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  1. Totally different?! You aren't even slightly intrigued by the near identical choice of colours for large parts of both artwork? The DJM CAD is one of several he posted, showing different configurations of the model. It's also the last one he posted before he left here, so undoubtably the artwork will have gone through alterations/iterations since it was posted - it's fairly easy to see that cylinders and splashers have been thinned, and that BR plates and lamps have gone ... In fairness to KR Models, they state it is all their own work.
  2. The colouring is just a coincidence I assume - the colour chosen e.g. for the boiler is a default design colour?
  3. Why should being born at the time have any bearing whatsoever on your ability to see a correct shape or other details in a model? Must be one of RMWeb's Handy Bluffer's Guide to Dismissing and Discrediting People With Ideas Different to Your Own:. #1 "rivet counter", #2 "why don't you risk your own money?", #3 "the wheels are the wrong width anyway", #4 "are you a customer?/you're not a member of the society", #6 "you weren't born at the time" ... Presumably quite a few people will, after receiving the model, rush to create unboxing videos/blog reviews, so there will be quite a few, as you have it, "armchair experts" with the model in front of them as they relax on their comfortable chair of choice whilst typing on a portable electronic device.
  4. Anyone else want to write an essay pointing out how they were invited to an exclusive presentation and the rest of us weren't? Glad you had fun people!
  5. Absolutely. And a sweeping edit to remove all the anger would help too.
  6. If he works six days a week as a carer, and one at the autocoach, how does/did he have time to go to exhibitions?
  7. If it meant to operate on layouts - can it go round corners?
  8. It's all down to GDPR - he can't share his company's list with himself
  9. All you've done with the maps is show that they are hosted on the EU website. Could we have the actual links to see if there is any paperwork with them that presents them as policy, rather than factual information to assist planners and decision makers?
  10. Because it was never done - the money raised wasn't enough to pay for the requested changes, so it was simply refunded and the work never carried out?
  11. On the other hand, according to "adb968008" a page back:
  12. If there is tooling. Is there anything on the metal bases, linked to above, that proves they are what they are identified as?
  13. The "David Jones" creditor line on the statement of affairs says nothing about director's anything - is that significant, or is it always assumed that because the named person is a director then it is a director's loan/guarantee?
  14. Mentioned it a month ago: In short, Dave doesn't appear to have said anything about mortaging or remortgaging. Or at least, I can't find any statements to that effect.
  15. Did these older orders make it into production? I think the J94 and class 71 were already in production, one commercial the other "crowdfunded" although backed up by batch orders from model shops, so by the time the King, 92 and then APT came along there was very little actually in production. I'm not sure where the Mermaids fit in this, I thought they were also a commercial release. In retrospect, it's perhaps a shame Dave had a entire part of the forum to play with exclusively until he'd properly proved himself, as the multiple threads and product announcements probably gave an appearance of a manufacturer with more clout and worth than he warranted at the time - and is obvious now. But hindsight is indeed wonderful and I'm sure a lot of people would do things differently now - especially the ones with multiple APT deposits in limbo.
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