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  1. Southport on 3rd September. I probably travelled on this ex 319 many a time in and out of London.
  2. Now back home so a little bit of work on the new UP loco. The steps have had the edges painted white using a fine paint pen. The couplings have been swapped for Microtrains ones and the wheel sides painted. The loco will get a very light weathering on the chassis and roof but it's too nice to do any heavier weathering.
  3. We had a good day operating Santa Barbara today. Even had a couple come all the way from Milton Keynes to see the layout. They also made a weekend of it staying in Southport. My other half also got UP 1111 for a very good price. I borrowed a decoder from another loco so we could run it. Good to see numerous fellow modellers who we haven't seen for two years.
  4. This morning I decided to try and add a driver to the truck in the previous post. However on taking the cab apart I found that this Concor truck has a solid glazing blow. So now the driver is seen after getting out of the cab to have a closer look. I also decided to add drivers to a couple of cars on State Street. These were much easier to fit as the cars come apart much easier and have interiors. What I didn't realise is that the front bumper on the pickup is missing. However the normal viewpoint most won't see that.
  5. Theres a fair few similar to that one but with much better brews. Victory Brewing used to have a trailer with taps on the side parked in Battery Park in NYC in the Summer. Central Coast Brewing in San Luis Obispo, CA had one although it wasn't in use when I saw it as was parked up at the brewery on our visit back in 2010.
  6. I have a DR5000 for use on my high level test tracks around the shed. I have the Digitrax Loconet plugged into it to operate one Digitrax DS64 accessory decoder for the turnouts and two UP5 panels where the Digitrax throttles can be plugged in around the shed. It generally works fine but occassinoally the DR5000 will lock up and so I have to power it off to stop a train that is already running. I think that this mainly occurs (but not always) when I turn on the connected computer after switching on the DR5000. I use the Computer for running JMRI panels which shows the track plan and allows control of the turnouts. I also have a Roco Mutimaus controller that I can plug into the Lenz Express net socket on the DR5000. If you program and loco decoder address over 99 as a 2 digit address then the DR5000 doesn't see them which I gather is the same with Lenz systems?(I dont have much knowledge of the Lenz system being a Digitrax user for many years so others may know more about this) I have since programmed any such locos as a long (4 digit) address through JMRI and they now work fine on the DR5000. I am generally happy with it apart from the occasional locking up. For my exhibition layouts I use the Digitrax DCS100 command station.
  7. Good BH Sunday morning. After a good day out yesterday I have this morning to work on the layout. The backscene now has the highway 101 Bridge over State Street fixed in place. It couhavr done with a bit of brightening up the palm trees but even with colour fixer applied it will probably fade a little anyway. There are a few more pedestrians added to the sidewalk. There are also a few other figures added including one dubious female.
  8. Where is Amtrak Coast Starlight? Should have been here by now.
  9. After many years I have finally managed to find a suitable photo that I took from the upoer deck of an Amtrak service as it crossed State Street into the station, that after a few adjustments on Photoshop just about fits the road where it meets the backscene. This photo shows the bridge that Highway 101 passes over State Street. It's actually more the case of State Street burrowing under thr freeway. I remember back in 1989 when this was done on the level and it took ages for the lights to change to allow pedestrians to cross. The photo shows the draft print which will now be replaced with a higher quality one.
  10. With not long to go before the Liverpool show today was a good time to get on with replacing the backscene with printouts that I produced over three years ago. I suppose its a good test that they haven't faded at all being printed with a colour laser printer on goid quality paper. Also a small area of platform had started to lift so the styrene was cut out and replaced. After 12 years since the layout was built its lasted well, so no surprise that a few small areas have required attention.
  11. We are hoping to run one day at the show with more modern UP and another day with older SP / UP merger locos. Even have an Amtrak phase 3 rake for the Coast Starlight and for the push Pull San Diegan services.
  12. I wish that I could find a decent shot of the coal store area at Blackmoor.
  13. Luckily there aren't that many magnets. However I haven't seen any photos of people or animals in the yard, so I guess it just wasn't very busy.
  14. It's an old Chivers kit slightly modified to suit the one at Blackmoor
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