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  1. The Midland borrowed M&GN tank loco(s) for a while, operating the Wirksworth branch IIRC - not sure if they ever got to Derby on a regular basis. I think the furthest west that proper M&GN trains got on a regular basis was Nottingham. I think some S&DJR locos were built at Derby, so would be seen there - if only briefly.
  2. Not if the 40-odd pages on the Rails Terrier and the ones on the Hornby Terrier topics are anything to go by
  3. The obsession with getting things absolutely right is very unhealthy IMHO. Much safer to model a line for which you can become the only real expert. The Hull & Barnsley is probably getting close - Lancashire Derbyshire & East Coast or some other obscure line that almost no one has even heard of might be even safer. Or some obscure Siberian line in the 1950s when anyone taking photos or information might not live to tell the tale, even if they could ever get that close?
  4. Thanks, that makes the photos much easier to understand.
  5. Could you publish a track diagram or scale plan of the layout please?
  6. Bute Road/Cardiff Bay is another one - been continuously in a derelict state for many years
  7. Liverpool Central was being demolished around the last train services
  8. Orion


    2 different bridge designs might be interesting and appropriate. The siding could be an original, rickety wooden or iron bridge and the main line upgraded at some point to steel girders.
  9. Her's an interesting bit of pointwork from Sweden. I thought single blade turnouts went out with the Ark, but this one was in existence between the wars. No exact date though.
  10. The Nucast kit is available again from South East Finecast and Branchlines. Might be a better bet.
  11. We should consider ourselves lucky they weren't based on this one
  12. Sorry, its a foreign one! Brand new Standard Pullman trolleybus bodies for Chile on temporary bogies
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