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  1. First check probably to see that the back to backs are consistent. The traction tyred wheels may be different to the ones that go through ok, in which case if you can ease them on the axles to the same spacing - which could cure it.
  2. A box popped up on the browser I normally don't use for Facebook, with a tiny "Not Now" button to click at the bottom. You still end up with a banner at the bottom, but you can see what's on the page. Of course, that's only testing one browser - Chrome - I can't speak for other operating systems and browsers.
  3. All three are done to pretty high standards, I really can't see a need for Accurascale to waste their money there. Is there really such an untapped need for wishlisting that it has to be done on someone's product page before they've even got that model out?
  4. Mentioned definitely on February 27th, and over the following days. The discussion got a bit bogged down in the inevitable RMWeb argument about the legitimacy of criticism
  5. You didn't imagine it. I was thinking about that story earlier in the week - but after the allegations, it went quiet.
  6. My thanks to all who pointed it out - I missed that detail. See, one can't even trust oneself to get the facts right!
  7. No one on this page (including the linked post by Heyfordian/Dave on the airshows forum) has said he travelled business class - merely Stationmaster's comment that it might have been a 'business trip'. If this was the reason for the trip, he would have only claimed the business part of the trip as expenses. Indeed on the airshows forum he calls it a holiday. I've just noticed that you first queried this "cup" in 2013, and your original comment appears to have been deleted, just leaving the tell-tale of someone's reply and then Dave's explanation as above. Did you delete your question? (Sorry everyone for flooding this thread with multiple posts. You know how it is: you make a comment, then people quote you, and you end up going back despite having other things to do!)
  8. We've been here before, haven't we? Not only that, but no one managed to come up with the name of an organiser of (or helper at) said exhibition to corroborate the story. I guess the more detail given in an account, the less likely people are to investigate. Especially given the sort of people modellers are - an absence of facts tends to get some people immediately digging for more information, just out of interest.
  9. Given the last few pages here, are you absolutely certain about the truth of what you were told?
  10. Bernard Ingham was her only press secretary. Doesn't mean the memory is entirely false, without further research I have no idea how many deputies Bernard had, or whether the recollection of the job is wrong. (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Downing_Street_Press_Secretary#List_of_Press_Secretaries) The name Ian Murray is difficult to search online, owing to Ian Murray MP (born 1979) filling the search results. By the way, the Thatcher papers for 1982 are available online, and avoiding doing proper work I've searched them and found no mention of day to day appointments such as modelling awards. Sadly, 1982 was a year dominated by the Falklands, so the focus is elsewhere.
  11. If any good can come out of this, maybe it could be a recognition that not every awkward or unwelcome question is intended to troll, and not every critic is simply being, as Dave liked to call them, a "naysayer"?
  12. Interesting thought, but if tracking of the few parcels I've seen is to be believed, most of the time they were/are just sitting in warehouses waiting to be moved to the next step in the chain.
  13. Or ... we don't know and it doesn't tie up neatly, not if as reported earlier in the thread the two locos were the Class 71 and the Austerity. I'm confused where this "other site" got this information from, however.
  14. What is wrong with people? I'm embarrassed just to be in the same forum as David. And deleting the words doesn't make us unsee it, David. You're still thinking it.
  15. Strawman! Also, a totally unfair topic to introduce, given the myriad ways that people can be helping others at the moment, or might still be working, or might actually be unable/unwilling to leave home. It's not a game of "my way of getting through the crisis is better than yours", regardless of being irked that someone might still question your decision-making after you thought you'd explained yourself. David
  16. I don't know what the current steampunk scene majors [sic] on, but ten years ago, if someone wasn't a Martian time-travelling explorer it was odds on they were something out of India, particularly the "3rd Foot & Mouth" people. There is still a website, although I am not sure they've done anything since 2012.
  17. What a pity the disagree button was removed.
  18. I had a long argument more than a decade ago about the "punk" bit, as UK steampunks back then (and as far as I can see, now) rather embraced the class-based version of steampunk, rather than the rebellious aspect. Witness the number of suddenly-titled people, the number of Majors, Sirs, Ladies, etc., or the number lady-/gentlemen-explorers. The other thing - the steampunks I knew ten years ago largely only bought stuff they could wear or carry to events. The number of people decorating their houses in the steampunk style was very small in number, small enough to be remarkable. Have things changed much? I don't know.
  19. That happened years ago Eddie ... just not in railway modelling!
  20. That is also what I thought. As "steampunk" events still, for instance, offer tea-duelling, which was a fun but limited idea first mooted over a decade ago, I am not sure that the market itself really knows either. Every steampunk I knew had a slightly different idea of what the scene meant, which can't be a helpful start for a marketing team! My guess is that Laurie's creations will find a more enthusiastic market in the fantasy wargaming/sci-fi sector than with steampunks, but it will be fascinating to see where they take the range, if the response is felt to be encouraging enough to commit to new mouldings rather than modded existing ones.
  21. This lazy idea of sticking cogs on things and calling it steampunk was the reason I dropped out of steampunk after few years (having been there at the first three "Asylums" in Lincoln). But that was more than half a decade ago. Surely Hornby have their finger closer to the pulse than this?
  22. Why should being born at the time have any bearing whatsoever on your ability to see a correct shape or other details in a model? Must be one of RMWeb's Handy Bluffer's Guide to Dismissing and Discrediting People With Ideas Different to Your Own:. #1 "rivet counter", #2 "why don't you risk your own money?", #3 "the wheels are the wrong width anyway", #4 "are you a customer?/you're not a member of the society", #6 "you weren't born at the time" ... Presumably quite a few people will, after receiving the model, rush to create unboxing videos/blog reviews, so there will be quite a few, as you have it, "armchair experts" with the model in front of them as they relax on their comfortable chair of choice whilst typing on a portable electronic device.
  23. Anyone else want to write an essay pointing out how they were invited to an exclusive presentation and the rest of us weren't? Glad you had fun people!
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