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  1. I don’t mind the van per se, but having it in factory condition looks stupid. Needs weathering to be even vaguely plausible.
  2. What do you mean ‘more likely’? It was a test train to see if the changes to the ETH on the leading loco (92014) could sustain periods of high speed running. All in the link. Yes the second loco could well be there as a positioning move.
  3. And no one is saying that. This is nothing to do with the pandemic. Farish have always been incredibly slow to react to demand and re-run items; as well as their utterly bizarre stance of making the same number of every item, so they quickly sell out of standard class coaches and you have firsts and brakes left on the shelves. I’m sure this is driven by Kader, and the economics of British N, but this has been a problem with Farish products for years. People really need to stop using the pandemic as justification for absolutely everything. Let’s not pretend that Bachmann had containers of mk1s sat the dockside, but for that pesky pandemic.
  4. Agreed - 76.2/43.5 = 175.17% OP suggests he is scaling to 1:45, which isn’t quite British O.
  5. What else do they do other than print bits and bobs?! The Mars 2, when they’re discounted to ~£170 is a great printer, highly recommend one! I’ve certainly seen people casting from a printed master, I’m too lazy, just as easy to keep hitting print!
  6. Brian Blessed voices the role of "Grampy Rabbit" in Peppa Pig. He's a lighthouse keeper, who is also the fog horn, he just bellows "FOGGGGGGG" at the top of his voice. Inspired casting. Lost on children. I've had a few of those full screen popups on mobile in the last few days, they are a bit of a pain!
  7. I agree it’s better than the ‘general waft of brown’, and I suspect they did look like that for a very short period after launch, but the weathered ones (ie all of them) look absolutely nothing like that now. It’s a better effort than the OO gauge ones, but still misses the mark for me. The Imerys font is wrong too, disappointingly scaled down from the OO gauge ones.
  8. I’ve got an Elegoo Neptune 2 FDM, and then an Anycubic Photon, Elegoo Mars, Mars 2 Pro and a Saturn, plus a Phrozen Sonic Mega on order. Bit excessive really!
  9. Yep, and they’re not intended as home printers. By ‘home’ I meant not £3,000, and not aimed at industrial use. The Peopoly Moai is/was SLA too, which is more of a home printer, but no longer available. However nothing by Elegoo, Anycubic, Epax, Phrozen, Voxelab, Longer etc etc.
  10. I think the problem with downsizing becomes wall thicknesses and details being too small to print, or being very fragile, but yes, conceptually it works well!
  11. Quite. Smaller even than the original Photon. Elegoo have teased a Mars 3 DLP too. I can totally see the appeal; no LCDs to break or wear out, more resilient, very crisp detail (even if notional voxel size is bigger than equivalent MSLA). SLA is a different technology again FWIW, I’m not are of any home SLA printers, they’re all MSLA (masked SLA).
  12. Ok, stop the Curry’s thing. It’s silly. I printed this on a basic domestic printer (in 3 pieces). It’s not very detailed, as I simply scaled up the N gauge CAD to see if it would work. Bogies and all. It does, so I’m going to make it more detailed to suit the larger size. There are home printers coming to market that’ll print these in one piece. OO gauge is easy. In N gauge you’re laughing. Surely your point is pretty moot though. You’re not being asked what you’d use a printer for. The OP is specifically suggesting a kit of parts, so ability to print in one piece isn’t relevant.
  13. That’s how I sell them. Everything other than paint. I do all the artwork and print the decals. I only buy wheels. Not sure I agree with that. The detail on offer from cheap home printers is excellent. Generally accurate to ~0.05mm. The difficulty is in producing decent CAD drawings with all the detail, particularly for more intricate parts.
