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  1. I did have a conversation with a friend recently that perhaps we could do the whole layout in black and white as there are no colour photos of the hotel that I am aware of and it needs to be put on the back scene. The big downside would mean repainting the coaches and locos, the lining being the harder bit. There has been some track alteration this morning. The loop had been longer than it should be mainly due to the turnout at the Lynton end should have been close t the baseboard joint hence I moved it to the next board. However after positioning the station approach road and adding the platform / station building base I worked out that the turnout could be moved closer to the correct position so the track was lifted, repositioned rewired and all working again. Took about two hours to do so was worth it. Loco 761 ran fine for a few hours afterwards. More scenic forming has been carried out with offcuts from insulating the shed when it was constructed last year. Once it has set in place I hope to carve it closer to the correct shape then start covering in filler. Work will resume on the building very soon.
  2. Further progress on the layout. the backscene has now been primed and the scenery formation is now underway with the road base installed. Its handy having the large screen to display photos for modelling purposes!
  3. Gordon. Yes , I am pleased with progress at present. Its great to have space to leave the layout set up. The backscene is now on the whole layout so hope to start the scenery very soon. I have fitted the two magnets that I had in my 009 box but now require to order more and fit below the sleepers before I can start ballasting.
  4. The backscene is mow being installed. I hope to complete this tomorrow and get a fiat of white emulsion on it ready for the sky blue. Also more work had been carried out on the JMRI track plan with a few route selection icons added. More to add and I have started to dabble in the automation element of JMRI.
  5. Glad to see the layout is still going out to shows. Hope you have many more. Banbury has just one confirmed and another not yet confirmed for this year.
  6. I found this video of the line. All quite poor quality but considering it was taken 85 years ago its great to see. Despite being in black and white you can tell the coaches are either faded or recently repainted so I will try and recreate this on the model.
  7. Yes very infectious - in my case HOm. This coach is in the process of being weathered. A future layout possibly of Nordhausen station. I would require a lot more locos than the three I currently have to model Wernigerode station. Wernigerode is where we have stayed in the past.
  8. A productive couple of days working on the layout. Wiring is just about complete apart from installing the solenoids and decoders to the fiddleyard turnouts once they arrive in the post. Loconet cabling is in place to the block detection units and the accessory decoder for the scenic turnouts. A slight hiccup with these turnouts last night but all working fine again. The touch screen PC is now linked up and the track plan set up with block sections and the turnouts but still more work to do. So far three locos have been tested on the layout and generally running fine. One thing that I have found out is that the Gaugemaster frog switch units don't like the long frog sections on the curved fiddleyard turnouts combined with the locos, so one has been swapped for a Tam Valley Mono juicer . Now working fine so I need to find another one on Santa / Banbury fiddleyard to swap with the Gaugemaster ones which have worked fine on the extra fiddleyard road on those layouts. This morning a couple of locos spent an hour or two running fine around the layout so now fairly happy with these Heljan locos. A fourth has now had a decoder installed ready for a run tomorrow. One of these will then have the EDM sound decoder fitted.
  9. its 10 days since the last post with a week away in between but the wiring is now nearing completion on all boards with the block detection units wired. Just the solenoids and frogs to the turnouts to be completed. Hopefully it will all be tested tomorrow evening then work can continue on the scenic side. I also have a sound decoder to install in one of the Manning & Wardle locos.
  10. The Bachmann building is (despite being a nice model) about a third underscale as I found out when measuring against the L & B Measured and Drawn book. Also its a smaller structure than those at both Lynton and the station that I am currently building ,Blackmoor.
  11. Model shops in Prague: The one that we tend to use most is Pragomodels, a tiny shop not far from Masarykovo station but has quite a large stock of ready to run and kit / scratch built stock. They don't speak much English but do take credit card. http://www.pragomodel.cz/ Ukalezeleznic is a short tram ride form Wenceslas Square (which isn't a square as such ). A larger shop in a basement down a small flight of stars on a back street but not much English and don't take cards so check for nearby ATM's if you don't want to carry a large amount of cash just on the off chance they something you may want. https://www.ukralezeleznic.cz/ The biggest that we know in Prague is ben Zerba and out at Smichov a tram or Metro ride across the river and very handy for the Staropramen brewery which has a tour and also a bar inside it for visitors. Ben Zerba is up a flight of stairs again not very stand out much like the others so do look on Google street view. This is the biggest of the shops but much more ready to run with other European stuff. They speak good English and take cards. They will blow sound decoders for you if they aren't too busy. We just waited in the brewery for a while!! https://www.ben-zerba.cz/ Modely Biz is one that I haven't been to. its out near the end of a tram route and a Czech railway station of Zlicin but not near the yellow metro line at Zlicin so just be aware when looking on a map. http://www.modely.biz/clanky/prodejna-repy-praha-6/ There are others further out of Prague but that will take a good part of a morning to do each one. Hope this helps
  12. John The main station is good for plenty of international traffic and safe to wander around as is Prague generally. You do get a lot of street people in the park as you approach the station entrance but never had any trouble and we normally stay in a hotel right opposite the station on the corner. Just down the road a few minutes walk is Masarykovo station which is a terminus although not as much traffic as it used to have but is quite an historic building and train shed. If you go out to Liben station on a suburban train (come long distance ones also stop there) you can view the hump yard there. Again not as busy as it used to be. buy 24 hour transport ticket or even longer from the booth once you exit the customs hall at the airport. Machines a the bus stop also sell them if you get there late. these tickets cover buses trams metro and local suburban services but do check the various maps for boundaries. We tend to use the 119 bus from the airport to the green metro line. I will list the model shops later but they generally shut mid day on Saturdays. Got to dash as need to pick other half up at the station. Ian
  13. I still have my first loco albeit Triang back in those days. Only 4 or 5 when I got it. I was hoping to run this Jinty at the Furness show last October but couldn't find the original wheels (as many years ago I fitted Romford wheels) so that I could run it on our friends Triang layout. The year before I found the wheels but not the loco. I wont be getting rid of it anytime soon.
  14. Finally found the photo of the current state of the layout. The fiddleyard has also been designed for future N scale layouts
  15. Up early this morning to lay more track in the fiddleyard. There is now a complete circuit in place and all turnouts laid. Just the remaining fiddleyard roads ot lay then wiring will commence. Quite pleased to be at this stage one month after commencing the project but just 11 months left to complete everything. I was hoping ot upload a photo but for soem reason Dropbox hasnt synched the camera that I was using. in the shed.
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