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  1. Just use extender leads? You may get a bit of chatter. Depends how far we’re talking.
  2. iOS app downloaded, looks good! Not that I’ve got a layout at the moment.
  3. Well when you put it like that... resistance seems futile quite honestly.
  4. I'm really conflicted on these! I've got a full set of Electra vinyl fitted Farish mk2s and 3s, but the Dapol coaches are nicer, but then... no mk2s (yet). Decisions, decisions!
  5. I wouldn’t use Water washable resin. The amount of IPA you use is tiny compared to the amount of resin. There are lots of problems with prints cracking with water washable. You use can use acetone or meths if IPA is hard to find. Seems to me that IPA is available again, at roughly double the pre-COVID price. Elegoo resin came back into stock on amazon yesterday, seemed only to be a few colours, at £31 a litre. I usually buy Anycubic resin from AliExpress, it hovers around £29-£32 a litre, and usually arrives (from Spain) within a week. Yes they’ve already teased their new offering. I suspect they’ll pull the Photon Mono and instead come up with a new Saturn beater, or rival at least. It’s a great time to be a consumer!
  6. That’s a depressing sight! I remember having some TrainTronics signals back in the early 90s, I was never sure if the origins of this company were the same. It was always odd that the site had N gauge stuff but it was always “call for prices” and I never saw anyone who actually used their stuff. I presume the OO gauge ones actually existed...?!
  7. Interesting those are the Ermewa ones. The NACCO ones seem far more common; to the extent I really struggled to find pictures of the Ermewa ones when working out if they ever got mixed.
  8. The 92 was the first (and only) model of his I was really interested in, but I quickly jumped ship when Revolution announced theirs. I recall Dave claimed quite quickly that the N gauge one remained viable, and that he’d actually accrued more orders following the announcement of the Revolution one, which seemed utterly implausible at the time, and a total fantasy in hindsight.
  9. Layouts 4U are just generic Chinese ones, I'd just buy them from AliExpress.
  10. Will do, and as above, another chance this weekend For those who didn’t!
  11. I got a Saturn I tried all the major different CAD packages, but also landed on Fusion360 as being the most user friendly, I also liked the Lars Christiansen tutorials, although I always find the difficulty is translating a step by step tutorial into a real world application of the same processes. Got there in the end though! 2k/4K doesn’t make a huge difference I don’t think. People were up in arms about the Saturn originally having a 2k screen despite the larger size, and thus a lower print quality, but it was totally indiscernible to the naked eye, a few microns. I think it’s a bit like megapixel counts on cameras, basically a weeing competition!
  12. Probably because it's really really flawed as a buyer, because the seller has no option but to leave positive feedback!
  13. I do leave it, just tend to do it in batches when I remember, not be sitting at the computer the second the parcel arrives to ensure I don't get blocked by them! If someone has a feedback score of 8,000 I doubt they care about waiting a month for it to become 8,001.
  14. I used to find it a faff to do a combined postage invoice, so I just do free postage now, much easier!
  15. You just need to wire the speaker to the decoder on the powered loco. Assuming a standard 8ohm impedance you’ll want two 8 or 16 ohm speakers if in parallel, or two 4 ohm if in series (I think...). Should be alright. I’d contemplated doing something similar myself.
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