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  1. Not much happening on the layout however more steam on the mainline this week! 35028 Merchant Navy Class ‘Clan Line’ passed through one of my local stations on the Man of Kent Pathfinder Tour. Always an impressive sight at speed!
  2. Gloomy Wednesdays. Modelu figures really add another level of detail to the layout.
  3. It’s England… Always is!!
  4. A busy afternoon in the yard…
  5. A few shots of the finished weathered mineral wagons. Oxford Rail wagons really scrub up well with a bit of weathering.
  6. Thank you all for the kind comments! Always enjoy getting creative with a bit of photography. Today’s job is to weather the new mineral wagons, taking the edge off them. Starting with a light wash of black to add some definition to the slats and bolts. After the wash has dried, weathering powders we’re added. Rust around the hinges and bolts and charcoal black added to the panels before being wiped with cotton buds to create a streaky effect. A coat of varnish needs to be added and then a few photos will be taken on the layout. A subtle job but at least they don’t look brand new plastic.
  7. Depending on the weather, early morning’s can provide some great lighting through the window shutters in the bedroom. A real moody shot.
  8. Another project finished and my favourite to date. The Peco wagon kit painted with Vallejo acrylics. Weathering was done solely using powders this time, rather than mixing with acrylics and I’m pleased with the results. A nice subtle weathering instead of caking it on with acrylic and then wiping it off. The couplings still need to be added but just enjoying having it parked up at the end of my sidings.
  9. One completed load for the flat wagon. Once the glue had dried I gave it a good weather as well as paint the inside black to avoid any light leak. Happy with the finished result. I might make another but with a dark green as the blue is quite bright. Maybe some scale rope or chain to hold it down.
  10. The latest addition to the layout. Due to Covid and Royal Mail it’s been an absolute pain to get sorted but well worth the two month wait! Hornby’s B2 Peckett. Beautifully weathered by Chris at Model Rail Services Plymouth. He’s also fitted a stay-alive chip to provide lovely fault free running. I’ve yet to pluck up the courage to weather my locos so in the mean time I always try and enlist on professional services and I would highly recommend Chris’s work to anyone!
  11. Ever have those “how hard can it be” moments? This morning I was flicking through Instagram and came across an article on making tarpaulins to go on wagons. For a while I’ve fancied creating a load for the flat wagon and saw this as a perfect opportunity. A tarpaulin texture was printed onto A4 paper and soaked in a 50:50 mix of PVA and water. My flat bed and model Land Rover wrapped in Cling Film before moulding the wet paper around the model to create the basic shape. it may look a bit crude at the moment but I’m hoping once dry the excess can be trimmed off and neatened up. The Land Rover can then be carefully removed to create the illusion that there’s a full load. It might work. It might not. But at the cost of a single sheet of A4 paper and 10 minutes it was worth a try!
  12. Thank you! What tempted me with this kit was the fact it was two wagons plus transfers, couplings and wheels included, the latter seems to be a rarity these days. The first wagon has just been primed so hopefully in the next few days I can start painting it.
  13. A good place to finish today. Really enjoyed making this kit. Found the under frame and brakes a bit fiddly as the instructions aren’t the clearest but overall, happy with the result. Next job is to get it painted before adding decals and weathering. Not sure when that’ll get done as I’ve got another busy weekend but a great project for a rainy day. Looking forward to building the other wagon at some point!
  14. Thank you Al! It all makes sense now!
  15. Ignore me, on closer inspection there is enough wiggle room in the axle boxes to remove the wheels post assembly!
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