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  1. Isn't Wallwart an American company, the owner of Asda?
  2. Two I think, 12 April and 31 October and perhaps more to come;-)
  3. Truly dreadful act of vandalism! I've posted a link to a Rod Stewart video having just heard on the radio that he has donated £10K to those effected by the vandalism, Rod has a love of model railways, a nice gesture!
  4. Wasn't she a T-1001 trying to help Cersei Lannister some years ago? here's a couple of videos and
  5. I think we have all be there with numeric keypads, how many times have you lost your cash card because you kept bashing in the wrong number?
  6. There is also a method for control using relays, TCC (track Circuit Control), designed by 71000 (I think he has stopped posting) for his Basingstoke model, although it is for 3 aspect signal it could be expanded for 4 Aspect. here's the cicuit diagram; TCC - Track Circuit Control from RMWeb.pdf
  7. Richard W of Everard Junction fame, created a video for the control of a 4 aspect signal using a PIC, the youtube video is below; I haven't as yet used Richards method but I think it is jolly interesting. Ian
  8. Good idea! With regard to the miniature push-on/push-off, may I suggest that you replace it with a diode (diodes will only conduct electricity in one direction). To take this a stage further, you could replace the diode and light source(bulb) with a LED. Install a LED in each cab, wired to illuminate with the direction of travel .... it's hard to get wrong, you've only got two wires but no doubt somebody will have a damn good try at getting it wrong;-) Ian
  9. Where's the pudding? ............................. black pudding .. and there is no sign of any tomato, if there was it would be a BEST;-)
  10. Hi Gordon, Just looking at the drawing of Wood Green, did the stair ramp on platform 2 return on itself? it is clearly not as long as the stair ramps on platform 1 and 3 and is wider, you can also see a line down the centre of it indicating a balustrading. Also, just for fun, on the otherside of the footbridge, you appear to have a slide down to platform 2, I guess its for the traveller in a hurry Ian
  11. Getting back to the original question “Is Minories operationally satisfying?” is an interesting question and of course, I think we have established that it is and if the station throat is laid out correctly it can look splendid. We have seen designs with passenger only or mixed passenger and goods and also somewhere, I have seen goods only. With regard to the design, then CJF did an excellent job over 60 years ago and in the above comments we have seen some very interesting tweaks to the design from David “Pacific231G” and Phil “Harlequin” which enhance the CJF design. The thing is that I keep being drawn back to the superb Bradfield Gloucester Square, in case you’re not familiar with BGS here’s the track plan; And a link to BGS in the Layout topics; www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/28198-bradfield-gloucester-square-br-1962-ish/& it is agreed, BGS is not Minories but it is immensely enjoyable to watch (*), of the three platforms, platform 1 is departures only, platforms 2 and 3 are arrivals and departures. I am not too sure that I have seen an arrival and departure at the same time but due to the track plan that could only happen with a departure from Platform 1. (*) Here’s a couple of videos of BSG in operation. Considering the above, if I were to build a small terminus I would probably lean towards a duplication of Bradfield Gloucester Square, sure, there are no goods or loco facilities, there’s not even a turntable. I’ve tried several times to improve the design but I don’t have the skill for that, I did think that a crossover in the carriage sidings would be advantageous for running round the ECS but that is achieved by use of the crossover in platform 3 so a pointless exercise that would take away from the operational enjoyment of the model. I have seen a number of Minories in operation and they are very good, I just think that Bradfield in better from a playing trains prospective but I am not at all sure whether it could be built using Peco track. Ian
  12. Talking about 'Common Sense", I saw a couple of 'T' shirts with these slogans: Ian
  13. Andy, I think you forgot to mention ..... Courtesy of Doc Brown (and Marty)! Ian
  14. Who's Roger? do you mean Jessica's husband. Here's a drawing of Jessica; She's OK, likes to play "patty-cake", but she's a bit two dimensional! There is a sketch of Jessica by Karl "souracid" Liversidge that would cause my mate Fred to utter the phrase "yabba a dabba a doo" , I'm not posting it here but here's the link! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/KDkvx Back to Eastwood Town, I like the video and it's good to see the progress that your making Gordon, where's the mucky duck that you modified and weathered , must be almost nine years ago, it would be nice to see it running. Ian
  15. Hi John, That looks superb .................................. when are you going to start the ballasting? Ian
  16. Excellent, I really like seeing your videos and it's fantastic to see the layout in this way. Ian
  17. Do you have a feedback controller in mind, perhaps commercial/off-the-shelf or DIY?
  18. Don't you mean CDO? CDO, a bit like OCD but all the letters are in the right order ...... as they should be! Good to have you back Gordon, and you will have noticed that I never asked if your nephew and his grand children were visiting you this Christmas to see the progress on ET! Keep up the good work, we've all missed you. Ian
  19. Hi John, "Leeds City the Midland Side" looks superb ...... do you still have the video camera? Some video would be good, I remember the videos you used to make for Bradfield Gloucester Square. Ian
  20. But, but what about The Yes Album , Fragile, Close to the Edge and Tales of a ..........................................okay perhaps you've got a point! How about a bit of Budgie?
  21. You beat me to it, I was about to post DTLS because of the railway theme, trying to keep on topic , probably the best track on 'We Can't Dance'!
  22. Okay proper Genesis, some time before The Lamb lies down on Broadway and about ten years before Three Sides Live
  23. Hi Clive, I have also come across the excellent Wagakki Band following your link to Band-Maid. Here's another Wagakki Band link to an excellent instrumental: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKD9RKRKqTc
  24. Alternatively, you could use one of these; A drop of pop and a banana skin will really make things fly.
  25. It was your posting of : thats caused me to think of "Is vic there", I think its almost the same tune!
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