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  1. Wagons arrived! Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Kernow had a few apparently so ordered x2, The website for the other place was down.
  3. Certainly looks smarter than my own attempts
  4. Today's purchases. Modern Warwell and Land Rover 1 Tonne Ambulance.
  5. Not forgotten about the layout, since the old one has now been disassembled I currently planning a new diorama/smaller layout using AnyRail software. Plus a visit to Hatton's tomorrow!
  6. A mate of mine who does graphic design.
  7. They would be perfect for my planned layout.
  8. This has caught my eye. It would do rather nicely!
  9. Very interested in the Army/MOD one
  10. I have used S&S FV432s for my military layout with no issue.
  11. It was a shame Oxford never did the 4-Tonner tbh, but I managed to get a fair few JB models kits before the got rare.
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