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  1. Hi Steve I don't know and can only guess.. If there was any traffic for North Walsham, then might have been easier to shunt on return trip to Norwich by backing into the yard. If only traffic for Wroxham, my guess would be; run past the platform, run around train, draw into Norwich platform and then shunt back into the sidings. Repeat again, this is only a guess, hopefully some former railwaymen will be able to explain. Nick
  2. Thanks for this. The old-maps uk web-site does show a number of large buildings by the track - there is a timber yard and various cold storage buildings. I also remember the loading hopper and many years back thinking about a model based around the station, brought a ratio loading hopper and planned to extend the sides upwards. The Aylsham branch had long gone and the BVR came later, so not sure about your last point. Nick
  3. Something like this - information from an early Quail Map book. The next edition showed the crossover in the yard removed, The current version shows just a single siding Nick Wroxham track plan.pdf
  4. Another possible model goods branch that is still around. The Heathfield Branch in Devon had a range of traffics in the Speedlink era with a number of sidings on the line. At Heathfield itself, the end of the line post Beeching, the disused station had a loop with a double ended siding for china clay traffic. Beyond the station there was an extended headshunt with a back siding serving a oil terminal. Freight Only yearbook vol 1 (Rhodes and Shannon) has a picture on the branch from 1989 -Class 37 with assorted china clay wagons. More recently, the line was used for timber loading. Regards Nick
  5. There was talk that the Sudbury to Marks Tey service was going to be extended to Colchester Town. Not aware of any plans to extend towards Clacton but perhaps stock could be kept there overnight or used to provide some additional peak capacity. Nick
  6. Looking good. Where is your first exhibition please? Nick
  7. Jordon Looking good so far - how big is the layout, as it looks like there is space for some long trains? Any chance of a track plan and how you might operate the layout? Regards Nick
  8. Diss yard was in use until the late 1980s for grain traffic with the 4w wagons in the photos replaced by polybulk wagons There is a large military site at Thetford Forrest used for training, although the yard at Brandon would be closer. The most recent use of military traffic in the area used the the heritage Mid-Norfolk railway to deliver vehicles to Dereham. Regards Nick
  9. Had a ride on one of the new trains today - 15.40 Norwich to Cambridge, the unit had worked in from Lowestoft. Most impressed by the quiet inside the coach and the acceleration. Having spent a lot of time on ironing board train seats on Class 700 units, these seats were much better. The only disappointment was that the driver did not reset the internal display so we had Norwich, this train terminates here on the display. Some photos enclosed. Anyone who wants to scratchbuild a model, should check out the roof detail first - difficult to take photos from the Cambridge North footbridge but the rood detail is complex with the diesel exhausts, 2 pantographs, air-con units etc. Regards Nick
  10. Sorry Mr Simon, but connecting a foul drain to the rainwater system is not allowed. The model building inspectors will be round shortly! There would normally be a separate drainage connection from sinks and toilets to the foul drainage sewer which would have a ventilation pipe running up to roof level above the gutter. Hope this is helpful Nick
  11. Piko already produce models of the Flirt trains that are used in other countries. However the window layout and possibly the front end are very different and would require major work to get it right. Whilst the new trains are not well known, you might get away with a repaint, but not for long. Nick
  12. Interesting comments about the future of this rail traffic. There is much pressure within the construction industry about reducing the built in carbon in building projects - so the search is on for the use of re-cycled products within the construction industry. Hopefully some new rail traffic somewhere. Regards Nick
  13. The crossover between the up and down fast lines was repaired a few weekends ago. The block train now back to normal with a single locomotive. Nick
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