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  1. A couple more coaches ha e had the roofs painted. He off white one is fresh out of the works at Pilton but the other ones roof has faded as per the prototypes as the white lead paint used on the roof faded to grey fairly quickly. This can be seen in some of the photos of the trains in various books.
  2. Today the crane is a little bit closer to completion. All decals are now on and the hook and chain fitted. Just the ropes to support the job are remaining. Also the last wagon required to complete the full roster on the line has been started. It's a Langley kit but I will use Chivers bogies that I have had in the 009 box for many years. Lastly the long board has been painted.
  3. All third coach has had its roof resprayed an off white, a lighter shade than the other coaches to represent one that had the white lead paint reapplied not too long ago. It's quite noticeable in sone old photos how much the coach roofs varied in one train with some even quite abviously patched. I hope to represent some like that. I am having trouble sourcing the correct smoking and no smoking window stickers as in 1930 they weren't the red or green type that are available. Maybe I am not looking in the right place. EDIT- that coach roof is far more weathered than the photo sh
  4. These can be handy if the longer shanks are drilled and screwed / wire tabs to the stub of an older moulded on tension lock coupler after the coupling bit has been chopped off. I have been doing this very recently with some of my Hornby bubble car chassis. I also did the same with the Bachamnn Bullied coaches many years ago by drilling through the non standard height NEM boxes.
  5. My one came ready assembled 2nd hand from Pragomodels in Prague a few years back after seeing one at Dobris so it was required when I built the layout. I haven't blanked out the windows. There do seem to have been many variations on the windows. Unfortunately I don't have a good shot of the model on the layout
  6. It was an isolated short section of track where the crane sat for virtually its entirety on the L and B. The shed does look a good match.
  7. Paul, are you having an isolated section of track in the goods yard? Unlike the first one that I built many years ago the second crane has positionable outriggers so it could pay a visit to your yard at some point if we are at the same show. The rigging still needs to be added.
  8. Crane number 2 now well underway. It's taken most of the day to assemble the trucks and top section of the crane but not a lot more to do other than add the outriggers before painting.
  9. Is htis the one that attended the Beckenham show some years ago? It was a lovely model and after building a model of the same station back in 1980 as my first exhibition layout although nothing to the quality of the one that I saw at Beckenham.
  10. After various comments elsewhere I have now built a longer surfboard. It will be a timber colour based on photos from the 1930's. Also the crane has had a coat of light grey before fixing the decals of. The coach is the one that had a few compartments converted to first class. This alteration was carried out by a fellow modelling but has just received a few more upgrades including the cantrail being painted to match the bodywork.
  11. There is also room to extend the station building
  12. Very sad news to hear about Geoff. We attended quite a few of the Trainwest shows that he organised over the years with various layouts. All the shows were very enjoyable and busy. RIP Geoff.
  13. Currently the signals are being worked on. The last two have just had the lamps fitted after drilling out to take a prewired SMLED with the wires fed down the lattice posts. Also the ladders have been soldered together. Each rung is a separate piece of brass wire so they are quite laborious to do but at least the last one now just requires the ends filing then cutting to length. The remaining section will hopefully fit onto the water tower. The decals produced by Custom Model Decals for the two cranes have arrived. One has been made up for many years but the second one is stil
  14. Thanks Paul. It is very close to scale. At one point the passing loop was too long but after rechecking measurements is now about the right length.
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