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  1. Hi Welcome back to railway modelling! If you haven't found it, there is another layout of West Bay on this forum. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/151280-west-bay-on-the-end-of-the-bridport-branch/ It includes lots of photos and some video of the line that might be useful to you. Regards Nick
  2. Hi Really interesting idea in fitting the layout into the office space - look forward to seeing updates. Nick
  3. Have been painting the new cottage today. After cleaning and a coat of car primer, I started with a base coat of Green Scene textured paint. The top finish was a cream acrylic. The kit comes with separate 3D printed windows, although other kits may have finer window frames, they are a very good fit and stay in place without being glued. The kit does not include any gutters and down pipes, but will add these tomorrow from plastic section. Nick
  4. No, diesel hauled but class not specified. Not sure what UKrailtours use as standard motive power these days. Nick
  5. UKrailtours have a special train that is intending to use the underpass on Sat 9th October. Kings Cross to York and back via various freight routes. Nick
  6. Having finished the hotel roof, I did a mock up of the hotel on the layout with some temporary trees to judge the effect. To line up the entrance with the stairs up from the road, I had to move the external canopy to the other end of the building, but otherwise it looked OK. The thing that bothered me was the small houses beyond the hotel. They did not look right. Luckily, I saw an article in Model Rail for some new 3D printed buildings from Village Scenecraft and a new cottage was ordered. It has just arrived. Photo showing the two buildings enclosed to show the difference. Oddly the building does not have a backdoor, but this will not matter as it will be located towards the back of the layout, so difficult to see behind it. Hope to paint over the weekend. Nick
  7. Tom The wiring on a layout like this need not be complex. A single feed on the main line on the right hand side of the layout will be enough. This requires the point blades to make good contact to carry the power into the sidings. If you do not intend to turn the sidings into loops, then no insulating sections will be required. How are you going to control the points? If you are using motors and they have auxiliary switches then these can be used to provide greater reliability to feeding the sidings than just relying on the physical contact of the point blades. Let people know how you intend to control the points and I am sure suitable wiring diagrams can be provided. Nick
  8. Hi The revised track plan looks much more like a modern depot - look forward to seeing how this develops. Is the layout N or OO? Nick
  9. The pub looks great. What did you use for the wall render, it is very effective. Just one minor comment, in the close up photo of the end wall, the chimney stonework is very smooth when compared to the walls. It may not be so noticeable at a distance, but something to consider. Hope you find the comments useful. Regards Nick
  10. Funding for the next stage of the design was agreed in March 2021 with an expected programme of 7 months, so we should expect some more details later in the year. The new Mayor was in Fenland last week at a water management event. Better transport links to Fenland were mentioned in his speech , so hopefully that means that the rail scheme is still progressing. In the latest NR consultation on Ely, they say they are only designing for one extra train per hour on top of those already promised - so does not look like they a planning for an half-hourly Wisbech to Cambridge service. Nick
  11. The next stage of the process is to develop the plans for the station based on the consultation responses from a few months back. More details of the station expected in the next few months. Construction not likely to start for a year or so. Nick
  12. One area of railway modelling that has not been mentioned so far are trams. Ideal for the space starved modeller. So how about a new range of models comprising: *Traditional and new types of tram * A range of city buildings * Inset track with nice sharp curves * Some moving road vehicles * A computer control system to allow multiple routes and services to be operated. This may appeal to a new set of modellers, where the main interest is creating the city scene and the control system. Perhaps there may be some appeal in allowing people to create some sort of idealised city of the future with sustainable transport systems. Or how about developing a Moon or Mars Railway system 2100? This could have global appeal so increase potential sales volumes. Nick
  13. The last major structure on the layout is the second hotel. This is based around a Tomytec clip together school kit. The issue was how to disguise it's Japanese style. In the end, I did a simple roof overlay using some Noch embossed card. On the reverse side, the card has a 1mm grid making it easy to mark out and keep square. I have also added some new ridges formed of half-round sections and new rainwater pipes. The kit also comes with various porch elements that have been deployed around the building. Work in progress and finished building photos enclosed below
  14. One of those new fangalled Class 22 diesels has arrived at Porthallow on a freight working. Hoping it will operate a bit smoother than the Dapol 45XX locos. Got lots of work to sort out the Dapol couplers on the wagons, not very reliable to date when compared with operating modern stock on previous layouts. The signals don't appear to be working very well either. Photos enclosed. Nick
  15. A trip to a real model shop yesterday - such excitement! A Ratio water tank was among the purchases. This is joined by a coaling stage, made from some elements of a KS Laser loading platform provides the locomotive facilities at Porthallow. They will be located alongside the run-round loop. I have also built some sheds for the back gardens of the workers cottages. Progress photos enclsoed. Nick
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