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  1. Fort Myers second show this year is this Saturday at the Seaboard Southern show in Crawley almost 25 years to the day that it was first exhibited. However it no longer fits in the same car that it did back in the mid / late 90's as the boards have been widened and the end ones lengthened. We do still have that car though! A few new items of rolling stock will be in use along with more locos fitted with sound. Hopefully another couple will be so fitted this week in time for the show.
  2. Thanks for the info. Fox do 50031 'Hood' plates so these along with decals have been ordered. They don't do all of the 50's in N scale though. 50031 appears to have been repainted in the last few years into executive livery so large logo is close enough for circa 2011.
  3. Yes, one thing I always check is the connecting rods on early ones. With 47 Bulleids I am not rushing out buying every one especially the recent release as I have already renumbered one to Bideford and at 180 quid (have seen it down to 146) I will now just buy second hand. It took me some weeks to service them all earlier this year but luckily just one that had seized up, requiring a new geared driving wheelset
  4. Despite being out of era I could not resist getting large logo 50040 at the weekend. I used to spend a lot of time travelling behind them on the ex LSWR route to Exeter. 50040 seen on railtour duty in platform 1 at Banbury yesterday at the Faversham show. I may renumber it but need to see if a large logo livery one was on mainline tour duty in the past 10 years.
  5. I picked up a 'Wilton' for £50 on Saturday. It looks in almost mint condition with little / no signs of being run and the details bag unopened. 'WIlton' is an older model so it will require a hard wired decoder and extra weight around the chimney to overcome the excessive compensation spring in the rear driver compared ot the more recent models but both easy for me to do. There are only two unrebuilts left for me to be able ot use this for, 'Shaftsbury' (which would require the deflectors modifying) or 'Backmoor Vale'. It is going to be the latter once I complete 34081 '92 Squadron'
  6. Looking forward to showing 'Banbury' this weekend. Layout loaded with just the stock and DCC etc to load first thing in the morning. The layouts last show for this year.
  7. Have you got those handpumps working serving the brewery ales yet
  8. I will do nearer the time as recently we have shows that are confirmed, then hear no more or they can't afford us despite no van being required and using local help where we can.
  9. Looking forward to Fort Myers second show this year. Its also attended two Freemo meets in 2019. The layout is now 25 years old in October and no plans to retire it since a partial rebuild a few years ago to make it Freemo compatible. A few new items of rolling stock and older locos with sound decoders recently fitted will make their debut.
  10. The latest two items of rolling stock have been on the weathering workbench. Just a light weathering for these two. These will hopefully see use on the steam specials in a weeks time at the Faversham show. Dapol Easi Shunt couplers have also been fitted. I am hoping to spend some time on the rest of the stock this coming week. This is the last remaining show for the layout this year. A fair few for next year though.
  11. This morning at Waterloo bringing in Steam Dreams Windsor trips with Mayflower at the other end
  12. I have fitted quite a few iPhone speakers now to various locos both UK, Czech and USA outline and now slowly replacing other speakers with these where they fit even replacing some sugar cube ones. I use the iPhone 4 speaker which can be cut down in length and as long as the cut end is resealed I haven't noticed any real sound degradation.
  13. Its been many years since we last visited. I also remember visiting not long after it first opened on a shorter run and the friend i was with had a 'cab' ride. Must get back there.
  14. Paul - any news on the sound decoders? I now have LYD and awaiting LEW but hope to start building Blackmoor Gate very soon with its first show booking for November 2020. Just need to finish the fascia and guttering on the shed before diverting attention to the new layout.
  15. An excellent well stocked shop that we visit each time we visit the town as its enroute between the railway station and The Barrels (A Wye Valley brewery pub)
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