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  1. I converted my large scale freight cars many years ago. I cant now remember where the Kadees came from in the UK but some may well have been from the place at Princes Risborough and also from here http://www.chalkgardenrail.co.uk/. Although I guess that you will probably already know these. Just about to start lifting a section of the G gauge to extend the patio then relay it afterwards.
  2. roundhouse

    Panic buying

    Our skips in the car park are being emptied. Guess which one was fullest - the one full to the brim with wine bottles! Never seen it like that in the years that we have been going there. On another note I felt really guilty today walking out of the supermarket with 6 food bags between me and my other half. However most are for Mum as shes confined to her home so cant go shopping and cant get deliveries even as a vulnerable person as they tell her that she doesnt meet the guidlines despite being 87. Her food supplies have been getting very low hence a large shopping list. Luckily got most things but no flower or eggs. I did get the 6 easter eggs that she wants for an ex nieghbours kids. The ex anighbour has also been helping to get Mum items that I haven't been able to get. Managed to get real eggs from a nearby corner shop.
  3. Morning Been raining here aswell or at least it was at 4.30 when I went to the shed. Painted some 4mm doors and shutters in SR green. I have found at least two tins of it after ordering it from precision last week so Micks (NB) post is very apt. Plans for today include trying to get some face masks from our corner shop that was advertising them a few days ago then drop them through next doors letterbox so that he and his daughter can wear them when she takes him to hospital tomorrow re his cancer. The this afternoon its our weekly food queuing at Sainsburys for both us and Mum. In the meantime more work on the new high level line as I have found some old SEEP solenoids to fit. I also have a Nimrod kit to carry on building.
  4. Stick together??? Thought we were meant to be staying away from each other..... Hat coat...
  5. A bit lore progress in recent days despite being side tracked building a high levrl test circuit in the shed. I have now commenced the bedrooms in the upper level of the station building. It's a bit of guess work together with using drawings for Lynton Station. However colours and furniture is just pure guesswork. Water using resin has bern added to the water tank. Also the store next to the Stables is more guessing as I have yet to find any photos or pland of this so have based it on the stores that used yo stand next to the station building but we're demolished prior to 1930. Lastly the lamp store is the second casting from the mould and just requires the doors painting prior to adding signage. This leaves just one more building to be started. That's the coal office and store attached to the stables.
  6. Just had a chat over the fence (plus well over 2m). Shes OK but hes got cancer and she broke down in tears so couldn't make out the details but its sounds bad. They were both chain smokers but thats probably why I haven't seen him of late hanging out of the patio doors. His daughter is taking him to the hospital next week for further prognosis. Shes on forced leave from one of the airlines so has the time but does mean social distancing cant be maintained for that trip. no time is good for finding out you have cancer but especially in the current situation. I have offered to do what I can for them if they need anything. Luckily their daughter lives not far away. Otherwise, what a glorious day with the shed windows open two live railcams on and five locos ticking over on the new high level line that is now working along one side of the shed. The first loco to run was a Florida east Coast loco that was repainted detailed and weathered by our late friend who also passed away from cancer. I wonder what further restrictions will be put in place due to people being out and about on such a nice weekend. Tomorrow we do our weekly shop for us . mum and two nephews who have self isolated for 14 days at Mums so can now mix with her but they cant go out for shopping. Anyway its beer o'clock and just finishing off the last beers that we got from Westerham brewery before the lockdown. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon.
  7. Unfortunately most modern phones you cant but I did put it in flight mode which in theory stops any transmission. Morning all. Slept well to start with but been awake since 01.30. Might go up the shed for a while and power up the new high level test track that I wired up yesterday afternoon after safely getting home without any questioning. Made it to the only pub in the area that is still open, just take home beer , so a four pint container of Pilgrim Brewery Surrey ale from the cask obtained and went down well in the afternoon. Long queues for Sainsburys, Boots the chemist, M & S food hall etc but fine in Poundland and local corner shops where we managed to find eggs which we have not been able to get in Sainsburys for many weeks but might just be bad timing. Our local corner shop doenst sell eggs but does have milk and frozen foods plus is a sub post office so my first resin castings of a couple of Lynton & Barnstaple railway small structures posted to a fellow rmwebber. Looking forward to another sunny day in the garden with both TV screens in the shed (linked to old / cheap PC's) showing live railcams with Santa Fe junction, Kansas City and Elkhart Indiana been current favourite ones. Much better than having the news on these days.
  8. Just heard the above - completely agree with your comments
  9. Good morning form a misty one here in the South East. Just been listneing to the news of reports that Police have been questioning why people have bene buying Easter eggs - I hope this isnt going to be the new normal so that we have to sneak certain goods out of shops. The regular 'stay in except for...' speeches by the Govt. appear to have dropped helping vulnerable people so I hope that doesn't mean that I cant do food shopping for Mum and take it the 8 miles to her in the car. We havent left the house at all since last Tuesday, so today we will be doing a long walk ( approx 3 - 4 miles round trip) for exercise and food shopping on the way back. If we get stopped then we will not be happy if told that we cant go for a long walk. We will be switching our mobiles off before we leave the house now that [email protected]@gle have publicly stated that they will be making such data available (the Govt have been using data from 02 sim cards for a while). I suspect that many others will be doing the same. At least we have a garden and I have plenty to keep me occupied but it is starting to get hard to not be travelling somewhere but I feel for those couped up inside with no garden and even more to those in the NHS etc having to deal with so many unwell people. EDIT Just spoken to Mum. Shes 87 but apparently not eligible for home dleivery as the illnesses she has dont count as vulnerable by Waitrose. So she is now trying to get hold of other stores - all very misleading.
  10. In the Barrels by any chance? Wholesome Stout is one of our favourites and we try to visit the barrels at least once a year.
  11. Afternoon from a now sunny Surrey. Been busy laying track on the new high level test circuit. Just one side of the shed in place ill the timber is delivered in just over a weeks time. Cant wait to start running stuff that hasnt had much use in some years and other items that dont look as if they will get much use this year. I suspect that there are quite a few of us missing shows and apres beer afterwards but best we get rid of this virus first. Anyway time to crack ope another Wye valley Wholesome stout.
  12. That's a long way from Leeds!
  13. Morning all. Just spoken to Mum. Nephews are going to try and set mum up for home deliveries. She is running low on cash to pay people who have bene getting food for her. She has online banking but only I know how to use it although I can only do so when she enters her pin number in the card reader. With not being able to go in her house I cant do it for her at present. With the latest tlak of us all having to wear masks I ownder where they will all come from as theres a shortage for NHS and other carers let alone 60 million plus people. Anyway its photo scannnig this morning and also trying to do a factory reset on a PC to create more psace for recent updates that it cant do as the 32GB SSD is pretty much full up and even with a 62GB USB stick it still cant do the updates.
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