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  1. Here is sister loco 749 262 on a railtour back in February 2017
  2. I model Florida area mid 90's. I have 6 FEC locos in the blue with white lettering consiting of four GP40-2's and two GP9's one of which was painted detailed and weathered by a friend who is no longer with us. They often get a run at Freemo meets and would have been at the Freemo Devon had the virus not curtailed the event. They are due a run on my High line test circuit in the near future. There are numerous photos along with other Florida liveries we run on my Fort Myers thread on this forum. The layout did attend Freemo South this year as a module. Its going to be a while before the layout gets to a show but fingers crossed that the Freemo meets can restart next year.
  3. Blackmoor had a strange visitor the other day, 'Blackmoor Vale' appeared at the station. The loco was out of its box for a running session on the High Line in the shed.
  4. Just a few figures that I have started to paint. Still a little way to go to finish thrm and probably too many for the platforms but some may go in the coaches. These are Langley metal figures I had to look up colour photos for the period to get an idea how to paint them. Odd that the blokes look like they are dressed for winter but the females dressed for Summer!
  5. Thanks Paul. A few more shots. I am hoping to revisit Blackmoor Gate as I found out that the lamp hut still exists after looking in the distance of one of my photos taken last year so require a closer look to get the position more accurate . Just hoping that the hotels and pubs can both open in time. Can't visit the old station without having a pint in there. My other half can do the driving from there.
  6. A couple of trestles arrived today. This enabled me to set up just the two centre boards so that I can now do the platform surfaces over the board joint. It's also the first time that the completed water tower has bern put on the boards. With the shows cancelled this year the first show for the layout is now 2022 unless any come through for 2021, so it might be getting on a bit even before it's first show.
  7. The last few weeks of lockdown have been spent running various locos including numerous light Pacifics. Currently rebuilt 34058 'Sir Frederick Pile' & 34077 '603Squadron' have had a good run on the High Line plus gave has further weathering. The photos taken just after Dullcote had been applied in the spray booth. The spray booth has been very handy since fitting the extractor vent through the shed wall a few weeks ago and bern used for various weathering commissions, the latest being around 120 O scale crates and oil drums. More Bulleid light Pacifics to get similar treatment in the next few weeks.
  8. It was a bit busier on the last day of service. I had made an earlier visit but the trian was cacnelled so only made it in the dark the first time hence a return day trip form Surrey for the last day.
  9. With the current spare time duringLLockdown I have been going through my OO and HO locos giving them all a good run that many have never really had on end to end layouts. It's been a great way to sort out any faults. Even the Kadee couplers have been checked against the Kadee height gauges. My Hornby Black Motor has run fine on the short test track but when I put it on large test circuit the decoder in it didn't like the Digikeijs DR5000 and even after resetting the decoder still no joy so a replacement decoder was fitted and it now runs fine on the Digikeijs aswell as the Digitrax system and the Sprog. First time I have had this issue. The loco has now had further weathering and will get one more run to make sure all the wheels and pickups are clear of the weathering paints then it's back in it's box
  10. Well what a day for show cancellations this year. This has had a knock on effect for the layout as it's first show was Autumn 2021 but that has now been put back due to another layout put back from this year. Anyway gives me more time to work on the stock and the layout. It will be old before it goes out! I have been tweeking the Backwoods kit of LYN again after it was running fine then developed a short which it has suffered from since building it many years ago. I think it's the rim of obe wheel that occasionally touches the outeframe so a thin bit of styrene has been fixed and so far all well with the loco running for a few hours on the rollers. Hopefully I can now start to line it out and add the decals. It does look rather weird on the rollers though.
  11. Would they be flat sided? I wonder if I could do a side on the Silhouette cutter.
  12. Paul Does OO count as narrow gauge modelling?
  13. Lovely shots of Ravensthorpe. I remember passing through there quite a few times before the buildings were finally demolished.
  14. Thanks Paul Your Nm and the turntable came up in conversaation today with the person who makes those kits on our first meet up of the local 0n30 group since February, all socially distanced and under 6 of us in a friends back garden. He refers to anything with N as mice so Nm is micro mice!!
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