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  1. Wow. Have you thought about practical considerations like how you’ll reach the middle? Your plan appears to be to fill most of the space with track, but obviously you’ll have to be able to actually reach the middle. As for what track you’ll need you can work out what points you’ll need, then just buy a few boxes of flex track, and top up if needed! By the time you’ve got 3(!) yards that’s going to be 100+ points easily. I’d personally consider whether less is more. That layout will take decades to build, I assume you’re happy with that?
  2. Even in N that looks enormous! Would be good to know the space available. Why do you want to use a computer if you don’t think you’re good with them? Print out paper templates and lay them on the ground instead. No reason you have to use a design program.
  3. I've put a very subtle curve into Finetrax turnouts without any modifications, but yes, I'm sure that cutting the webbing would allow some more extensive curvature, the bases are not particularly rigid! I realise this is quite an old thread now too, but I'm also combining Finetrax with Easitrac plain track, seems to work alright based on my glacial progress so far! Would seem a better solution for the OP.
  4. Nice. That was my assumption, particularly with a back working later, but I couldn’t find that detail. Will definitely go for a nosey!
  5. Something coming down from Vic to Chichester tomorrow via Dorking/Horsham and the Arun Valley. I assumed a railtour, but nothing is using the Southern half of Vic, so unless the work is literally in the station it seems odd. May head down for a nosey! Non story if ever there was one, sorry! https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:U63500/2021-11-27/detailed
  6. I’m gonna guess at an 88.
  7. I’m not sure it’s necessarily insufficient supports FWIW, they just bracing. A lattice is much stiffer, and will resist bending. You may want to rotate slightly in the X (or Y) axis too, so it’s effectively twisted, that’ll mitigate those layers lines you’re getting at the points of maximum suction.
  8. Still EWS, no one else was using 60s at that point.
  9. Do you have a hand drawn plan, or at least some details of what you’re after?
  10. Did you email that to them, or are you asking via the forum…? I don’t believe they’re on here…
  11. Aerodynamics in cycling is material at speeds above ~18mph, so it’s always a factor! Air resistance increases by the square of the speed, so yes, more material on a TGV than a suburban DMU, but you could still improve fuel consumption on the DMU with some aerodynamic improvements.
  12. I much prefer unvalanced A4s too! And rebuilt Merchant Navies.
  13. It depends a lot on whether you want to print lots of small items direct on the bed. IMO they often no real benefit if you’re printing things away from the bed, I personally use a raft, and just remove from that. However anything small printed direct on the bed can be awkward to remove without damage.
  14. Just go go N! I’ve got some FV20s to build!
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