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  1. This sounds interesting - my mother in law lives in Wainfleet now...
  2. Those mill buildings are just jaw-dropping - brilliant work sir!
  3. I really miss Healey Mills. Coming from Huddersfield you had the spoil heaps at Caphouse Colliery and then coming down the hill, the mighty lighting towers at Healey Mills. Amazingly, after being used to seeing them towering over the landscape for so long, it's only recently I'd realised that they're not there any more! Looking forward to seeing this come alive
  4. Go for castle ruins ! I've been away for a while and came into this wondering how your shed was going, but find you've expanded! I absolutely loved reading about your garage conversion - it looks superb.
  5. When you say Huddersfield, do you mean the MASSIVE warehouse opposite the station?
  6. Fantastic work Simon - I'm going to have to backtrack and catch up with this thread.
  7. I bought one a couple of weeks ago to replace the naff, underpowered and pretty useless homemade fly swatter version I had and I must say, I'm getting great results with it
  8. Nothing layout- related, but again thought I'd share some photos of another project I'm working on for someone else: This is the North tunnel portal at the long-gone site of Denholm station on the Queensbury line. Tunnel portal carved from foamex as my usual standard, and hillsides comprise of carved 50mm insulation foam (rocks carved from smaller pieces) and then covered in various scatters and static grasses. The build of the tunnel portal itself took a couple of weeks on and off and the hillside structure took about the same, but the scenics took about 3 hours all told. Just shows what you can achieve when you put a shift in. Only got the South Portal to set into the landscape an then this little beauty can be despatched (although I'll be sad to see it go)
  9. The Cabin has gone? That is scandalous! Replaced with an off the shelf, sterile-looking portacabin too
  10. Like others on here, I've been a bit late to the news of Allan's sad passing. I've not been around on here for a couple of months and found out belatedly, on facebook of all places. It's been wonderful reading back all the lovely memories of Allan and his inspiration to many. He was the closest thing we had to a Rock Star in the world of modelling and I'm sure everyone he conversed with and offered words of conversation felt incredibly blessed. This thread is a treasure trove of modelling knowledge and it's a testament to his skill and his character that he chose to share it all with us. Farewell Mr Downes, you will be sadly missed, but your Legacy will live on, Lee
  11. Wow! Just thought I'd check in as I haven't looked at RMWeb for months and as this is the thread I always go to first, I am left in shock! Wishing you all the best with your family and future endeavours I haven't touched my own layout in over a year (I've actually been too occupied making models for someone else, so the modelling mojo hasn't entirely gone) I keep wondering if I should just dismantle what I've done and get the garage back. I started building it for my son when he was four. He's just turned 11 and I still haven't got the trains running.
  12. I remember that shop well. It was a sad day when they closed. They blamed the Internet and high overheads. Even before I rediscovered railway modelling, I used to get all my airfix kits there. I also once walked home as a kid though not as far (5miles) thinking my parents wouldn't even notice i was late
  13. You're a star! Could not see the wood for the trees - I DO have this book, but was so preoccupied in looking for Denholme (which I'm modelling) that I completely missed the two shots of Cullingworth. They're not too clear, but they are clear enough to answer the query I had about the office building. I could still do with any reference shots of the loading side if anyone has or knows of any though Lee
  14. Bit of a wild shot here, but has anyone got any photos of the old Goods Sheds at either, Denholme, Ingrow East or Cullingworth, or failing that, does anyone live anywhere near Cullingworth that may have, or may go take a picture of the Great Northern Trail info board that shows a pre-demolition photo of the Cullingworth Shed? Many thanks in advance
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