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  1. Surely you have time to re-gauge this set for the Sud Harz layout at the weekend Paul? A mini cutter to take out 1cm from the middle of each wagon, a little glue and weathering powder. Put the loco chassis in a mini vice to close the wheel spacing to 12mm and you’re done.
  2. The new July issue of BRM carries a Heljan advert with ‘Expected Soon!’ For the OO Beyer Garratts. Hopefully they are on a boat then. With Ben Jones now established at Heljan I have been hoping for better communication and customer interaction from Heljan?
  3. My best guess is that it has fallen inside the cab itself, if you look at the picture I posted you can see that the ventilator is heading inwards on my version! The only slight issue I have is the front vacuum pipe has fallen off, easy enough fix later with a tiny dab of glue and my magnifier light!
  4. Indeed, especially as that way up leaves the loco on it’s side anyway!
  5. Very similar finish to the first release in this livery, though I think the SE&CR lettering and the running number are in a darker gold shade, to my eyes at least Also of interest are two included headboards, one for The Bluebell Railway, and one for Hornby The Collector, in the same style as the Collectors Club metal badge. I didn’t get to see the prototype at Warley, did she have a Hornby Headboard?
  6. My Club H has just arrived via a DPD, well packed in a strong outer box. First impressions? It is currently still in it’s box as the sliding colour sleeve is, err, not sliding! I have had one or two other recent models with pretty tight sleeves, but this is at a new level! It is going to take a fair amount of patience and care to get the sleeve off without crushing the ends of the red inner carton, just be warned everybody, if they are all this tight, take it slowly! I’ll report back, but can’t budge it at the moment.....
  7. Just had a DPD notification that my H Class is due for delivery on Tuesday 28th. No other emails from Hornby though.
  8. AshleyH

    Missed the boat

    Might be worth a telephone call to Kernow’s Camborne shop, I had the last TPE liveried one out of the cabinet at their Guildford branch less than 2 weeks ago. If I spot any on my travels I will post here. Olivia's price is above RRP I think, I am sure Dapol will do another TPE Livery in the next OO batch, whenever that is.
  9. Just wanted to post another example of excellent customer service from Kernow Models. I bought my K2601 D601 Ark Royal from their Guildford shop on its opening weekend. on returning home I spotted a moulding fault on the roof at the no.2 end. I emailed Kernow asking where to send the model and if it was OK to just send the body. Greg replied within 20 minutes, apologised and said it was fine to just send the body to their Camborne address. 3 working days later I have received a perfect replacement, and the return postage cost has been credited to my account with them. Couldn’t ask for better service. Having the body off gave me the chance to fit a Dapol Imperium Decoder, and I am happy to report that I am fully satisfied with this model.
  10. Sadly it appears there is no Eurotrack show this year, the autumn show by Solent Model Railway group at Millbrook last November was also cancelled. I have no further information, can anyone shed any light on this?
  11. Tony, no there are no additional technical details, but there is quite comprehensive prototype information for all of the newly tooled locomotives. It’s a well set out and nicely illustrated catalogue that makes a good read. Sorry I can add no further details on the ‘wubber’!
  12. Picked up the 2019 catalogue along with the February Hornby Magazine for the combined price of £9.99 at my nearest Tesco an hour or so ago. The catalogue is huge at 196 pages and ends with the promise of big things in 2020 for Honby’s centenary. It almost has the feel of a relaunch year for Hornby. For the above posters who didn’t get the catalogue and magazine discount at WH Smith’s today, according to the Hornby Magazine website the discount at Smiths doesn’t start until tomorrow January 10th, whereas Tesco are starting it today. There was nothing to indicate the promotion in Tescos though, so thanks for the heads up on here. Exciting items for me are the IEP Test Train Coaches to go with the R3579 Hitatchi liveried 2 car set, I didn’t really expect them to be produced to be honest. The Terriers, Rustons and Peckett B2s, and, if Hornby get them delivered to retailers well before Christmas, I think the GWR HST Train sets should do very well at that price.
  13. Yes, I have the exact same problem on my Lidl cabinet from 5 or 6 years ago. Over the past few months the black plastic part of the hinges has been shattering and bits falling inside the cabinet. I am wondering where to get suitable replacement hinges? Despite this I might still buy a second one this year if I can still find one, maybe there are supplier contact details inside to buy some new hinges.
  14. Yes my post was misunderstood. For the record, I do try and shop locally, but we only have one shop now and by the time I made my decision on this item, their small allocation was pre-sold, so I had to look further afield. As far as I can recall, Rails were also sold out to pre-order as well. I have nothing for or against any particular retailer, I was just wondering if anyone else had pre-ordered from Hattons and has received the same notification email. I’ve logged in to my account at Hattons and my pre-order is still showing at £319, so I expect it is fine. It just appears that Hattons still have some unsold units and have now raised the price to SRP for new orders, which is fair enough, and the email picked up theirs current selling price I think.
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