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  1. Scenery work continues with the next layer of materials in the vicarage garden and the swan hotel. The hotel has also gained some lighting and some stone swans to greet visitors at the entrance (OO gauge from Noch). Looking at the phots some of the lights need adjusting as not very vertical. The next steps for the hotel will be add some tables and chairs on the patio and some trees. The layout trees are likley to be done all at once. I have over hundred trees from the previous layout to sort out and select for the each location on the layout. Progress photos below.
  2. I have used the rare earth magents successfully in the past, but using the microtrains uncouplers. To get them to work, I mounted the magnets on a small peice of steel ( the metal weights used in wagons are ideal) and placed the assembly under the track with the magnets just inside the rails rather than outside as shown the picture. The metal plate enhances the power of the magnets and don't forget the have the north pole up on one side and the south pole on the other side. Someone, I can't reacall whom, used to sell kits with the magents and metal plate which is where I got the idea from. The
  3. The bridge doe slook the part, shame about the stone courses not lining up, normally Faller kits get those sort of details correct. One question, is there enough clearance at the side of the stone piers to allow for some sort of handrail, it looks tight. Regards Nick
  4. Hi Andy Half releif buildings will help solve the problem as long as people are not able to view the backs of the buildings. Some photos enclosed of the petite properties building and the new sides and back that I built. If you are a member of the N Gauge Society, there was an article about the construction in the N Gauge Journal 5/20. Regards Nick
  5. Hi Andy The town mock up looks fantastic! My only concern would be regarding the width of the buildings. Not clear how deep they actually are. Narrow buildings will distort the roof profile. I had a problem on my layout when I tried to put two Petite Properties low relief buildings back to back to create a full depth building. It just didn't look right, so I had to build a new end section to form a realistic building. Unless you have actual buildings to copy, it would be worth thinking about how these buldings would be set out with stairs, landings and va
  6. This looks an interesting idea for a layout with lots of operational potential. One question. How will you operate the line to the smelter? In the original plan, there was an exchange siding and the plant could have its own loco that could reach this siding but not the rest of the yard. In the new plan the private loco could in theory access any of the freight yard sidings. Not sure the BR authorities would like that. One option would be to have the gate at the end of the smelter line, so the BR loco would push wagons onto this line to be collected by the works shunter.
  7. any model railways are based around the idea of "what if....". So how about this idea. The Great Western Railway did not undertake any electrification projects, but what if there was aline with steep gradients or long tunnels that prompted them to experiment. Would the result look like this... Some Japanese electric locos built in the USA during the 1920s. The locos are intended for my american interurban layout but look good with chocolate and cream coaches. They also run very well, far better than my Dapol 45xx locos. So tempting. If I did follow this rou
  8. Over the last two weeks packages from Peedie Models and Scale Model Scenery have arrived with various walls, fences and other details such as lights. These parcels along with some bits salvaged from previous layouts have enabled a start to be made on the next part of the scenery. First up, some stone walls from the previous layout. I can not recall the firm, but I brought these off a small trader at the Folkestone how many years ago. The stone walls have been used around the Church and the house at the top of the hill (vicarage perhaps?). The area beyond the house will be covered i
  9. Hi Andy If you are not sure how to do the town, I would spend some time on internet mapping sites looking for a suitable town on the south coast where the railway (if actually provided or not) would enter the town across the river. Having found somthing that might be suitable. Then look at how the town was many years ago, using the maps on the National Library of Scotland web -site an old photos. It may take a few attempts, but I am sure you will find some inspriation somewhere. Nick
  10. Hi Layout looking good so far. What are your plans for the area behind the station building? There is plenty of space for a decent station yard but also rooms for some own buildings to give a suitabel backdrop for the station. Regards Nick
  11. Thanks Andy It was seeing your signal box that lead me to the Severn Models web-site to buy the kit, and some others in the first place. Like you, some of the paint has come off exposing the primer underneath. I used white primer to save painting the windows later. The kit does not come with drain pipes but I will make some from thin plastic rod in the next few days. A general comment I have with this and many other kits is working what each room would be. I think the kit should have more windows as there are large sections on blank wall. They can not all
  12. As noted previously - the answer is no and this is taking Rule 1 too far! Nick
  13. Previous work in progress photos had shown a Hornby detached house on top of the hill up from the station. I wasn't totally happy as the building dominated the site and did not leave much space for a garden area. I am going to change the building for a Severn Models detached house which is a etched brass kit. Having struggled with fiddly brass wagon kits in the past, I found this kit much easier to make. Put together using UHU glue rather than the superglue recommended to allow a little to time to make adjustments. Following construction, a good clean in a bath of general cleaning
  14. Some new motive power has arrived. Apart from the lack of electrification and the wrong type of braking system, something doesn't look right. Regards Nick
  15. Hi Andrew The overall effect of the finished layout looks great - the photos with the real background show how effective and realistic the colouring is. Regards Nick
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