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  1. Custom Transfers from Railtec arrived yesterday. They really are top notch. Thank you Steve. Pictures to follow for anyone interested.
  2. Hi Steve. I replied with the specific numbering and lettering on the 11th August 2019 to which I got no reply. Obviously somethings got lost in translation. I’ll forward you the details again to your email now.
  3. Thanks, Yea, Someone else already put me into CCT so I emailed them on Tuesday. Sadly the answer was No, Sorry
  4. Thanks. I have tried Railtec who said they would get onto it but I’m still waiting after 2 years. Even with multiple reminders so I’ve lost hope.
  5. Thanks, I found these aswell but sadly these are for the 20T variant, I'm after ones for the 16T one like the AA3 diagram.
  6. Anyone know who does transfers for a 16T ex GWR toad in BR unfitted grey livery. They need to be white on black panels.
  7. C&Ls instructions state the normal solvent adhesive, Butanone, will also fix plastic chairs to ply sleepers. The solvent will melt the plastic into the grain of the ply. There will not be as much strength in the joint as there would be with a plastic weld, but it should be adequate for the purpose. The question I would like to know is will this Butanone work on a different kind of wood, maybe something like Pine oak or Balsa? Or does it have to be Ply?
  8. Cheers, As I suspected, there is no kit presently available for the E167
  9. Excellent, Thanks guys. I dont suppose either of these are available in O gauge (Either kit for rtr)? The Lionheart heart Subs are dia E140 and if I recall slighty smaller than the E167
  10. I was wondering if anyone could identify what kind of coach this is on the right? Some kind of GWR non corridor brake? Possibly dia 117?
  11. Apologies if I cant see the wood for the trees here but does anyone know the exact shade of red for the background of (midland region) Headbaords in Steams days for things like "The Irish Mail" and the "Merseyside Express". Where these always red or did they become Black at any point?
  12. Excellcent weathering Dibateg. Very subtle. Do you do commisions on weathering?
  13. Between now and the 20th December 2014, All Orders are postage Free. Use promotion Code “FREEPOSTAGE” at www.aportraitofsteam.com. Stocks are limited so order your copy now not to be disapointed.
  14. Not strickly from the Gala itself, heres a couple of pictures from the "Pre-Gala" Charters. Organised and run by Richard Newton and the 3P20 Parcels group, we believe this was the first time an A4 has hauled a Parcels train since 1967. The other shot was taken at the Sheds on the Friday night, again on a 3P20 organised nightshoot. 2015 "Giants of Steam" Calendar On Sale Now. Selling out fast so order now not to be dissapointed. See http://www.aportraitofsteam.com/otheritems.html for more details
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