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  1. Yep, that's why I didn't go there. Not happy, just send it back straight away and I'll refund.
  2. njee20

    EBay madness

    Totally agree on the “look”, why do people even do that?! the account is called “lineside and locos”, so I assume he means he weathered the items.
  3. Superb! Forgive me if I’ve missed it, how big have you made it? IIRC it scales to about 55cm long? I thought about 35cm would still look imposing!
  4. It wasn't cheap, because it's a desireable item, but I was happy it was the going rate. Frankly it was more than the new price, but like so many things (it was railway related) it was something produced in one batch 10 years ago, so there are no longer any new ones and people pay above retail for them. I understood his grievance, hence offering to have it back, completely unconditionally. Communication ended with "I think I just need to chalk it up to experience", but he's yet to leave feedback either way! Having made the mistake I'm unsure what else I could have done.
  5. Lovely job! I'm inspired to start the CAD on my version of it, although I'm ages away from building that (or any!) part of the layout!
  6. Yep, absolutely; loads of pictures, accurate description, and whilst I didn't use the word "used" in the description I was happy I described it accurately. I didn't even notice the condition was wrong until I actively went looking for it in the listing. I'll confess I didn't want to get into partial refunds, I'd sooner have just had it back, which is why I immediately offered that, as well as offering to sort any issues should they arise down the line. Didn't feel I could do anything else, as you say, a genuine mistake.
  7. I fully expected my first negative a few weeks ago. I sold something, where the item 'condition' field was marked as new (it was an item last produced 10 years ago), although the description was honest and didn't say anything about that, rather that it was in the wrong box, but was in good condition etc. I genuinely don't know how it happened. I think I must have been lazy and done "sell one like this" on someone else's listing, as I never list items as new. The buyer messaged me and asked for the proof of purchase "for the warranty" - I told him it was out of date (I still had no
  8. Does seem a little surprising that there's not a single N gauge item of stock, not even a re-livery.
  9. It’s just an MPV. It runs most days in autumn obviously, but much less the rest of the year. I caught a GBRF 66 on a ballast train at Billingshurst a few months ago (mainly JNAs, with some MOAs and MXAs for good luck), seemed to be a spate of weekends where the loco was coming up from Eastleigh and heading back with some empty wagons.
  10. Which bit of the WCML? You’ve got mk1 and mk3, and within that you’ve got probably 20 different styles of portal, plus single and double masts, tensioning masts. Which registration arms, there’s probably 5 different types of those too. Etc etc.
  11. Obviously that’s a different topic altogether, but I think you’ve explained yourself why it’s unlikely - 4 different geographical styles, multiple mast types… you want accurate OHLE then scratch build it. You want generic - there are options. RTP ‘prototypical’ OHLE is a poison chalice IMO! How would a manufacturer choose what to do? Anyway. Looking forward to watching the development of the 93 in 1:1 and smaller sizes!
  12. There's a separate thread on managed payments, but yes, it's cheaper for sellers and gives more assurance to buyers. But it's change, and people don't like change. It's also made people realise they were signed up to a load of things via PayPal, like fees for chargebacks, they didn't know about. £1 fee offers with managed payments are great - without the cost of Paypal, and the 30p transaction fee only being applied once, sellers do far better. I sold something for £400, and received £399 in my account. I sold £240 of items, comprising 3 items, and got £237.60. In PayPa
  13. I could be wrong. I recall they’re heavier than the IKAs, but that’s not hard!
  14. Yes, they’ve done several batches (with different catalogue numbers). But the Fastline ones discussed on the last page were a special edition 11 years ago.
  15. I'm not so sure they are. Given second hand values I'd suggest buying a load of stock 10 years ago purely to sell on would be an extremely good investment! This is interesting to see. As Jo says, the N gauge ones are totally plastic, so they don't run particularly well, have one of the 'arms' in completely the wrong place and have a tendancy to turn into bananas, but don't crack!
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