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  1. FWIW the umber shade on the Bachmann Mk1 Pullmans is far lighter than the Southern Pride ones (I completed a rake just as the Bacchy ones were announced!), so it does make you wonder what the right answer really is. Hi John, Quite right, the Hornby and Bachmann umbers don't match either. Very annoying as you need to use Hornby brakes with Bachmann Mk1 Pullmans unless you are running a later period when I believe standard Mk1 brakes were used. Repainting for me is not an option with all that delicate lining. One solution is to use Precision Labels overlays. They do the umber for Pullmans. You have the choice of overlays for the Bachmann Pullmans to match the Hornby umber but you can also choose overlays for the Hornby brakes to match the Bachmann. I preferred to match the Hornby umber which I think is closer to the actual colour - at least that's how I remember it. You can choose any car number/name - they don't even need to be authentic names! The link I used is "www.precisionlabels.com/sl20.html" for the Pullman overlays. I found their service very quick. Keith
  2. How about trying hot air from a hair dryer, heating the plastic up gently rather than a dunk in boiling water?

    1. M.I.B


      I saw this from the corner of my eye and flinched.


      I did this with a hair dryer on  a brand new Hornby Hall body last week.  By the time I noticed the cab steps were looking "soft", it was too late - the cab itself had already absorbed too much heat and even after the dryer was off, it continued to morph.


      I would stick well clear of hot air hair dryers or heat guns.

    2. richard i

      richard i

      Plan c.  Thanks for the heads up. 


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