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  1. Looking at the bodywork, it is not continuous, so daylight between the different sections will be a key consideration. Should make for an interesting chassis design - perhaps this is why the OO version is announced first, as would be easier to achieve. As with the 1938 tube stock, ideas for suitable small layouts that could use this loco welcome. Nick
  2. Hi Most of the freight traffic south of Leicester on the MML was stone traffic with some cement trains, with a mix of 4 wheel and bogie tanks as well. Regards Nick
  3. Cambridge and Peterborough Combined Authority has issued a video showing the work currently being done at both March and Manea stations. It includes some drone footage, plus images of the proposed station and new car park. Regards Nick
  4. This option has also been mentioned in connection with the rail re-opening to Haverhill with respect to tram-train. It is not clear if this is a serious option, as it has been considered in the past or just something that has to be looked at when making an application to the government for funding that all the options have been considered. Previous studies have indicated that a through service to Cambridge gives the best results for the project. Greater Anglia has a few spare class 755 units that could be used if the heavy rail option gets the green light. Nick
  5. Thanks for the 2nd part of the track plan - when I saw the first part, I imagined you were planning a massive sector plate to link all the tracks together!. Are the sidings on the 2nd part being used as an engine shed or is that intending to be just outside the station? Would such a terminal include a turntable? There is a thread in this forum on a layout based around the real station at Stranraer Harbour. Operationally it could be very similar to your layout if you are looking for ideas and it does include sleeper trains! Nick
  6. Thanks for the correction - I have re-read the entry in Wikipedia although it says in the introduction that stock was allocated to the Central Line, later on it says that none actually ran on those lines. My bad for not reading the entire article. Nick
  7. Some more work on the scenery today. The church yard now has some gravestones. I had a few packs of gravestones from Peedie Models, but there were not enough. I decided to make some of my own. Some bits of microstrip stuck to some 1 x 1mm section to provide a base and help with the painting. The church is a Petite Properties card kit which does make up into a really nice building. The only addition was some microstrip to create the roof seams. The gardeners have also been busy at the big house next door. The building was scratchbuilt from plastic sheet. The windows came from an American supplier. The next task is to add some flowers around the front of the building. I will need to sort out some gates for both buildings. Nick
  8. It is a shame that the video did not include any captions or commentary to explain why this shunting move was so complicated. My first thought was that the yard crew had messed up when creating the train. Then I saw the second engine on the back of the train, which I assume was used to switch trailing spurs if there was no run round loop. With this in mind, could the train have picked up some more cars at another interchange and used the siding on the right to help re-marshall the train? Anybody got any thoughts on this? The drone shots were really good and very helpful for anything thinking about american scenery or detailing towns or industrial plants. Nick
  9. Hi Andy Have been doing a quick zoom along the coast to find a town similar to your model. Think I may have found something. Polruan in Cornwall, opposite Fowey could be a mirror image of your layout. A railway line could cross a branch of the River Fowey before running in front of some trees/fields on a slope to the station. Beyond the station, the railway crosses the main road through town to reach a small square shaped port area. The area between the station and the sea looks like boatyards and related industry. There is even a small ferry across the river that you could model. Very simple sketch enclosed showing how the railway might fit into the landscape. I hope this is of use, but feel free to ignore and do your own thing. Nick
  10. Hi Andy Thinking about the lane to the cattle dock, if you assume that it was there before the railway arrived, even if just a simple track, it would have extended into your town area. When the railway arrived, it may have been diverted a bit to allow for the railway and the railway company may have improved it to give better access to the cattle dock. Something to think about, or ignore completely, Up to you. Regards Nick
  11. Hi The fork lift truck looks great. I assume there will be a bit more structure at the lower edge of the shelter roof as looks a bit flimsy at present and that the loading working area is at the higher end ? If not, any water will be dripping on staff whilst they are working - not a good move. Regards Nick
  12. Some Tree planting this morning. My previous layout had around 100 trees so I have spent some time sorting these out. Around 20 have been selected to place around the vicarage and the church. I need to sort out the grounds of the big house and perhaps a few more trees will be added either side of house just in front of the backscene to break up the interface between backscene and the ground. The trees are not stuck down yet, so may move a bit. Will also a bit more ground cover. Work in progress photos enclosed. Contrast with photos in recent posts. Regards Nick
  13. Hi Andy I like the idea of the removable backscene - in position it will help frame and tidy up any photos in that direction whilst still allowing you to view and take photos the other way when it is removed. The backscene on Porthallow at the town end is removable. Looking at some of the photos I have taken , it is not always in position and even though the town is not the main focus of the shot it does make a difference when the backscene is there. One issue to think about is how to deal with the interface between the backscene and the mud on your low tide inlet. You could extend the dockside around the end of the layout and have more ware house buildings. That would be effective but could be too dominant. You could even extend the track around a very tight curve as an old horse worked tramway! An alternative would be to have a barge or similar on the mud. That would help disguise the interface without being too imposing. Hope this helps Nick
  14. Hi The preserved railway main station is most impressive. Just a thought, does the rest of the preserved railway allow you to use the main station to it's full extent? Regards Nick
  15. For people thinking about layout ideas to use this rolling stock, here are a couple of suggestions: 1. Central line between Action North and West Ruislip. This line has the former Western Region line from Paddington which joins the Marylebone line at Northolt. Although the main line has little traffic today, in the past there would have been regular passenger trains and a fair amount of freight. This section had until recently freight sidings for cement, stone and the Guinness brewery. Greenford station itself would be a challenge with the triangular junction on the main line towards West Ealing and the steep climb from the junction up to the platform. Not sure if the Dapol bubble car would cope with that. 2. A more modest idea towards the eastern end of the Central Line. At Leyton, just east of Stratford station where the Central Line emerges from a tunnel, the southern end of Temple Mills yard had some PW sidings on the original Eastern Region line to Leytonstone. My Bakers Rail Atlas from 1984 shows the sidings in use at that time. You could have an Inglenook style BR sidings (or more) next to the underground line as it emerged from the tunnel. Regards Nick
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