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  1. Once again this project is on the back-burner whilst we wait for the new buildings to be completed and we are sure of what space is available to us. But, in the meantime we are busy with a new project - A P4 model of the "New Kilns", workshops, and drift entrance at Rosedale East Mines, for the "Land of Iron" Project. Personally, myself and a colleague are constructing an 8 X 4 Hornby Dublo 3-rail layout to display at our annual show on the 3/4 of August. Howard Wilson
  2. Hi John, Thanks for the swift reply. I seem to recall that early Trix-Twin Locos ran on A C current before changing to the more common D C. How do I tell which my loco is designed for? Regards Howard Wilson
  3. Hi All, Myself and a friend are currently building a H.D. 3-Rail layout and have been given a Trix-Twin Britannia Loco. Will it run on H.D. 3-Rail Track? Regards Howard Wilson (Cleveland Model Railway Club)
  4. Hi All, I have recently been gifted a Trix-Twin "Britannia Loco. Can it be configured to run on Hornby Dublo 3-Rail Track? Regards Howard Wilson Cleveland Model Railway Club
  5. Hi all, My self and a friend at Cleveland Model Railway Club have decided to resurrect our H D 3-rail model railway. We have constructed a 8 x 4 ft board in two parts. The trackplan will basically be two loops with sidings off the inner one. What is the best way to get power connections across the board joint? Or is it better to have multiple supplies to each loop so all the track is powered? Regards Howard
  6. Hi All, as part of a project to build a Hornby Dublo 3-rail layout I have recently been given a c.1939 S.R. open wagon No 19260. The body is in V.G. condition and the chassis is good. Unfortunately it has no wheels or couplings. The method of fitting wheels is not one I am familiar with. Has anyone got one of these open wagons and could post a picture? Also what type of couplings were used. Regards Howard Wilson - Cleveland Model Railway Club.
  7. Hi All, Myself and a friend a Cleveland Model Railway Club are putting together a Hornby Dublo layout on a 8X4 board. Most of our stock ,including locos, is 50-60 years old. As a consequence the loco magnets are losing their power. Where is the best place to get then re-magnetised. Regards Howard Wilson
  8. Hi All, has anyone any early maps, plans or photos of Redcar Central Station which they are willing to share. They are for a Cleveland Model Railway Club project. Thanks Howard Wilson
  9. Hi,I don`t know the period but assume they will be regenerating the existing buildings. Howard
  10. Hi All, Our local Council (Redcar and Cleveland) has an ambitious plan to regenerate Redcar Central Station and has asked Cleveland Model Railway Club for help. Does anyone have any maps, plans, photos that may help or know where we might find some? Regards Howard.
  11. Mystery Poster Solved Hi All; Many thanks for your thoughts, comments, and suggestions. Following from an enquiry to the N.R.M. "Search Engine" they have responded as follows. old railway poster-solved.docxold railway poster-solved.docxDear Mr Wilson. Thank you for your enquiry to Search Engine. The poster is definitely railway related. The image shows an InterCity Pullman stewardess, the poster is advertising on board services for InterCity Pullman. We do have the uniform in our collection but unfortunately we do not hold a copy of the poster. They have dated it c.1994 Please see attached file for photos and description Regards Howard Wilson
  12. Hi Guys, many thanks for your replies and thoughts. Down near the bottom does it say Darlington to? Any one know of any service from Darlington to ? or was it just that the nearest main line station to Redcar was Darlington? Regards Howard Wilson C.M.R.C.
  13. Hi All, A mystery poster has been revealed on a shop wall in Redcar, n.yorks. It could possibly be railway related (Tyne Tees Pullman - "Hadrians Bar"? This link will take you to it - http://www.hidden-teesside.co.uk/2016/02/28/old-posters-ghostsigns-lobster-hotel-redcar/#comments. Can anyone confirm or deny a railway connection? Regards Howard Wilson
  14. Hi All, I recently picked up a Lima Class 20 (No 8000) for a song. The only problem with it is that it has been converted to EM gauge. Does any one know where I can get wheels to put it back to 00 gauge. I have tried reducing back to backs but the wheels foul the inner frame. Full size wheels are 3`-7" diam. Regards Howard Wilson
  15. Hi all, I`ve just converted a smokey joe loco as per the article in Railway modeller of a couple of months ago. also scratch built a coal truck to go with it. The loco runs at suicidal speed and is difficult to get it to run slowly. Has anyone retro fitted another motor/drive and achieved reliable slow running? Regards Howard
  16. Cheers I will give it a try Howard
  17. Hi all, I recently purchased a few of the origional Hornby 00 3-rail wagons which I would like to convert to 2-rail. The axle retaining clips do not suit the fitting of modern pin-point bearings. Does anyone know of a supplier of Wheel/axle sets which would suit? Regards Howard
  18. Sorry the link doesn`t work - try searching for rosedale railway. Howard
  19. Hi, you might find some useful information from this web-site. Its mostly about the incline but there are bits re Blakey Junction and traffic workings etc. http://www.rosedalerailway.org/index.html Regards Howard Wilson
  20. Yes it is Kilton Viaduct which was filled in in 1912/13. Thanks for the idea - will try it out., Another bit of news - we have just received a "Templot" of the two roads leading in to the mine and the start of the fan of pit yard sidings. So its now down to hand building of turnouts. S**s law says no two are the same!!! Howard Wilson CMRC
  21. Hi All, The project has been on the back burner for some time due to other commitments - but it is now up and running again. We have started on the first board - the one housing Overmans Cottages (Scratch built following photographing, brick counting and measuring) Fortunately we know someone who currently lives in one and he gave us access. We are now starting on the viaduct - the biggest pier of which will be 600mm tall. We have experimented with a wooden former covered in dass with individual blocks scribed on. This is time consuming to save the least and we have had problems with the dass shrinking whilst drying. Does anyone know of an off-the-shelf plastic embossed product we can use? The scale size of the individual blocks is 10 mm x 5 mm. We would either fix it directly to to former or use it to produce a plaster of paris mould to roll the dass onto. Regards Howard Wilson CMRC
  22. Hi All, A member of our club- Cleveland Model Railway Club @ Skelton is planning to build {in N scale} a model of the line from Thornaby old station to Newport Junction including the Erimus Hotel. Has anyone out there any drawings, photos etc which may help? or could point us in the right direction to look. Regards Howard Wilson
  23. Hi all, Cleveland Model Railway Club [CMRC} has been commissioned by Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museun {CIMM} to build a working model of Loftus ironstone mine and the zig-zag railway which served the mine and others in the vicinity. The time of the model will be 1910, before the viaduct was filled in due to substenance. The line drops approx 150 ft via two reversing necks to the valley floor with gradients up to 1:33. We are currently researching the line and collecting old photos, plans, drawings etc. If anyone has any information which may help us complete this projejct we would be extreemly gratefull for it. We would of course acknowledge the source. Regards Howard Wilson CMRC
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