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  1. My uncle spent WW 2 in the RAF Regiment, guarding a base at Lytham St. Anne's! Malcolm
  2. Referring back to the discussion on page 39 concerning P D Hancock's K's kits and equipment and in particular the J72. A replacement loco was found which had the same chassis and motor and the parts were duly swapped over. Seen in photo below passing Dundreich on a short pick up goods NER No. 2187 is again a working Craigshire loco after sitting on the cripple road for at least 33 years! Malcolm NER No.2187 Nov 2020 by Malcolm MacLeod, on Flickr
  3. You are correct David there was one on the Craig and Mertonford called 'Ian'. The body is a commercial 3.5mm scale casting of a GWR ‘1101’ class dock shunter which was produced for the toy market in the late 1940’s / early 1950’s by Richard Kohnstram under his “Moko” label. PD undertook his conversion in 1949/50 and details can be found in MRN Jun 1952 pages114 to 117 and Narrow Gauge Adventure pages 64/5 & 68/9/70. On p107 of the RM for May 1954 we learn that “Ian” has met with an accident having plunged a scale 300 feet onto the floor. “Ian’s” woes continued because on p254 of the
  4. Copped them all at one time or another at Craigentinny! Some look a bit cleaner than I remember them but that said we are talking 55 to 65 years ago and my memory may faulty . Lovely photos. Malcolm
  5. Rather odd design of corner Windows. Anyone any idea why they were designed that way? Malcolm
  6. Jeremy If you could scan and send that would be great and save me some hassle. Thanks Malcolm
  7. Nick. Thank you for that. I've arranged to get into the club room later this week. I have feeling there may be a copy of Iain Smith's book in there. Thanks to all of you another item can be properly catalogued in the collection. Malcolm
  8. I think we may be getting close to an answer. PDH had some NBR coaches built for him by D C Lawrence and painted by Larry Goddard which used zinc sides manufactured by Trevor Charlton. Where these coaches are now I have no idea but they were to different NBR diagrams. I did not say anything in my first e-mail but my first thoughts were that the metal is zinc. You will also notice that one of the coach sides has three raised cream coloured lines. These are actually some form of fine sticky tape or transfer and my thoughts are that it was a start at panelling the lower part of the coach
  9. There is a firm of that name in Kirkbymoorside which dates from 1964. Maybe they did model railway work in the past for some of the cottage industry model railway manufacturers. Malcolm
  10. Paul Not entirely sure. I am puzzled partly because I think the panelling and windows are etched but would the etching process not remove the finish on the back of the metal as well? Regret I do not know enough about the etching process to give a definitive answer. Malcolm
  11. I am trying to identify the metal coach kit parts in the attached photographs. They appear to have been cut out of a sheet of metal which has the legend MICRO-METAL and what looks like a dragon or similar animal logo on the rear. They are part of the P D Hancock collection so could date back to the 1950's but I think they may be later. I have as usual tried Google and searching this forum without success. Any help appreciated. Malcolm IMG_3476 by Malcolm MacLeod, on Flickr IMG_3477 by Malcolm MacLeod, on Flickr IMG_3480 by Malcolm MacLeod, on Flickr
  12. Definitely look at the photos. 'Mons' had differently shaped rear steps on the frames either side of the tender! Malcolm
  13. Jim You must be lucky dodging all the bad weather at the moment. Malcolm
  14. If my memory serves me correctly they carried an essential Ingredient for whisky! Malcolm
  15. The answer, at least in so far as the GNSR card coach sides used by P D Hancock in his first Craig and Mertonford coach are concerned, is yes. Malcolm
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