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  1. Dunno how I’d missed this - looks stunning!
  2. Yep, but it doesn’t, so you have to buy hardware to overcome a software issue!
  3. I understand all of that, but there’s essentially no benefit to buying I-Train now. It’s not lifeboats on the Titanic at all, because you can still get the metaphorical lifeboats after the ship has sunk! It’s akin to filling your car with petrol and then buying a full Jerry can at the same time, in case your car develops a leak and there’s a fuel shortage at the same time. Still, like I said, your money, just seems crazy. Just deal with that issue if it arises, the value of your layout is irrelevant.
  4. But your purchase is predicated on: 1. Traincontroller ceasing to be available 2. Herr Friewald not putting in provision for existing users in perpetuity when 1) occurs. 3. both of those occurring and then your existing USB stick breaking That's 3 things that need to occur for you to have to switch. Buying I-train now to prevent the fallout from all of those occurring, which seems unlikely at best doesn't seem realistic to me. Even if that did happen 10 years down the line what if there's a far better alternative by then, you've paid for I-Train for years for no reason. It's your money though.
  5. That seems crazy. You're spending loads of money on the vague notion that one day a sequence of events may happen that could cause you a problem? That's not realistic at all IMO!
  6. Yes his quote above definitely implies competition. Dapol are the obvious ‘other’ brand, but I’m not are of them doing them. Dave certainly had a lot of stock for sale today, relieved him of a cheap 86!
  7. Seems unlikely. Before re-wiring why not remove some boards (or servos) and see if that cures it. When I exceeded the capacity of my power supply it was very different - all the servos would start but would twitch perfectly in unison, there wasn’t quite enough ‘kick’ to get them through the start up cycle. Removing a few would ‘reset’ it and enable start up. Yours sounds quite different. Edit: that was about 20 servos on 2 boards on a 1 amp power supply.
  8. Going to get seriously expensive using any number of those Busch ones. I'd like to load mine, but can't decide how. Looks to be 3 cars/vans per flat, so I'd need 60, which will cost almost as much as the wagons!
  9. Yes they've certainly been very proactive in repainting boxes, you see loads of them over here considering how new they are.
  10. Yes, loads. If you look at Andy Jupe's excellent pictures here you'll see lots of covered quad sets with Land Rovers and Range Rovers (they look like Freelanders and Evoques in the main), at Rugby, with 92 or 66 haulage. One shows a 90 DIT behind a 92. Here's a 92 at Northampton, from Revolution's promo material:
  11. But we’re talking about a very specific product (Train Controller Software), not a theoretical one. This isn’t a “how does EU pricing regulation work?” thread. The regulations are clear, there are some interpretations on here which are wrong (not yours specifically), sorry. Actually the digital download thing doesn’t really change anything, people just get confused with irrelevant examples and thinking that people are saying things they’re not. It’s easier to consider because there’s no delivery or handling, but the concept is still basically the same if you consider collection instead. Different retailers may charge different amounts. Hatton’s and Rails can obviously charge differently. Bachmann France can charge a different price to Bachmann UK and Bachmann Slovenia. What one can’t do is charge an amount for a product to be picked up which varies depending on where you are purchasing from. That’s basically it.
  12. I’ve certainly been put off buying it by what I’ve read on here. Some people just don’t deserve to be in business.
  13. Again, the Lego example is irrelevant because it’s not a digital download. A Lego set in Greece may well be cheaper than in Germany, but if someone in Greece phones a German toyshop and says “hi, I want to collect my set” he must be charged the same price as someone from Germany. More relevant perhaps would be if Lego charged to download instructions - if a retailer is selling them to different member states a person in Greece should be able to purchase them for the same price as any other member state. You can’t say “oh you’re in Greece, that’s €10 more. We’re not talking different retailers, nor different subsidiaries, nor different physical products. I’m unsure why the irrelevant examples continue to proliferate!
  14. Yes, like I say I think we're saying the same thing, which isn't the same as Junctionmad (despite him saying he agrees with you). He's saying it's fine to charge different prices to sell in France and Germany, but not to charge a German living in France more than a French national. That's obviously madness because there's no way of determining the nationality of a purchaser, therefore discrimination would be largely impossible. What Herr Friewald is doing is discriminating by geographical boundaries despite their being absolutely no difference in the cost to him, as he's providing a digital download. This is in contravention of the EU regulations that Andy shared on the last page. So yes, in your car example, if someone living in the UK phoned Audi in Germany and asked for their car to be delivered it can of course cost more than if someone in Germany did the same. However, if the UK-resident wanted to go to Germany to collect it then they may not be charged a different price to someone who resides in Germany. These analogies are a little tortured though because there's no delivery component at all with a digital download!
  15. Agreed, and actually maybe the APT isn't a bad shout, would be great to see that happening. I shall reserve judgement, and try and buy some of Dave's personal stock!
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