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  1. Hi John, Who's gauges are you using for 83 flatbottom rail in 00SF? Thanks Ian
  2. Excellent .... although I'm not too sure what is meant by "SH duties"? Also, I seem to remember that you are pretty good with a camcorder John, a la 'Bradfield Gloucester Square', it would be nice to see the above movement on video, I'm sure it would give you a welcomed break from ballasting Incidenteally, how is the ballasting going, it's a very big area and how are you doing it, perhaps just flooding the area with pva then sprinkle? best regards Ian
  3. I think it would have been easier to go with Bradfields open roof ........ but then it wouldn't have been Leeds;-) Excellent modelling, well done and keep on giving us the insight to how you are producing these excellent models. best regards Ian
  4. Here's an idea, put the Hornby Dublo in the study and the MiL in the train room ....... there, fixed it! Should I get my coat now?
  5. Norman stopped playing for Leeds many years ago, so although you might get a kicking, you wouldn't be able to class it as a good kicking unless Norman did it! Spurs vs Leeds 2 Jan'21?
  6. Looking very good, John ..... as you say, will be better with a lick of paint but nevertheless it's very impressive!
  7. I think he means his Nephew ....... who, I understand, has just started to draw his pension;-)
  8. Hi Gordon, I am unable to offer any in sight to the workings of ECoS but it occurs to me that a route is selected by signalling and not by turnouts, if the signal is at danger then the route is not set regardless of what position the turnout is set! Considering this, if you are able to plan the signalling then the leds for the route could be incorporated to illuminate only when the signal changes to clear. Just a thought Ian
  9. … and finally I understand the attraction of gardening, a means of getting rid of the soil from the escape tunnel!
  10. Beautiful bird, Sam …. Heron? … who knows? Perhaps both!
  11. Wow, she would certainly give Jessica a run for her money!
  12. Okay, I feel a bit silly; The last time I dropped in there were discussions about Bastille in Paris, now I drop in and see we're talking about Seironim and assummed this must be another French station, the penny's dropped now ............. silly me
  13. Hi John, The canopy is looking good, I remember you building the roof for Bradfield and I was well impressed with that as well. Best Ian
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