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  1. Thanks Gordon Good point, will gave that some thought. Nick
  2. 3 weeks since the last update. The wiring has been completed, and after the usual swoping a few wires over, it all works! The Dapol magnets (10 of them) for the automatic uncoupling have been fitted. I have knuckle couplers, both the Dapol and the Microtrains versions on layouts before, so I know they can work extremely well. However this has been with American or UK modern stock. Not tried using the magnets with 10 foot wheelbase stock before. I was thinking of using the wagons in groups of 2 or 3. Given there are only two sidings for freght traffic, so should not be t
  3. My experience of Wimbledon Staff Halt from many years ago, was that any train could stop there to drop off/pick up staff. Staff would contact the signal box and then wait on the platform at Wimbledon for the next stopping train which would then get diverted onto the fast line to stop at the halt. Would it have been used by train crew working the Wimbledon - West Croydon service, before it was converted to tram operation to get to/from the depot? Nick
  4. Hi I would be tempted to put the additional siding on the other side of the passing loop so you avoid the diamond crossing. A continous run is useful sometimes, for running in as you say or just sitting back a watching the trains go by. Assuming that model railway exhibitions return, were you intending to exhibit the layout? If so the continious run might come in handy to keep something moving whilst you sort out some stock in the staging yard. Nick
  5. Model Junction have a range of kits - but hurry the shop may close at the end of the month. https://www.modeljunction.info/42-kits-plastic Nick
  6. Hi Steve The new buildings look great, and are part of an impressive set of modern buildings. Have you got any ideas for how to model that mechanical ventilation and cooling plant that would be on the roof of these buildings? On the final grey building, perhaps the top floor that you have clad in brick would be the plant space - so areas of louvres would be suitable.
  7. Thanks Nick Now that you mention it, the use of lower case letters at that time make sense. The Local Town Council has demanded the sign be changed and the sign writers have been contacted, Nick
  8. Work has started on two more buildings. The first building are the homes part way up the cliff - its a standard Gaugemaster / Kestrel house kit - the old change to the kits is to replace the rainwater down pipe with a thinner unit. Looking at the photo, there is a bit of paint touching up to be done. The second kit is a Petite Properties Harpers Yard card kit. Green Scene textured paint finish and a Redutex sheet roof. Rainwater goods to be added. Not sure about the sign, looks a bit too modern. What do people think? Nick
  9. The same approach would apply to the back of the layout. Lots of layouts have a row of shop fronts. The rear of shops and offices would be more common, with storage, parking and delivery areas. Nick
  10. David Looks an interesting layout. I would be tempted to move the crossover to the end of the platform. At present the signal to protect the crossover would be under the station building and part of the platform unusable . A relocated crossover would allow for a train to be in the platform on the top through line, whilst another train passed around it using the crossover. Regards Nick
  11. The round round tracks are very short and not really suitable for modern wagons. The plan on your 18 September post looks the most realistic and would provide a good amount of shunting. I woudl suggest that you try adopting this to suit the reduced width, by shorterning the diagonal tracks or turn it into a flatter design by having the loop parallel to the board edge. It would be worth looking at the lengths of typcial wagons that you might use against the standard lengths of track to see what will work. I suspect you may be limited to 4 wheel wagons rather than say modern bogie t
  12. Simon Looks an intresting idea - good luck with future progress Nick
  13. Hi There are many examples of small layouts of the type you are looking for in this Forum. This can help select a track plan, and you can then change the industry to suit your wishes. If your looking for prototype examples - how about these, although you may need to imagine that the traffic lasted a few years longer to keep with your time frame: Workington docks - Used for local paper/board industry - tank cars of chemicals in, vans for finished product. Has also been used for coal, steel and perhaps nuclear products (although most went via Barrow docks) -
  14. Would it be possible to support the "underground" section on a L shaped bracket that would allow you to lay the track on the trackbed and then slide it into position? There would still be the issue with the connection to the track on the ramp, but it would remove some of the problems. Nick
  15. Been working on the cliffs and platforms this week. As mentioned in a previous post, the cliffs are formed from Chooch Enterprises rubber sheeting. I brought them at at exhibition some time ago, I can't remember which stand. They are easy to cut with a sharp blade. A bit of best Poundland interior ready mixed filler was used to hide the joint. Painted grey as a base colour then other colours added later. The platfroms are based around Peco stone platform edging. I assumed that the platform was extended by a coach length at some time to cater for the holiday traffic. T
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