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  1. Had email advising Power cars and coaches despatched for delivery tues 25th by DHL
  2. Just received invoices for coaches & power cars
  3. I found a video of loco running on preserved railway and managed to pause with side shot, plus photos,I imagine there are full drawings about,I am OK with my attempt, though if you shorten knobs so not so much protrudes into cab helps
  4. Have used Slaters short handrail knobs, made up off loco with solder and then fitted,happy with result
  5. The Fox plates only come with one crest even though there are two on model and 2 on real loco, would be a bit worried trying to remove printed ones without damaging paint, will leave it for now
  6. I recently purchased Fox etched plates for Defiance,and it seems the printed Heljan plate is either too big or the Fox nameplate is too small, does anyone know if Defiance plates were different size when repainted to R/freight livery Thanks
  7. Have used them a few times when down sizing my collection,Sophie very knowledgable and professional and good pricing
  8. Hi Jason Same here, very strange , thought just seen that! Roger
  9. Class 67 in O gauge, will alter heading, thanks
  10. I have obtained one of these kits that has been started to a fairly good standard, has anyone built one of these, and if so would they have any photos of build just really need body/chassis,bogies have been done and running well Thanks in advance
  11. Headcode 34 was for up services empty stock to wimbledon park depot or ex Eastleigh works
  12. Does anyone know if you can download instruction leaflet for class 52's,as no joy on Heljan site,or may if you could scan and post if possible thanks
  13. Used them about a year ago,waited ages,no reply to any email or calls,after about 3 months paypal refunded as they could not contact,then about a month later just turns up,just book in envelope
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