own from Plastikard. (Of course, since then I've found them - but only three!)
  2. Well, they're all from the same stable.
  3. While waiting for my Dapol mogul I've been revisiting my recent E95 brake compo. build. I was a bit dissatisfied with one or two aspects, especially the roof/sides join. I'd tried to disguise this with a false cantrail from microstrip but it came out rather less than straight! I decided it needed something more rigid so ordered some 1mm square brass strip from Eileen's. (Would have used nickel silver but n/s was o/s.) This has done the trick. I also found out that my plastikard representation of the roof board brackets had been fouling the cantrail, so I remove the
  4. RTFM they say, so I've just had another, less cursory, look at the owner's manuaL. According to p4 "if a DCC or* sound fitted version has been purchased ........ The decoder fitted is a Zimo MX658N18", but then on p10 it says that DCC factory fitted models "are fitted with an Imperium DCC decoder". So I guess mine's actually the latter (I don't do sound). No idea re CV values - haven't tried to read them yet. * my italics
  5. Absolutely delighted with mine which arrived late yesterday. Not really had time to examine it in detail - just unwrapped it and bunged it on the track. Performance is absolutely superb. (Mine's the DCC-fitted version, with Zimo decoder.) Starts at a slow crawl on speed step 1 (of 128) which it will maintain at that speed step, light engine or loaded. Runs through all complex pointwork with nary a click or clatter in either direction. Best performance of any loco I've had so far. Soon, if I can drag myself away from the two Slater's toplights currently on the workb
  6. Came home this afternoon after a day out on the hill to find a parcel - something I'd been waiting for four years. Well. Robin has shown you his over on ANTB, so I'll show you mine. Only had time so far to take it up to the loft, extract from packaging, bung on the track and fire up the Prodigy. It looks pretty damned good, though I've had no time to examine the detail, but the immediate revelation was the performance. (I'd ordered the DCC-fitted one - Zimo chip I believe). I've never had such a smooth, responsive and well behaved loco before. It starts at
  7. Reminded me of that old tale about the American tourist at Conwy who allegedly said, "Sure, it's a mighty fine castle. But why did they build it so near the railroad?"
  8. Mainline action today as two Kings pass on the bridge. John C.
  9. The other thing missing in pics of the new signal was the ladder. I'd removed it before installation so I could shorten it for platform mounting, then it went AWOL. I was sure I'd left it on my workbench, but just couldn't see it. A couple of days later I remembered that it was indeed on the bench, but under a huge metal weight to straighten it out! Here's the signal complete with ladder, with the lower rungs picked out in white. Those Dapol lights are a bit bright, especially when seen side-on rather than through a red or green lens. I might be better off disconne
  10. As the goods train pulls out onto the main line it meets a parcels service coming in the other direction, headed by 5000 'Launceston Castle'. John C.
  11. The 45xx cruises through the branch platform with a clear road to the main line. I think the next two pics might be the first I've taken through the footbridge. I rather like them, especially the second, so they probably won't be the last. The chap on the bench with his hat in his hand seems to be taking a passing interest in 4574 behind him. The Dapol signal is a bit chunkier than the more delicate Ratio item it replaced, but you can't have everything. Now just waiting impatiently for another particular Dapol item. John C.
  12. Thanks John for morale boosting comments! The two signals are a bit further apart than they might seem from that foreshortened (and focus-stacked) view. I've just measured the distance between them and it's over 330mm - about 13 1/2 inches.
  13. So here's the new branch platform up starting signal, installed and in operation. Once again I've discovered a new angle, only to find that it exposes one of my lazy short cuts from layout building days, long before I'd considered any photographic possibilities. Just been rummaging around for any leftover brick-embossed Plastikard but without success so will need to acquire some more. Of course, as I'm sure you'll all quickly spot, the brick platform facing isn't the only thing missing! Cropping this picture gets rid of the incomplete brickwork and gives a closer view
  14. You bet Robin! Had one o/o with Hattons since announcement. As I ordered a DCC-fitted one I'll have to wait a couple of weeks longer .
  15. Engineering work was undertaken at Stoke Courtenay last week to replace the final non-working semaphore signal with one of the new Dapol single-arm bracket signals. This involved excavating a hole in the platform, and of course Sod's Law decreed that a stripwood cross bearer was found at that spot! But I carved it out bit by bit before drilling a pilot hole. This was used to drill the required 15mm hole from below. You can see here how I've cut back the signal base to the minimum possible footprint, and extended the black paint up the signal post so it looks to be platform mounte
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