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  1. I'm surprised to learn that New Radnor station has been called "Presteigne Holiday Park." Presteigne is miles away, as my wife, who comes from there, will tell you. However, the area is quite intriguing railway-wise. There was, I understand a plan to continue the line over towards Pen-y-bont and further west. (Aberystwyth?) This was never intended to be a terminus. The network of lines radiating from Titley Junction (north to Presteigne, west to Kington & New Radnor, south to Eardisley and east from Leominster) is fascinating in its own right. Good luick!
  2. Hi I spotted at New Street every Saturday morning until late 1958. The LNW side saw every type of large LM loco (Black 5, Jubilee, Patriot, Scot) and a number of Standards (Brits and Std 5s), but we never saw any LM Pacifics until later. The tunnels into New St were supposedly too tight and it was only after they were altered in connection with various road "improvements" in the city that they were allowed in. This also coincided with the modernisation programme that had D2xx diesels taking over the Pacific diagrams on the WCML that cascaded the Pacifics down to the Euston to Birmi
  3. I quite agree with the comments about choosing a prototype to model. Back in the day at Wolverhampton MRC, we initially chose fictional "generic" Yorkshire(ish) locations to justify ER and LMR stock (Fordley Park and Leighford for those with long memories), but in due course the decision was taken to build Stoke Summit and then Charwelton. These latter two were particularly satisfying not only operationally but also in terms of public appreciation at exhibitions. They also had the merit that photo evidence told you where everything was supposed to be on the model. No brain exercise required!
  4. Congratulations and well done with the roof in particular. I shall be watching this thread with particular interest since I have lived in Wolverhampton longer than anywhere else (although not now.) Whilst I love to see beautiful BCT buses in their primrose & prussian blue colours from my native Birmingham, I think it might be more appropriate if you were to have a yellow & green Guy Arab in Wolves colours. Britbus did them and I think there was a Roe bodied one available too. A destination blind for Whitmore Reans (service no. 13?) would make it perfect! Keep up
  5. Hi Tony I can tell you exactly where it went! I bought it from you and it is now resident and a regular performer on Hest Bank. Yes, I know it was an M&GN loco during 1958, but rule 1 applies....... (It's my train set etc.) Besides there were plenty of Ivatts at large on the Western Division, so it's not as if the type was "foreign". Christmas greetings! Terry D
  6. Thanks Dick, I'm glad your technical expertise is better than mine! T
  7. Thanks Bob, I must admit I'd never heard of it, despite being just down the road in Wolverhampton at the time. I wonder if anyone else knows of it?
  8. I can't help wondering which layout it is that you are thinking about. It seems very odd that there should be another large LNW layout built by another society in Crewe at about the same time?
  9. Yur tiz Rugeley TV article.pdf It seems to have loaded in its entirety, but will it open? Apologies that some of the pages are upside down, but that's the only way i could scan them. In terms of its length, the article quotes 36 ft, which made a very impressive model and, by my calculation, more than scale mile for a circuit. Terry D
  10. I've just found my copy of the MRC for Jan 77 (how sad is that!?) and, yes, it is Crewe Grammar School Railway Society's model of Rugeley featured on the cover. There's a 7 page article inside, profusely illustrated with photos by Brian Monaghan. I can only assume this must be one and the same layout you are referring to. I will endeavout to scan the pages of the article and reproduce them here as long as copyright is not a problem. Terry D
  11. Hello Bob I have seen this layout a few times back in the day. It was based on Rugeley Trent Valley and it has appeared in the model press back in the 70s, the MRC if I remember correctly. I was very impressed by it and the last time I saw it, it had been moved to Crewe, where I believe it was on permanent show at the Heritage Centre(?) Terry D
  12. Nice work, Richard. There's something very satisfying about soldering together etched brass kits; best of luck with the research on the vehicles in question. Terry
  13. Yes, you're right Colin, it was sunny here in mid-Wales when the pic was taken. I have to tell our visitors that the weather here is pretty good; it doesn't rain any more here in Wales than it does in the rest of the UK. On the other hand it doesn't rain any less! Perhaps we should look to the "dry side" as folks in the east call themselves.
  14. Thanks Colin A kind friend has sent me a copy so I've had an opportunity to look at it. One or two pics I haven't seen before which either confirm some necessary guess-work or (!) show I've got it wrong!
  15. I am rendered speechless; the quality is breathtaking. Can't wait to see where you go from here.
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