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  1. The Mars 2 Pro is back in stock on Amazon again. I had a £42 voucher for the delays to the Saturn. Got plenty of resin (4 litres of Anycubic for £82 on AliExpress currently), so I’ve gone for the 2 Pro. Should be interesting. That’s 4 printers now; with the Photon, original Mars and the Saturn. Should stop... I also notice Amazon are carrying the range of Siraya Tech resins at sensible prices, which is great news.
  2. Wow, Jo! That looks awesome. Definitely look forward to some of those!
  3. Bit unfair. He’s provided examples why the two new releases pertinent to this thread are daft choices. The “yet again” suggests there have been multiple past transgressions. I never cease to be amazed at people wanting the correct region codes on their stock, or different running numbers. So wanting an example that had a longer service life seems reasonable to me.
  4. Great! does it move, or fixed height? I’ve been meaning to do the CAD for an N gauge one, don’t think it’d work commercially as I think they’d need to be treated as disposable due to the fragility.
  5. If I'm feeling lazy I just heat the resin in the vat with a heat gun for 30 seconds before printing. The UV array should keep the resin warm once it starts printing. I wouldn't use it outside in sub-zero or wet conditions, and it's probably not ideal full stop, but ultimately many of them are probably in single skin brick garages, which aren't that much different atmospherically!
  6. And no sooner did I mention the Mirror functionality being weird it's back to having a drop down selection for bodies/faces/components.
  7. [/pedant]Well, yes, as there aren’t any EWS HKAs, just ex-NP and DBS[/pedant] I wonder how many people actively seek all the different running numbers versus merely picking up what’s there. Fortunately in N the running numbers are usually so tiny it makes no difference, but given the comparatively low difference I wonder if only offering limited running numbers is based on historic sales performance. To ask that another way, have people held off buying a wagon because of a limited variety of running numbers?
  8. njee20

    Class 88/93

    I suspect a significant number of people have single examples, and would sooner have a different livery, although obviously there will be plenty of people with duplicates; I think I'm up to 15 EWS 66s! My point with the 73/9 is that it's a different loco. Why not talk about the Deltic prototype, or the LMS Twins, or Falcon. Only one (or two) of those, but the existence of them in model form doesn't make the 88 any more (or less) likely or viable. That's not to say it isn't viable, but they're totally mutually exclusive, don't let personal bias affect it. Plenty of people ha
  9. Definitely agree with warming the resin; I've noticed a marked degredation in the success of prints since the weather got colder.
  10. njee20

    Class 88/93

    Ultimately they’re a different class of loco entirely, with different utilisation and different geographical spread, so comparisons about “x have announced a 73/9, so an 88 is nailed on” are utterly pointless. The existence (or not) of the 73/9 doesn’t make any difference to the viability of an 88. We’re told that electrics don’t sell as well. A class of 10 locos in one livery doesn’t seem like a compelling prospect at all, and personally even if they chuck a couple of new liveries into the mix I’m not sure I’d expect them to be as much of a sure thing as some seem to think.
  11. That’s almost exactly my experience! I also have a Saturn and I’m a bit underwhelmed. If you put any quantity of stuff on the build plate you have to have the lift speeds so slow it’s actually slower than a Mars. The 2 Pro should be much faster, if that’s an issue.
  12. Yes, I’ve got the upgraded Z-axis in my photon and it’s still worse than my Mars. I should try and sort it sometime, it’s degraded markedly over time.
  13. I get better results from it more consistently. It’s easier to take apart for things like screen replacement. Print area is very slightly larger too IIRC. that said the Photon is more solid, and I quite like the hinged lid versus the lift off cover.
  14. Personally I have an Anycubic Wash and Cure, which is far from essential, but does reduce faff and do a good job. The cleaning and curing is a faff frankly, but not the end of the world. I used to use an ultrasonic cleaner, which wasn’t worth it. Lots of people use pickle jars, which are a cheap alternative. The Photon is crazy value at the moment, that said I still prefer my Mars, which are currently £185. Or the new Photon Mono or Mars 2 Pro at ~£275 (when there’s stock). There isn’t really a wrong answer. I’ve had good customer service from Anycubic and Elegoo. I’m very
  15. It’s not so much that, but which brand would take on the JJA (or anything else cited here) knowing that Bachmann could just miraculously decide they were viable after all! Makes me quite happy I can 3D print a number of the models mentioned, perhaps I should scale up to OO...!
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