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  1. Just a final push for the N Gauge Forum Virtual Show starting Friday 16th July at 19-00 hours. runs until 22-00 hrs on Monday 19th July. 30 layouts Fascinating Interviews with Steve Flint and Tim Dunn How To and Demonstration Videos Latest News from Revolution Trains special Features Trade Advertisers A pre-recorded show which you can access 24 hours per day allowing you to watch what you want when you want. access the show (which has previews until 15-00 hrs on Friday) at : Or www.ngfshow21.weebly.com or visit the show Facebook Page at NGFSHOW21
  2. NGF VIRTUAL MODEL RAILWAY SHOW Here’s a link to our show trailer : https://youtu.be/LVq9-NsGP7M
  3. N Gauge Forum Virtual Show 19-00 hrs Friday 16th July to 22.00 hrs Monday 19th July. A pre-recorded show allowing you to access it whenever you wish during the show opening times. Choose what you watch and when you watch. Accessible via : www.ngfshow21.weebly.com or N Gauge Forum Facebook Page or our dedicated Facebook page NGFSHOW21 or via the NGF Forum www.ngaugeforum.co.uk 30 top quality layouts. How To and Demonstration videos Interviews with Steve Flint and Tim Dunn special Features including one on Union Mills Models trade Advertisers offering discounts. AND A very special feature from Revolution Trains including a brand new product announcement.
  4. A note for your diary.
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