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  1. Thanks to all responders. We're really getting somewhere. No 7 really sorted! No 9 probably. Re: 8 I wonder if its the same place as the pic now attached - which I think is Northern Ireland (LMS/ NCC)? Nothing yet on No.11: the Brit
  2. Following Butler Henderson's link to Monk Bar Models I bought the Hornby B2 at their sale price. Ordered yesterday. Came today! Fantastic service. Now got to get the Italia body kit from Hardies. Looks good value for money - even including crew. Like the comment I r ead on another string: "Wish he'd get a hobby and stop spending all that time on model railways"! (I've just been accused of being "obsessed" by the household authority).
  3. I wonder if Hornby are deliberately trying to undermine Hatton's initiative?
  4. Hi All Here are four more mysteries from my collection. The question for all is "what and where" (for 7 & 9 its also "when"): Photo 7 is plainly GWR pannier passing what looks like a disused station - possibly hauling a Mk1 brake non-compartment? Photo 8 looks like some sort of loading platform and / or coaling stage. Is that water bottom right? Date is given as 26 June 1969 Photo 9 may not even be UK. Look at the profile of the carriage windows etc. Photo 11 is Britannia 70024 and dated 22 June 1967. At th
  5. SO Photo 11 not Sharp Stewart but actually built at Brighton Works November 1874. AND a location for photo No 7! Fascinating stuff. Many thanks
  6. Thanks guys. Great and very helpful replies. It looks like the Electrotren for the Fox Walker but must be the Hornby B2 for the Italia. Like most of us I seem to be building up a stock of "I must make that some time" locos and kits! Currently in line are the Q from Golden Arrow and a generic saddle tank from Budget Model Railways (which shall be fettled into a side tank). That's aside from half a dozen Parkside and Dapol wagon kits and couple of 009 coaches/vans! I really want to do the Italia first as its close to the HC 1604 that is being fett
  7. Hi All I'm quite taken by some of the Hardieshobbies loco body kits - especially the Hudswell Clarke Italia outside cylinder 0-6-0T and the Fox Walker 0-6-0T. I see the former is intended to sit on the Hornby Peckett B2 chassis and the latter on the Electrotren 0-6-0 chassis. In both cases you have to buy the original Hornby or Electrotren locos as the chassis don't come up by themselves. The B2 is generally about £90-£100 while the Electrotren is generally in the £50s. I really want to do the Italia first as its very simila
  8. Hi All Fabulous response! That nicely pins them all down - even photo 7. Having looked at the GNR(I) A class pic on the edited great central response, I'm convinced it is a GNR(I) class A. People seem to enjoy looking at these interesting pics and the challenge they sometimes present. If its not getting all too boring I'll put some more up.
  9. Another batch of unknowns from a job lot bought at auction. I'm finding it fascinating to locate and identify these: Photo 7 looks vaguely Irish to me (on the basis that the locos further down the line look pretty well GNR(I)) ? Photo 8 looks rather Caledonian to my eye. Photos 9 & 11 are F Moore's Railway Photographs but, try as I might, I cannot identify them for certain. No. 9 looks Caledonian to me. Aggravatingly I have found photo 11 on a website - but it just calls it loco and train! Any ideas what/ whe
  10. Thanks Phil Think that puts this one to bed too. Certainly seems to be Longdown looking away from Perridge tunnel direction.
  11. Thanks to all who have responded to this. We seem to have put Nos.7, 8 and 9 to bed fairly conclusively: Mortonhampstead and on the Exeter to Moretonhampstead branch and Heathfield on the Teign Valley line. These make total sense. Other photos from this job lot purchased at auction include Chudleigh Knighton and Perridge Tunnel both on the Teign Valley line - previously identified by Jeremy C and SD85 (see my earlier topic "Unknown Locations"). Interestingly we concluded that these latter photos were taken from and autocoach. Re: photo 11: Having done some checki
  12. Hi Everyone Please see here a batch of photos that I seek information about. Photos Nos.7 and 8 are obviously GWR or BR(W) autocoach trains - but where and when? Photo 9 may well be the same. Plainly GWR or GWR origin - but again: where and when? Photo 11 looks to me like a GWR shed. Am I right? In any case where and when? Photo 12 is from the same batch (all these had "16" pencilled on the back in the same hand) so I'm thinking it must be GWR / GWR origin - but again where and when?
  13. I bought the negative of the attached picture some time ago - probably in the period when I was trying to get a picture of every engine shed I visited in my youth. But I've lost the purchase record and can't remember what the location is! Probably Yorkshire? Can anybody help?
  14. Hi Joseph Many thanks for the info. Any idea what class of loco this is? I have s e arched 30-312 but get nothing.
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