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  1. The last major structure on the layout is the second hotel. This is based around a Tomytec clip together school kit. The issue was how to disguise it's Japanese style. In the end, I did a simple roof overlay using some Noch embossed card. On the reverse side, the card has a 1mm grid making it easy to mark out and keep square. I have also added some new ridges formed of half-round sections and new rainwater pipes. The kit also comes with various porch elements that have been deployed around the building. Work in progress and finished building photos enclosed below
  2. One of those new fangalled Class 22 diesels has arrived at Porthallow on a freight working. Hoping it will operate a bit smoother than the Dapol 45XX locos. Got lots of work to sort out the Dapol couplers on the wagons, not very reliable to date when compared with operating modern stock on previous layouts. The signals don't appear to be working very well either. Photos enclosed. Nick
  3. A trip to a real model shop yesterday - such excitement! A Ratio water tank was among the purchases. This is joined by a coaling stage, made from some elements of a KS Laser loading platform provides the locomotive facilities at Porthallow. They will be located alongside the run-round loop. I have also built some sheds for the back gardens of the workers cottages. Progress photos enclsoed. Nick
  4. Hi Having seen your American layouts, will watch with interest to see how this one turns out. I am tempted to do a N gauge version, but perhaps not the same effect created in the smaller scale and without sound. Nick
  5. Hi A couple of questions and comments . 1. What is the track on the left for? If it is a bay platform, then there is no route for trains to depart and get onto the right line, unless they run wrong line back to the junction wit the fiddle yard. 2. If you have an interest in engineers stock, have you considered replacing the MPD with some engineers sidings? It may add more operating interest. For many years train companies have tried to cut back on the number of depot facilities, so unless there is a major source of freight traffic or there are lots of train
  6. Hi Don't forget that there are no plans to develop another UK test track in South Wales. This will be several loops of track, a high speed one for 125mph running and a slower loop for suburban trains. The actual track plan would be similar to that shown, but no existing station, perhaps a staff halt to allow visitors to board the trains. Nick
  7. Easter Bank Holiday, so whilst there are a few snowflakes falling outside, some time to stay in the warm and build a footbridge that will help disguise the exit track from the layout. The bridge is made from scribed 1mm plastic sheet with assorted bits of plastic section to create the beams and concrete base used to support the bridge. Handrails are from Plastruct. Whilst the paint was drying, I carved out the area on the layout where the concrete foundations would go. The bridge was stuck into position and the ground made up to the bridge deck using some Poundland re
  8. Hi good choice of prototype as a basis of a layout. How closely will you be following the real train operation or will it be more freelance in terms of operation? Regards Nick
  9. Some basic scenery work has started on the town section of the layout. My end of the high street comprises 4 buildings which serve to hide the track going off towards to the docks. I have used 1mm card to build up the ground level and form a base to bed the buildings in. The high street iteslf is fine wet and dry paper spayed with a bit of grey to tone down the colour. Pavements from Scale Model Scenery have been added. Many people on this Forum have described ow they have created cobble stones and the time it has staken, I have simply used some Chooch Industries sto
  10. Hi David Like the mock up of the station building. One question how will the building be supported over the bay platforms? Two possible solutions: A) Remove part of the retaining wall and replace with a new concrete wall. B) Raise the building up a bit so that it extends over the wall and is supported by columns into the bank beyond the wall. Regards Nick
  11. Hi Bas The layout is looking good and the method of controlling the points is very clever. Do tell us more about it. Nick
  12. For N gauge modellers, Atlas produce a range of 60 foot older cars, ideal for local train service. On a previous american layout, I used some Kato japanese coaches with some Great Northern decals. No one appeared to notice and they looked much better on 9-12 inch radius curves. Nick
  13. Hi In the 1990s at lot of station lighting would have been vandalpoof flourescent lights suspended from the soffit. A typical fitting would have been say 1500mm long and around 100-130mm square section. There were some stations that were given the heritage makeover, so lights similar to the ones in the signal box or the fertilizer depot would be fine. Looking at the station building one light every two structural bays and one at the end of the building would be about right. As a general rule, the space to height ratio of most lighting schemes to get even lighting is a
  14. Both track feeds to the inner track need to be at the toe end of the point as the feeds are to the outer track. Track feeds A and B are then should be switched with the point motor to power the frog and the next section of track - hopefuly that will cure the problem. Nick
  15. All Work has started on the scenery around the workers cottages. The cottages are modified Petitie Properties kits. The original kits are low relief, and I intended to mount two kits back to back to create a full building. However, the resulting building was far too shallow effectively just one room deep. So I created a new shell out of plastic sheet and just used the front of the kit. The back of the building is a a blank wall. Walls are covered in Scalescenes stone paper. The rear walls are 1mm card covered in the same paper. Wooden gates to be added. Will need to
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