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  1. Hi all I'm looking for a Lima class 59 detail pack please. Thanks
  2. Hi all im using a Hornby elite and i must say its fine with my other loco's, Im just having trouble with Bachmann mpv fitted with gaugemaster chip. The loco judders and the lights flash. A good mate of mine is trying to get answers from gaugemaster but as yet no news. Any ideas
  3. Hello Plums, Funny this, someone has just posted some of your pics on my page on Facebook. They were saying how you made them and how good they looked. Chat later.
  4. Thats a good pic of me mate, best looking in the group. haha
  5. Andrew you would not want to see him, Have you seen Quasimodo, well he is better looking than Neil. haha
  6. This is a new layout construction at Mersyside Model Railway Society. Its being built by Alan, Simon and Neil.
  7. Thanks Alan, might aswell stop looking on internet then. haha. Thanks
  8. Hi Guys, Does anybody have the service sheet for the above please. Thanks Kenny
  9. Hi Guys, im trying to make some units. What height would you do ind units. Point or flat roof. Need measurements in mm please.
  10. Any new updates Dave? my frend as done RFD 37107.(CLASS66)
  11. Did you do dutch 37240 and 372?? Has any of the dutch 37s been saved? or are they all now scrapped??
  12. Any more DRS 37s on test workings?
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