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  1. Lighting in place. Simplicity in itself - it is described above. The box diffuses the light beautifully as well!
  2. Some stock updates. D78 stock done (almost).
  3. Requested a mod to move this from Micros to Underground, as the layout is about to become almost 8 feet long.
  4. If you've not started yet and stock isn't bought, you could consider N gauge, in which case you are provided for with a 3D print of the older trams which can be found in Shapeways. In 00 there are some resin kits of the T68s as well. It may be that you might have to settle for these options as the M5000s are going to be hard to find.
  5. I'm enjoying playing around in N having arrived here after 30 years in 00. On a purely practical level I'm using boards designed to fit in RUB storage boxes. 4 boards will fit in 4 boxes, and each pair of 2 boxes fits in a checked luggage case. So when it's time to move continents by air, the layout can come with me. We also have a lot of products such as the Kato trams and Tomix moving bus, and the many 3-d prints that work out very cheap in N and would cost a lot more to procure in 00.
  6. One more of the whole thing. It has a lighting strip that sits on top of the box and shines through, this is a kitchen LED attached to a piece of inch by inch balsa, and some foamboard information panels. These both fit under the layout board, in the box when the box is closed - you can see them just below. The controller, stock and FY board are separate, working on integrating these into a small boxfile for transport.
  7. So I am going to fess up and say that the station building, which was a retro-fit to (a) deal with an awkward corner I was really unhappy with, (b) make the station less austere since it was a terminus and would have had a building and (c) visually balance the layout a bit, is a Shapeways print of El Alamein (though not quite right). When I spotted it on Shapeways, something screamed at me, subconsciously, even though it's not really in the line's "style", and I wasn't even looking for anything for this layout. I was asked elsewhere if this was an attempt to do Aquarium station.... and no it wasn't, but I'll take what I can get.
  8. Folks as we have a couple of other modellers coming through with their layouts, and this was meant to be a Prototype discussion, I've started a new topic in Micro Layouts which I will update. I am hugely grateful for all the interest and input, and of course to Simon for producing the prints. Here's the layout topic: And here's the stock on an enthusiasts special to Leamouth, on the District Line, in 2009
  9. Love this, very original, not sure why it's not getting more likes Daniel.
  10. Coming up via phone: WIP though - not yet found a robust enough way to disguise the entrance to the FY. Being a random reefy rocky place in mid-Atlntic (we are not in the Caribbean as everyone thinks), random rock faces do appear and there are lots of cuttings in the real thing. The bridge is also a 3D print.
  11. I've posted a few pics over on the "Overseas Prototype" section, but what started as a discussion about models seems to have turned into a layout topic. As there are other modellers coming on scene, I'll focus on my layout here. It's a 75cm x 13cm micro built into an RUB box, but this time turned on its side to allow more height. It's based on Bermuda's short lived railway in the later 1930s. Track is Kato for convenience and robustness, as the layout is being built in Bermuda and will have to fly to the UK this year or next. Stock and buildings are 3D prints. The track leaves stage right to an improvised fiddle yard. Tomix and Kato mechanisms are being experimented with - very hard to do due to the distinctive shape of the motor cars. Thank you for looking - more info about the Railway here:
  12. Finally starting to feel happy with awkward corner....
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