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  1. Figures. They always look like naff china figurines on old ladies' mantlepieces, best leave the railway items speak for themselves in my view.
  2. It's made of plastic you're not going to get accuracy better than +/- 0.5mm at best. Unimat wasn't a manufacturer it was a model. The good stuff was made by Emco in Austria. That is not an example of it!
  3. Wow, that is quite a damming report but does highlight the strange position of engineering with regards to heritage stuff. It's no wonder so many cock ups were made.
  4. All I get when I try to access the marketplace is SQL errors or a message saying there are no items listed.
  5. Cheers Gents - the book has arrived and I've started work on transforming the drawing into 3mm scale working cad drawings. So far I've shoehorned (well hardly, there is ample room!) a Mashima 1015 with flywheel as well as 142:1 gearbox into the boiler, driving the rear axle whilst allowing full cab detail and empty side tanks for lots of weight to be added! I have just noticed that there seems to be 2 types of wheel and one locomotive at least shows both types at the same time! I guess it's time to pick an exact prototype!
  6. 37s were regular into Pwllheli into the 90s, I can recall double headed engineers trains as well but can't remember if that was 2x 37s or 2x 31s (or both). A Weak bridge West of Porthmadog put paid to that circa 94. Long after the period being modelled anyway so probably doesn't help much!
  7. That really is crying out for a model! Pizza cutter flanges essential!
  8. Cheers, I've bought the book so we shall see. it was also mentioned to me earlier today in regard to LNWR locos so I'm sure I'll find a use! That's a new one on me, bookmarked for future reference!
  9. I've also found in HMRS :" 0-6-0 Goods Tank - Sectional Plan; Cross Section dwg. no. 67" No preview image so don't know whether it's relevant or not! There is also a Weight diagram in NRM, I suspect probably the same drawing as in the book?
  10. Well it's a start I guess! Is it a case of the drawing having been 'stretched' or otherwise distorted or is it just drawn plain wrong?
  11. Anybody know of a source for these? It's the little 0-6-0T dock tanks as used on the Cromford & High Peak line. I'm trawling through NRM and HMRS but not getting very far - I have a vague recollection of having seen drawings of them in the past somewhere, probably mistaken though!
  12. 0.3mm is only available over a small area - less than 30mm long IIRC. It's also far too weak and wobbly for anything other than small pieces. 0.5mm is fairly rigid but still too flimsy for 4mm sheet metal bits, 0.8mm should do nicely.
  13. It is rather nice, yes: Film Is Not Dead by R. Alan Jones, on Flickr Just to be clear the OP's budget is circa £300 and he's looking at a D3100 not anything like a full frame pro model, and there are a lot of film SLRs that still command that (And it may surprise you but Nikon aren't the dominant force in sought after film SLRs!) That said, if you can find me a price on an Olympus OM3Ti, it will make your eyes water I guarantee it!
  14. The 009 market host the biggest collection of the worst possible kits ever created, with few exceptions (Backwoods Miniatures spring to mind, though they are not entirely without the odd fault). But what is strange is it's the really terrible kits that are most successful in 009 land. The faults with the majority being the reliance on N gauge mechanisms which have long been out of production and were not very good to start with. Quarry Hunslet with the wrong saddle tank and over-long footplate on an Arnold chassis anyone? Yuck!
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