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  1. the 26s were the same - operated at the opposite end, whereas the 27s operated at that end! English Electrics (37/20) always operated at the opposite end although I can't remember is the 40s did - too long ago! I think they did though.
  2. When I worked at Eastfield in the late 70s none of the locos had a single switch that operated both tail lights simultaneously - the rules required only one to be lit at a time (with one notable exception...) and it was very rare to see both on All the locos I worked on (08, 20, 25, 26, 27, 37) had a switch for each tail light. Only the 47 differed in having a two position throw switch that operated one or the other, as shown in the photo. This actually caused a problem when they introduced class 47/7s on the E&G as the exception mentioned earlier was the E&G push-pulls, where the requirement was for both tail lams to be switched on, easy to do on a 27. Unfortunately the 47/7s couldn't do this and, until they were rewired, the loco, when trailing (almost always from Edinburgh to Glasgow, thanks to another wee rule concerning Cowlairs Tunnel), had to have an oil tail lamp on the lamp iron as well as the (one) electric tail light switch on. Hope this helps Paul
  3. thanks guys. I intend to model it as 77206, a photograph of which is in existence of it on the West Highland Line in 1944. You can't really see the cab side numbers as the loco looks filthy but the buffer beam number is pretty much visible and looks about the same dimension-wise as the ones on the Bachmann loco Thanks Paul
  4. I have a War Department green Bachmann WD 2-8-0, with yellow War Department cab side and buffer beam numbers which I wish to renumber. I can't seem to locate any replacements, can anyone suggest anything that might do? Thanks Paul
  5. https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/icm-148-heinkel-he-111h-3/
  6. Does anyone happen to know where I could obtain, or even commission, decals for a Nu-Cast Sentinel railcar? Thanks Paul
  7. I managed to get one online today, it apparently has full instructions. If so I'll happily send a copy when it arrives Paul
  8. Hi Stephen, I think you're right. Just need to get some way of recreating the lettering now! Thanks Paul
  9. Spoke to my 98 year old father who lived in Darngavil village, now long since obliterated. He remembers the wagons and worked in the pits in the area. He reckons they were red. Paul
  10. Hi Folks I am trying to model some private owner wagons owned by the Darngavil Coal Company (a Scottish company from the 18th-20th century). I have managed to find some HMRS images but don't know the colour of the wagons. Anyone able to help? Thanks Paul
  11. the Glasgow coaches were removed at Cowlairs (78-81). The train ran into the passenger loop at Cowlairs and the rear coaches, for Euston, were uncoupled. The rest of the train ran forward down the bank to Queen St and terminated there. A light loco ran over from Eastfield to the west end of Cowlairs loop, ran back and tied onto the Euston coaches then propelled back to Eastfield loop. It then went to Mossend via Springburn and Coatbridge Central where it combined with the coaches from Inverness. Paul
  12. If posted before please ignore and forgive me... Bachmann 45041 Royal Tank Regiment - the new version: DCC Ready £119.95 https://railsofsheffield.com/products/38588/Bachmann-32-685sd-oo-gauge-class-45-0-no-45041-royal-tank-regiment-br-blue-diesel-locomotive-regional-exclusive-?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxcK3ne_x8AIVDO7mCh3p2AYbEAQYAiABEgKStPD_BwE DCC Sound fitted £179.95 https://railsofsheffield.com/products/38589/Bachmann-32-685sdsf-oo-gauge-class-45-0-no-45041-royal-tank-regiment-br-blue-diesel-locomotive-dcc-sound-regional-exclusive- Hope there's no glaring errors in the model as I bought a sound one when I saw the price! Paul
  13. are those available to buy? Paul
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