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  1. I'd completely missed this evening being announced. I really hope it's because they're spending time getting the colours even vaguely close to accurate, rather than using the purple they used on "Lesia".
  2. The 90 is a glaring omission in the modern lineup, but Mike and Ben have always been reticent due to Bachmann's offering, and that's compounded by the 3-monthly schedule; Farish could have one up their sleeve almost done. Bet they don't, mind! Surely it is only a matter of time though before someone does it...
  3. According to this, yes, 3 of the 11 coaches are ex-5BEL, whilst the other 8 are split between three manufacturers and decades of production. Given they've also had to make changes to bring them up to modern standards, so they'd not actually span any serious period of time accurately perhaps not...! I think mk4s (and a 91) are a good shout, I'll back that horse
  4. It never officially died, but with the best will in the world neither Cav nor Alex even started a thread here to promote the N gauge one once the OO gauge one was locked following the Hornby announcement, and here we are next 2 years later with nary a sniff of an update! I think that speaks volumes... Pullmans could be very interesting; someone suggested them on the NGF as well. I'd be in for a rake of those for a railtour I'm sure!
  5. I get that you're right, but the mk5s are also £45 a coach, the IIAs are £40 a wagon etc. Yes, ok, you could have pre-ordered a 92 earlier and got it cheaper; I think the early bird was more like £125 IIRC, but even so... I'm not singling Revolution out by any means, merely observing that the wailing and gnashing of teeth which goes with "Farish's prices are excessive" seems unfounded to me. There are some anomalies - Farish clearly seek parity in the pricing of new and old, so you get things like the 170 at a huge price rise, to keep it in line with the forthcoming 158, whilst Dapol appear a bit more pragmatic, and will just live with a disparity between the price of ostensibly similar models. The batch production isn't new either, yes ok in the Poole-era days you could always buy a NSE mk2 coach, but the range was extremely limited, and the quality poor. I do know what you mean about the cost - and I'm the same. Ironically I think it's compounded by the new quarterly announcements, as you've got the potential for something to suddenly land and sell out quickly, without the benefit of planning; not that I'm any good with that! To revisit Revolution I decided to pass on the MMAs, I'd really like a rake, but just couldn't justify the expense alongside other wagons (particularly when I can design and print some poor-quality copies myself!). I bought another Pendolino instead.
  6. Sorry, I call rubbish on that. For a start Bachmann's prices are rising in OO too, nothing to do with N, which generally remains cheaper than OO. Dapol's prices are on the up too - £135 for the new 59, and that'll go up before they land. That's very much on par with Farish's releases. Revolution's 92 was £175 in the shops, but I didn't hear howls of derision. Model railways is not a particularly expensive hobby, even within "collector" circles, I certainly don't think it's "the" most expensive, I'm not even sure how you'd quantify that. You can buy a starter set for £100 all in, £20 of wood and be away. You don't ever need to spend another penny. The expense is in the idea we 'need' more stock, and that the new variant of XBQ wagon, with the Mayhoffen discharge chute fitted to the left hand side of bay number 3, and the erroneous logo, as worn for 20 minutes in July 1982 is utterly essential to our continued happiness. Complaints about the older participants dying off and not being replaced by 'new blood' are as old as the hobby itself, it just isn't true.
  7. I wouldn't know the difference between a King and a Castle without checking the nameplate I'm playing devil's advocate as much as anything. There's been a good 2A on the market for some years. Yes, ok the 2B/C are different, but there's a definite overlap in that market, and how many people will have either 'settled' for 2As and wouldn't rush to swap to 2B/C or simply don't know/care about the differences? This is somewhat tangental however, given they've not announced any mk2s, and perhaps I'll eat my words in a few months!
  8. Thank you, I wrote F, and then changed my mind! I know they are different, but are they different enough? That’s rhetorical. To be fair the Farish 2As are making good money second hand, and supply is poor, but I’d have thought it would be too close for Revolution to go there.
  9. I’d have thought mk2 coaches would be a bit of a risk. You’ve got decent 2A and 2D(?) coaches, and the number of people who actually know the specific differences is fairly limited I’d say. 91 and mk4s would be interesting, and not a bad shout, particularly with the 89. If the loco is a 91 that seems a racing certainty. I always say I’d love a 90, and I really would (or 10), but I’m waiting on Mercig to redo a Farish one, so preferably not for a while…! I wondered if a 59 was a possibility. Obviously Dapol have just reinvigorated theirs, so I suspect not, given that was always a threat, but you never know… Exciting it isn’t long to wait!
  10. I've got some 3D printed (currently N gauge) ones Mick - could look at scaling it up if you want spare bodies to mess about with, rather than practice on the 'real' thing! It's fascinating to see how badly they're fairing. A lot of the Drax IIAs have gone the same way.
  11. I mean... great, but now what do I do with my Franken-66! That may as well become something else! Starting to take it personally with the number of my projects that get picked up! I may start taking requests... That does now mean I 'need' three though!
  12. Bit harsh - Dapol have done plenty of re-runs/new liveries lately, plus we've had the 50 and the 68 in the last few years. Have they done much more in OO...?
  13. I do 3D printed JHAs... I'd definitely have a Hanson one. Indeed I'm in the middle of respraying a 66, and now that'll be as far as it goes, sod redoing the underframe and bogies
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