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  1. I sti use the metal clamp that I made on metalwork class over 40 years ago, mainly for holding D connectors whilst soldering wires to them. Today I went up in the loft to fetch the Xmas tree. A found a box of old Hornby stock that had fallen over, so a few of the locos are now getting a bit of a run on the High Line. They have not had a run for over 30 years. City of Bristol was one of my first loco repaint with the lining done by hand. It was also my youngest brothers loco. I have just sent him a photo and he remembered it. Next up is Mallard which was
  2. With the IPA car carriers fitted with resistors and having had many hours run on the High Line test circuit I am now doing the same with the KUA wagons. One is currently having a good run whilst the second one is on the workbench. I have decided to to fit two resistors to each vehicle. The whit line is added to every vehicle on the layout so fitted. This makes it easy to identify which axle is the one that has or should have a resistor incase one falls off.
  3. Seeing NHNs shed, I have been banished to my shed today as my other half has loads of online meetings. Just got told off for going back to the house whilst she is in one of those meetings. So I have been working on the E4 kit, the first kit that I have built in over ten years. Its now running with the bogie and body on after various filing to make clearance for the coupling rods etc. I put an old decoder on it but forgot to check the decoder on the tester and no movement from the loco do that will now have to be removed but with just four wires it's an easy task. Then it will get
  4. I wonder if 60081 ran through Banbury when it was in green. Today this loco has been on the workbench. I forgot that it had a missing axle gear after one split. Luckily I had one spare left so now this loco can pull a train again. I have also taken the opportunity to install the snow Plough cowling. The front one has been fitted as supplied but the rear one has been modified to allow the coupling to pass through. It will get another test on the High Line shed circuit that was installed recently. Also on the workbench are the Revolution IPA car carriers. These are h
  5. Yesterday I managed to do something that will upset a few pannier tank lovers on here. It was a day of knocking things over on the workbench but luckily no liquids psilt. However my N scale pannier tank took a tumble off the program track landing ontop of the DCC commnad station. The fall was no more than a few inches but it broke part of the buffer head. Luckily the tiny errant part was found in the only cluttered bit on the workbench and soon glued back in place. Today it will get a run on the High Line but luckily the perspex will stop any falls from there.
  6. Das it gut. Morgen Ein bier bitte (I can do that up to about 11 in German) Guten tag Thats about all that I can remember from German lessons at school many moons ago but pictures can tell a thousand words. I may have to get volume 1. Aufedesen Mien pet -- err thats more Noewcastle
  7. Perhaps ' go straight to the tea point (and bring back operators drinks)' card Is there a good track plan in the book for Nordhausen?
  8. It reminds me of the blue Wkd drink that a late friends other half used to drink. However this beer was a very nice sour fruited weisse beer from Haarlem in the Netherlands picked up at a local-ish craft beer shop between lockdowns. We caught the train there then walked the 8 or so miles back home carrying that can and others via a number of country pubs on a pleasant late Summers day. Would be a bit muddy to do that now.
  9. No chocolate here. Just beer bonfire and trains in the garden this evening. Yes that is a beer despite being blue.
  10. The loco is 009. The SCL woodchip car is HO scale. I have a few US freight cars siting in a siding on the test circuit.
  11. Good morning Had my first sound fitted Heljan Manning and Wardle running on the High line in the last few days. 'Lew' ran faultlessly for a few hours in both directions apart form the rear pony wheel not turning properly till it was seen to.
  12. Our local squirrel has been busy burying acorns in our lawn form next doors tree. In a few years we will have a forest of oaks
  13. Its wired for DC control aswell.. got out of that one didnt I ... I think
  14. Its a good job that one of our layout operating team isnt on here as that would be very tempting for him. He painted a GWR railcar in NSE colours many years ago. Yesterday I completed the wiring of the N / 009 gauge test circuit. I very carefully ran one of my Heljan L & B locos round it. Not how close it is to the edge of the boards and its a long way down. Luckily after various modifications these locos now stay on the track through the turnouts. The perspex edge protection is now being installed.
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