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  1. Norman stopped playing for Leeds many years ago, so although you might get a kicking, you wouldn't be able to class it as a good kicking unless Norman did it! Spurs vs Leeds 2 Jan'21?
  2. Looking very good, John ..... as you say, will be better with a lick of paint but nevertheless it's very impressive!
  3. I think he means his Nephew ....... who, I understand, has just started to draw his pension;-)
  4. Hi Gordon, I am unable to offer any in sight to the workings of ECoS but it occurs to me that a route is selected by signalling and not by turnouts, if the signal is at danger then the route is not set regardless of what position the turnout is set! Considering this, if you are able to plan the signalling then the leds for the route could be incorporated to illuminate only when the signal changes to clear. Just a thought Ian
  5. … and finally I understand the attraction of gardening, a means of getting rid of the soil from the escape tunnel!
  6. Beautiful bird, Sam …. Heron? … who knows? Perhaps both!
  7. Wow, she would certainly give Jessica a run for her money!
  8. Okay, I feel a bit silly; The last time I dropped in there were discussions about Bastille in Paris, now I drop in and see we're talking about Seironim and assummed this must be another French station, the penny's dropped now ............. silly me
  9. Hi John, The canopy is looking good, I remember you building the roof for Bradfield and I was well impressed with that as well. Best Ian
  10. Hi David, thank you for the PM. The scan has a lot of information, not just the track plan but also the design infrastructure, an "How to" it you want which is very interesting. The design instantly made me think of "The Laird's - Bradfield Gloucester Square" albeit at double the length. Once again thanks for the scan Ian
  11. Does anybody have a copy of the Minories track plan?
  12. Are the Hunt Couplings electrically conductive? I think that if they are not conductive then the interior lights and head codes on the trailer coach will not be usable! An alternative may be to use the couplings from the class 101 as discussed here;
  13. Hi John Leeds is looking good! May I ask what do you mean "and some have strengtheners attached", I'm work from a low knowlege base so would appreciate any information. Thanks Ian
  14. That's an excellent idea, also very similar to the solution from Mckinley Railway, here’s a link to the youTube video from Mckinley Railway https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgQvAbusjsw together with the screen shot of the circuit diagram as drawn by J Pilborough
  15. Hi, Just reading through this thread and it reminded me of a thread that I bookmarked years ago, it may be of interest; If you read through the thread there are several ways of operation that may be of interest, one particular method of operation is the stripping out of the electronics in the servo and simply using a DPDT switch with a couple of diodes and two micro switches. The following drawing was proposed by Bertiedog a good number of years ago. I hopeyou find the above useful Ian
  16. Excellent, and the S & C looks superb!
  17. Hi Gordon, I'm going to have to educate myself about DCC at some point but from a practical point of view, is not possible to test the DCC chip thingy in another locomotive that will use the same outputs for the led lamps? Just a thought ....... as I admitted I don't know anything about DCC! Ian
  18. I was going to ask you about them running on LNER metals but I see you've covered yourself with "Rule 1" A video of the Fiatrains running would be nice, if you have the time and your back doesn't hurt to much Ian Ps the photo looks very good ... well apart from the bent chimney!!
  19. Clearly all the management need hanging ... golfing jolly indeed! Gordon, can ask what the two PCBs are on the side of the new section that you've added? Enjoy your golfing jolly .................... ruining a good walk, get dog, great fun! Ian PS Eventually it stopped raining and today has been full of sunshine ..... it won't last!
  20. Your track together with the 00-SF S&C looks superb .... I'd like to emulate it one day but have to finish building the house first which is two year behind schedule due to contractual difficulties with a double glazing company! As for being lot drier where you are, it is absolutely throwing it down here in West Yorkshire. Have fun. Ian
  21. I understand that is a possibility but the Chinese like complexed systems and want to make ET a terminus station at the end of a folded figure of eight on a multi level system …. Something similar to ET mk 1. Mr Wu Lee said they could do it in the summer months while Gordon is engaged in more physical/outdoor pursuits.
  22. It's all very well saying that but I loose things all the time and I think I've got CDO, it's a bit like OCD but all the letters are in the correct order ....... as they should be! But ... you're spot on with regard to Gordon's workmanship. Happy New year to everybody Ian
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