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  1. As an oldie of the same 1946 vintage as Tony this disposal of a lifetimes modelling should be a problem,however the issue is solved should No.1 son own a model railway shop, and also share exactly the same modelling preferences and an exhibition layout to boot. Lucky me! I can plead guilty to most of Manxcat's list, except 8 and 12, to my enduring shame have never built a working chassis - don't think I could pass with Kitmaster from my childhood regrettably.
  2. Without wishing to sound too sycophantic Tony it was your photo of an A1 rounding a curve with an assortment of coaching stock and taken at low level which appeared in the 1983 RM which first struck me how realistic a model railway could look. The usual style of magazine photography at this time being the over used helicopter shots. It did help that excepting anything originating from Swindon A1's were my favourite locos. All the best to yourself and Mo. Chris Knight
  3. Such a shame (as others have remarked) if we have seen the last of Leicester South GC on the circuit, surely one of the finest layouts around in the last few years. I and others in our group will be "leaning" on Roger Sunderland and Dave Bayman to think again about retiring B'm'th West from exhibitions, although I fully understand their reasoning behind this decision. Other members,including myself, have decided to take a layout to the Hornby mag. GETS show in Milton Keynes in October, taking the view that we believe the organisation will be top drawer and the enjoyment and social elements involved in exhibiting again worth any risk involved.
  4. Thanks Tony, at least I remembered it was a 'Castle' and the layout Wellington, where I got Stephen Williams from is a mystery! 7 1/4 gauge, that's a lot of cardboard. Any shots of the layout, I saw it once, at one of the Wolverhampton Club's exhibitions ? Probably not judging by my level of recall lately. An excellent piece of modelling is not in doubt though.
  5. The recent talk here of card modelling reminded me of a terrific '0' gauge Castle loco featured many years ago in the Railway Modeller. If memory serves correctly I seem to recall it was built by Stephen Williams (?) Of 'Wellington' fame, a super layout - hoping Tony may have some photos to remind us of its beauty. Chris Knight
  6. Steve and Martin have asked me to mention that their new,improved, all singing and dancing website is now up and running. Please take a few moments to have a look !
  7. Model Railway Solutions at Unit 1, 10-12 Alder Hills,Poole,Dorset BH12 4AL will be re- opening on Monday 12th April. Hours will be 9AM to 5pm Mon to Fri and 10AM to 4pm Sat. Trading at present via website click and collect. Telephone 01202 798068. Workshop also restarting at same time for baseboard products.
  8. Congratulations Andy and co. for entertaining us again with another excellent virtual show. I imagine the amount of work behind the scenes must be enormous to collate and organise such an event . Must also extend congrats to fellow group members Roger and Dave for their work on 'best layout' winners B'm'th West. Must also mention Jason's Bacup - another hidden gem - terrific modelling here
  9. -Around 20 years ago a stretch of some 400 yards of Holdenhurst Road in Bournemouth boasted OPC (books and models),B'm'th Model Railway Centre and Modelbooks (also with an extensive model rail selection) - All now gone with the only good shop for local modeller left to visit being Model Rai!way Solutions on the Poole/Bournemouth border. I must declare an interest - my son and nephew own the business!
  10. I can only echo other comments commending Andy, Phil and co. for their work in providing us with another great weekend of entertainment. Particularly enjoyed seeing the 'at home' layouts Little Bytham and Retford, and Heaton Lodge Junction is just staggering in every way ! My 'handle' seems to have reverted once more to Evertonian again Andy - no idea why ? Chris Knight (still a Toffee though)
  11. Cinder guards ?? Didn't need such appendages when they built proper stuff at Swindon, presumably on the basis they reckoned to burn the coal provided in the firebox- simples eh! Chris Knight
  12. Well done Andy and Co., 7919 eh - another wonderful WR loco honoured ! If I knew how to post a picture of Runter Hall I would, no doubt somebody will...... Regards and good health to all, Chris Knight
  13. Peter (Combe Martin) I believe is correct in saying that the Newcastle/York - B'm'th West service included a Gresley diag. D 268 anthracite/electric restaurant car. When putting the train together for the B.West layout I used Robert Carroll's extensive notes including running numbers and changes to stock over the years, all very detailed. Unfortunately memory fades and the relevant paperwork and indeed the actual model are packed away during the lockdown and inaccessible at present. Robert's coaching group website would undoubtedly be the place to look.
  14. Thought I would mention that as the regular pilot loco operator on the 'B'mth West' exhibition layout the Preci Models DCC auto uncoupler has proved invaluable and very reliable in service - it's usually operator error when there is a cock up - Roger also has some passenger coach rakes fitted with the James Trains straight bars. Would thoroughly recommend both, usual disclaimer applies. Regards,keep safe everybody, Chris Knight
  15. Good afternoon Tony, glad to hear that yourself and Mo are keeping well. Please keep the pictures coming of LB, I suspect that many others look forward to regular doses of these to brighten these worrying times. I was amused to read of your train spotting kit including a gas mask canvas bag for the essentials. I utilised a similar arrangement handed down from my dad - yours no doubt also - and it brought back a long almost forgotten memory. On a train trip from Exeter to Newton Abbot,must have been around 1958/9 I stupidly left the bag on disembarking at NA, must have been the excited anticipation of all those cops awaiting if I managed to bunk 83A. I was distraught at losing my " combined" and wrote to Paddington lost property on my return home to B'mouth ! Amazingly some six weeks later I had a postcard advising that my lost property was awaiting collection at Central Station, the clerk handed it over with a rather odd look on his face - I realised why as the bag almost walked off the counter, cheese and pickle sandwiches do not age too well, however my ABC was there Lord be praised ! What great service by BR Western and Southern regions. I learned a lesson and never took my treasured combined volume on spotting trips again, a notebook sufficed until I got home. All the best, we are hoping to take B. West to Wigan in early October if normality returns, catch up with you there for a pint, Chris Knight
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