  14. There's poll data out there for what is in demand if you want to make a certain prototype. Personally I print quite a few wagons (modern image, principally N, one I've done in O, toying with OO), but only ever ones I want, as I don't think there's enough of a market in kits for me to want to invest dozens (if not hundreds) of hours in CAD, tinkering of print settings etc only to find that no one wants them or a RTR manufacturer ends up releasing them (as has now happened twice!). If people want them then I will sell them, but for me it's not a business at all, and I've no real desire for it to be, I like having things that no one else does, created by me! I don't think there is any one (or even a range) of products out there that are such a slam dunk you'll be selling thousands. Generic items are more freely available from the likes of Thingiverse, and among the small number of narrow gauge modellers how many will want to build kits, and how many will be happy with generic items? That's probably not a common set of behaviours. Conversely, the time required to make a good effort of a specific prototype, not to mention the ancilliaries like wheels, decals etc, mean there is no perfect choice IMO. Personally for me a sprue of parts defeats the purpose of 3D printing; I like to print things in as few pieces as possible (virtually all of my wagon bodies are in one piece), but not everyone likes that.
  15. Go by train, lift share, park at Birmingham International. Even so, you’re talking about the price difference of less than a two axle wagon! Like I say, I get why people wouldn’t want to go to Warley because of the price, but specifically “more expensive than people can afford”? Surely you’d be skipping exhibitions entirely?
  16. Is Warley materially more expensive than TINGS? Tickets are £16.50 (I’ve just checked) versus £11. Why would anything else cost more? If that extra £5.50 is pivotal then I guess you’re right, but all other comments about buying things are then totally moot. I get why people don’t want to go, I’m merely commenting that personally, whilst I enjoy TINGS, I prefer Warley.
  17. I’d much rather you were diligently painting my 90 Ian I do get the sentiment, but I think conflating “the premier N gauge show” with needing everyone who specialises in N gauge to attend is unrealistic (if you’ll forgive me paraphrasing you, Grahame!). I personally think Warley is a better show, even speaking as an N gauge modeller. I’ll admit I enjoy watching layouts in any scale, but I don’t think TINGS is a really exceptional show. I enjoy it, but it’s actually pretty small, and I’ve tended to get more bargains at Warley. I’ve all but given up trying to get those little odds and ends at exhibitions, I’ve always found that even if the suppliers are there; the ranges are usually so big that the specific widget I need is out of stock!
  18. Im all for the second hand sales. Going stand to stand and seeing the exact same, current, items is annoying. Im not sure I really get your complaints, Grahame. Mercig has been there previously, but it’s not like he sells anything, just has eye candy, I guess he maybe gets a few commissions out of it. DMToys have made it clear they don’t want to do business with the UK post Brexit, refusing to remove German VAT from sales (or supplementing orders with a ‘handling fee’ which is miraculously equivalent to the VAT), so I doubt we’ll see them. UM and Peco Phil covered (rumours aside).
  19. And an N gauge 59 and APT, and a 92 in both gauges and and and…!
  20. Makes sense, I admire your precision and drive for perfection! I just hope it doesn't detract from the whole 'playing with trains' bit! See you at Tolworth!
  21. How many volumes is the operating manual up to now?! You level of organisation is both impressive and overwhelming!
  22. I'm sure I remember there being an 89 promoted in (possibly) Rail Express in the mid 90s, I'd have said it was a Lima model, no ide what happened to it!
  23. Hollowing the walls is a bad idea, any hollowed solid needs drain holes, or the pressure will cause failure anyway. What do you mean about the solid matrix? Did you use infill? If so, avoid that. If the lack of vent holes wasn’t the cause here it was the suction I’d suggest. That seems odd if rotating it didn’t solve the problem though. Unless it was simply the combination of the two; big surface area and high suction. What are your lift speeds? I’d definitely thin your walls (don’t hollow them), it’ll cause you more problems having them so thick, and is just using unnecessary resin.
  24. Yep, indeed there is, I didn't want to mention...! As you say, it looks days and nights better than Peco, even if the turnouts aren't entirely era appropriate. Repainting those would be more than enough I'd say.
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