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  1. I find the N train stuff accepts vinyls better than the FUD. Vinyls seem to have the edge in this case rather than painting, as they portray the windows really nicely.
  2. Hi Ben, Thanks for replying to my 313 question. I guess one thing I would throw into the mix, is that I, like a lot of people, am in Covid limbo at the moment and I think a lot of people may be more confident to order and commit in say 2 or 3 months time when the picture is clearer about employment and their future terms...no one is sure how furloughing, taxation etc might pan out and it may be that extending the order deadline (to the frustration of existing orders I know) might get you more. Alternatively perhaps the next batch, if timed right, might turn out better in terms of numbers if people feel surer. Sorry I am absolutely not a business person but I am just going on gut feeling. As an example, if things were less unsure I would have indulged on one or two 321's even though I can't use them right now. But right now I won't.
  3. I've had that issue as well photographing models in SL purple with the Electro overlays on, very weird. If you don't mind me asking Ben, is the 313 still going ahead? Sadly there is no means to run a 321 on my layout (overhead, train length and more), but I am holding out for a coupld of PEPs.
  4. The weather finally cleared here in Bermuda and I am fortunate to have a coal shed at about 4'6" height on which to place the layout against a background of Paget Marsh toward Middle Road. The line did not run this side of Middle Road, but it makes a striking backdrop. Work on the layout and diorama are now stalled while I wait to see how this nCoV19 situation unfolds here, as it may mean a return to the UK for expats like me on work visas, sooner than I had planned. The layout packs into a box for transport anyway, and along with my boxed LUL layout, it all fits in 2 holdalls.
  5. I managed to get the refurbished D stock unit done, here's one of the trailers. Also realised that if I put the tube / overground fiddle yard behind some buildings, I could have some more scenic stuff in front. Eventually when I get back to the UK I would like to turn this into a roundy roundy. I'm hoping that the DLR will be able to curve round the end of the IKEA on a fairly short radius. The FY sidings for the tube are actually inside the Ikea.
  6. I ended up having to strip this layout down and rebuild on some commercial boards recently, as my woodwork was wanting! Also, I had originally put the board on its side to make use of height for trees, but this wasnt needed in reality. I removed the points and made it a through line, which despite the use of Kat setback, is reasonably sweeping thanks to using some odd shape pieces,
  7. Made from photos and printed on a photocopier down at the local quick print place, at A3 size. I used a couple of image library ones in the end. But all changed now anyway - see below.
  8. It's been quiet over the last few weeks as I have been trying to figure out how to progress from the first board into the second and then FY. This little layout has caused a lot of thought with the second board and how it deals with the return loop for the bus system. However overriding all considerations is that it has to be transported by air in about 9 months time so my plans for a small metropolis have been curtailed - we were at a total of 7.5 feet of layout on 2 levels, with 4 scenic boards and this was just going to be a nightmare to try and transport. In addition, long term I would like to show this layout and to be honest, controlling 3 separate lines and the busway is not going to be easy. So... after a lot of grinding of teeth the low level underground station has been scrapped for now, and will be revisited when I am settled. This leaves me with 2 scenic boards and an FY which is more manageable. The underground trains built for the lower level will run as 3 car sets on the top level mixed in with the class 313 emus. So after some inertia, we are off again. The busway has been extended and these new bus stands will allow me to park the lovely Oxford diecast Boris bus and the nice red bendybus I've ordered from Japan. The tomix bus wire has been configured so that it pulls out round the back of the Borismaster that is badly pulled in. Next jobs: - To convert the mock-up view blocker building into a real model - I've ordered some of the el cheapo Outland models of ebay as they are a perfect fit, and will try and convert them into a Travelodge. - Spray the viaduct sections and fit the slab track all the way along (waiting to pick these up in London next month) - Paint the arches. - Do something with the pavement area at the new bus stands - I was initially thinking kiosks but am now more inclined toward some flowerbeds. - Make up the double track to continue on board 2 - Borrow a proper drill and make some access holes at the back of the layout to cope with bus derailments under the viaduct, at the moment I am relying on lifting the removable track beds off. - Finish the Class 313 emu and DLR units when vinyls arrive. - Another train of D stock waiting to be done - Apply transfers to the buses (home made) - Get hold of the right tomix chassis and make some lorries using the N train lorry kits.
  9. Hi - there are lots of options in N and it's worth looking at these to see what the sources are and if you can work out how to do it in 00. I'm fairly certain there is no kit in 00, but there is a possibility that Electra could do you some vinyls in 00 which would help. WCM has posted this which may be worth chasing up http://www.westcoastminiatures.com/class323.html
  10. You could tag on a ferry from Pozzallo and finish in Malta for a triumphant ending. It's only about 90mins on the catamaran and it delivers you a very short ride from Valletta.
  11. Edited my post of 30th November to provide info on Panther Hobbies.
  12. Lighting in place. Simplicity in itself - it is described above. The box diffuses the light beautifully as well!
  13. Some stock updates. D78 stock done (almost).
  14. Requested a mod to move this from Micros to Underground, as the layout is about to become almost 8 feet long.
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