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  1. Hi Can anyone give me any feedback on using one of these? Are they as good or better than gaugemasters? Kind regards Neil
  2. That's OK it's a 3d printed item my Brother in law created with some help from me.
  3. Hi Yes the chassis is a separate item from a cambrian C5 crane kit but the crane Body, jib an clamshell bucket is available from me. I Can Supply the chassis Or even build it complete for a extra cost Kind regards Neil
  4. Not finished yet but here is my smith an son's 6 ton steam crane for ash removal
  5. Hi I'm after some help I've got peco bullhead rail on my layout an I Was Wondering the best track rubbers to clean them with? Is it best to stick to the peco one? Regards Neil
  6. Quick picture of one painted black an with chain added with clamshell bucket attached. Let me know what you think Regards Neil
  7. Painted body, boiler an gears in red just to show that they fit in after painting
  8. It's a ender 3 Pro apparently. Thanks for all the comments. If anyone is interested in one please pm me. Should have more pictures of the completed 3d parts tonight Regards Neil
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