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  1. It's across pages 48/49.
  2. You will Robin, you will ….. ! There's a good pic of 6801 on a freight at Aller Jcn in the Norman Lockett book, assisted in the rear by a large prairie as it starts the climb to Dainton. Interesting and varied mix of wagons too.
  3. Three more of the Grange-hauled freight. Must neaten up those tarps and make them look a bit more secure. John C.
  4. A couple more of 5000 Launceston Castle. Threatening skies over the Moor as 6801 Aylburton Grange approaches from the west with a class H freight. John C.
  5. You've done a nice job removing it Martin. I'm sure I'll be able to do similar with Affinity Photo when I finally manage to set aside some time to learn how. Nice to know you're still watching - value your views & opinions, and your support. Cheers, John.
  6. 5000 Launceston Castle emerges from the tunnel with a down express and heads through Stoke Courtenay station. As I'm now self-isolating like on old Peco point there will probably be more posts from me on here over the coming days. Unless I do something really radical, like some actual modelling. John C.
  7. A couple more of this afternoon's manoeuvres. Reasonably pleased with these two shots - quite colourful. The up platform starter hasn't got quite back to horizontal. A subsequent poke with a cocktail stick made it behave. Bit of friction? Not being a model engineer I'm in the hands of Dapol etc. in so many things. As for the branch platform starter, this is the last remaining non-working signal (modified Ratio kit). I'm just waiting for Dapol's left-hand single-arm bracket signal to do the replacement. (Perhaps a bit of an indulgence in that I signal very few moves from the branch platform to the up main line. But I guess I'm a bit of a compleatist!) John C.
  8. Wonderful - keep 'em coming! Plenty pics of Kings like that in the Hubback book I mentioned.
  9. 4574 draws carefully forward onto the up main line with the Earlsbridge trip goods returning to Hackney Yard. 5557 has recently arrived in the branch platform with its B-set. On the right of the first photo you can just about see the road to the rest of Stoke Courtenay village winding up through the trees. John C.
  10. Another big plus to the Hubback Collection is that it's not one of those full of 3/4 loco views where the photographer seems to have treated the surroundings as a distracting irrelevance. Many of the pics are taken from the angles from which we view our layouts, with plenty of landscape, civils and railway infrastructure. Many of the scenes just cry out to be modelled.
  11. Another one worth having is Great Western Pictorial No. 2: The Hubback Collection. Lots of wartime and late 40s shots with many commendably clean Castles & Kings, various oil burners and a Saint in wartime black. (Loads of good 30s stuff in there too, which was why I bought it!)
  12. Rails of Sheffield recently (at about 108 quid IIRC), but others on eBay in recent weeks at the £100 - £120 mark.
  13. Final few of 6027 for now, heading west past the goods yard, while 5557 approaches with the Earlsbridge branch train. Of course, to get this last shot I had to lie on the roof of the leading carriage. John C.
  14. No magic here - just Bachmann short t/l couplings made even shorter. I find that one can couple vehicles quite a bit closer than one thinks. As long as the coupling loop is in line with the buffer faces they're fine to go round the inside radius of Peco curved points in the fiddle yard. (IIRC I think that's about 2 ft radius?) When the buffers are sprung you can get them even closer. On the train we're looking at today the tender buffers are sprung but the ones on the Centenary van third are the original Airfix solid plastic items.
  15. Good gracious! So it had. Thanks for the alert. And now I know what that pipe is. Finally got it to behave only after snipping it short and gluing down - couldn't find a locating hole. I'd do better at this modelling malarkey if I could actually see.
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