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    Co. Kerry, Ireland.
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    I've enjoyed model railways since I got my Hornby Dublo 3 rail N2 with two wagons and a brake van for Christmash 1957. This developed into a 6' x 5' table layout in the living room. In the 1970's the loft was converted and I moved to 2 rail with a layout 19' x 10'.

    I joined the Ulster Model Railway Club in 1968 in Roseland Place, Belfast and remained a member until I moved to Cork in 1998.

    Myself and four friends set up Model Irish Railways in the early 1980s to supply 4mm kits, paints and transfers for NIR and Irish Rail prototypes.

    I have also worked in Northern Ireland Railways from 1976 to 1992 in the Secretariat and Operations Divisions.

    I have recently moved house so my layout is in storage. I am currently preparing a shed for the railway.

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  1. Not UK but here is some street running in Cork. https://www.google.com/search?q=cork+city+railway&client=ms-android-h3g-ie&prmd=minv&sxsrf=ALeKk035xgCoucutx1GPXciBxgx095PDpA:1627323007745&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj-pr7OqoHyAhVnShUIHQy3DdwQ_AUoAnoECBQQAg#imgrc=z5B9tMtTqqnS3M
  2. @phil-b259 that is really what my OP was trying to ask. Some layouts never seem to get dirty track problems and others can't be kept clean. Given that everything else is taken care of (no plastic wheels, track rubbers, rubber tyres etc) is there an "ideal" rail material?
  3. I do not want my thread about track locked because of this type of comment. Please stop this nonsense.
  4. In my own case tunnel tracks have been kept to an unavoidable minimum and with no points in tbe tunnel. The four tracks under the main station will actually be under the street beside the railway. The street will be removable for access to the tunnel. I have already banned plastic wheels, traction tyres and track rubbers. My fiddle yard/ storage sidings are in the open so no points in the tunnel there.
  5. Same here. I will be enjoying mine. I hope you enjoy yours too.
  6. Thank you both for those helpful replies. I had been considering laying the Rocoline sectional track in the tunnel. It is more expensive than Peco but I have this 'gut feeling' that it would be best in the long term.
  7. If these are still available I would like them please.
  8. Playcraft telephone intercom. Condition is "Used". Not original box. 32ft cable Appears complete but not tested.. Free to whoever wants it. Postage £10 by Paypal. If postage works out cheaper I'll refund the difference.
  9. I am asking this question as I am about to lay track in a tunnel under my main station and wish to minimise track cleaning requirements. It struck me that perhaps different brands of track may use different materials for the rails, and that this in turn may affect their propensity to get dirty, (or stay clean). The tunnel will contain four tracks. Two of these are the main line continuous run so will see most use during an operating session. The third track is the approach road to the sidings and will see frequent use. The fourth track is a branch line that will see less use. Currently I have a mixture of Peco code 100, Peco code 83, Tillig Elite and Rocoline track but am willing to consider any other brand if it helps with cleaning in the tunnel.
  10. Since you wrote this immediately after quoting one of my posts, I sincerely hope you are not implying that I am a bully.
  11. A very useful database Dennis and good points ( pardon tbe pun) by Adam
  12. This was taken to extremes in Co. Kerry recently when a railway bridge over a stream was rebuilt. The railway closed in the 70s, was used as a greenway since the 00s, and was upgraded for cyclists!
  13. Bit of advice. Make sure that any point motors or other equipment belonging to level 1 have no sharp edges or pins etc protruding downwards, or if unavoidable, guard them with cardboard. This is to prevent nasty cuts when reaching in to derailed stock. Don't ask me how I know this lol. Layout plan and videos look great. This should be a great layout as it progresses.
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