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  1. I can’t see printing ever replacing injection moulding for the sort of mass production Lego are employing. It’s awesome for rapid prototyping or small production runs, but not for mass production IMO.
  2. Yes, it was tongue in cheek, although I suspect it’d still affect a lot of model retailers, particularly the big ones. Could be interesting.
  3. It does seem like something they could apply to online only retailers. Cue Amazon and Asos opening small stores in a corner of Wales to get out of it!
  4. I think John’s products are cheap enough for it not to be a huge issue, and I suspect that’s key. A few quid and people are more likely to take a punt. £20 and you may ask around the club if anyone has it already. £100 and you’ll probably appeal to the internet to try and get one. Whatever ‘it’ is.
  5. Curiouser and curiouser… its possible they assembled it badly, with the protective film under the tape for the screen, but that seems weird. Did it peel off easily? The film isn’t adhesive, just ‘static’ fit, whilst the polariser needs a good tug (I tried when I replaced the screen on my 2 Pro), so if it came straight off then perhaps it was a dodgy assembly. Again though, I can’t see how that’s causing the issue with the Z not lowering after the first layer. What happens if you print with no build plate or vat? May make it more obvious what’s going on? There is an IR sensor at the b
  6. I know, hence saying “wait for a £1 listing offer”. They messed around last year with reduced fee offers too, so 5% fees and things, plus there wee breaks of several months with nothing. I agree it does sometimes seem quite arbitrary who gets what. Surely the continuation or not of those is irrelevant though? To them it shouldn’t make a huge difference. They sold PayPal 5 years ago, so they’ve not been benefitting from the extra fees there. If word gets out that it’s now an even better deal for sellers that’s a benefit to them. Of course they could discontinue the offers, but then you’re stil
  7. Be aware that on flex track the rail will move as you curve it, potentially exposing unpainted bits.
  8. That’s right. If you need more than 12 you can either add a DCC module to each board, or buy the “multi panel processor”. Depends how many more boards you’ll need.
  9. Yes, that definitely looks the polariser you have removed, new screen needed sadly, particularly if it has a hole in it. They were in stock on Amazon last week, but I believe they’ve sold out. Worth dropping Elegoo an email; but anything from them will take a few weeks to arrive. Run an exposure test to verify, without the polariser you won’t get the image - just a solid block of exposure. Still odd about the problems you mention though, can’t see how that would be related. FWIW you don’t need to do the Z=0 on Elegoo machines, just undo both bolts on the plate, home it and t
  10. What's not to understand - Scotrail 156s visit Carlisle, but 314s don't? Most commissioning retailers will commission things relevant to them - Kernow do lots of prototypes relevant to the South West (not solely, admittedly), C&M focus on stuff relevant to their locale. That's very different to what people model, where I agree that I suspect a minority of people actually model what's local to them. I think your comment that Revolution "won't entertain" doing C&C is misplaced; Mike has said that if you can prove the demand is there then they will do it. They have more experi
  11. Yeah, I think I stripped one (out of about 60), but the others have all been fine. I’ve no idea if they’re ‘genuine’ or not.
  12. You get confirmation of payment just as you did before. However where PayPal effectively ‘bridged’ the funds, so you had them immediately in your pocket (they could still be reversed of course) Adyen (who are the new payment provider) don’t. eBay make it clear that you’ve been paid and you should despatch the goods before the funds are physically in your account. I can see this may make some uncomfortable, I was mildly hesitant, but it seems to work fine. I think there were a lot of illusions in how PayPal worked, Adyen are a more conventional payment processor, they’re FCA registe
  13. How much?! I paid less than £1 each for my SG90s, they’re still that much via AliExpress. what are the microservos? Silent is appealing.
  14. Yes, there’s more metal in the Photon, it’s heavier and stays put better, where my Marses can move around a bit more easily. I do personally prefer the hinged lid too marginally. But it’s so much easier to replace a screen in a Mars, and the sprung build plate is a much better idea. On balance I do think they’re the better machines.
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