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  1. The gwr 65 ft turntable looks really good from the pictures I've seen. Regards Neil
  2. I must admit I like the look of these Greenwood turntables I will be interested to see this unfold all your layouts are superb Regards Neil
  3. Looks good did you say you were going to have a turntable? If so what make are you going for? Kind regards Neil
  4. B15nac

    Steam at Swindon

    I will be getting a copy of this looks really good. Regards Neil
  5. Hi I would like to build a workshop like the one at didcot I believe other places like banbury had the same. Its the loan act workshop I would like but my scratch building probably isn't up to it so I was wondering if there is any companys that take on commissions or could make me one maybe lazer cut? Thanks for your time Regards Neil
  6. A shot of a castle on shed with a western hydraulic an night owl in the shed!
  7. Sorry I should of said 4mm Regards Neil
  8. Hi Can anyone help me is the djh britannia a good kit does it represent a britannia well? They don't seem to make them anymore but I'm trying to track one down. Does anyone have a picture of there's? Kind regards Neil
  9. I use peco servos with wire in tube from the edge of the board works really well
  10. Hi I'm after a GM 60 gaugemaster wheel cleaner if anyone has one that would be great Regards Neil
  11. Quiet a lot of progress has been made on the wiring of the layout in the last few months including a control panel being built. This is a non dcc layout so lots of isolated sections etc. I've used Peco servos to control points with wire in tube method which works nicely. I've also removed the manual Turntable Drive an added a motor an gearbox an I'm pleased with the slow smooth running of it. Still lots to do but slowly getting there now I've added a embankment around one side of the turntable an I've extended the coaling stage embankment to take more coal wagons. Thanks for looki
  12. Hi I'm after a Bachmann scenecraft 44-0054 mess room building if anyone could Point me in the right direction for one that would be great Regards Neil
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