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    Co. Kerry, Ireland.
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    I've enjoyed model railways since I got my Hornby Dublo 3 rail N2 with two wagons and a brake van for Christmash 1957. This developed into a 6' x 5' table layout in the living room. In the 1970's the loft was converted and I moved to 2 rail with a layout 19' x 10'.

    I joined the Ulster Model Railway Club in 1968 in Roseland Place, Belfast and remained a member until I moved to Cork in 1998.

    Myself and four friends set up Model Irish Railways in the early 1980s to supply 4mm kits, paints and transfers for NIR and Irish Rail prototypes.

    I have also worked in Northern Ireland Railways from 1976 to 1992 in the Secretariat and Operations Divisions.

    I have recently moved house so my layout is in storage. I am currently preparing a shed for the railway.

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  1. Do you do box opening videos? Just joking atom3624
  2. I have just had a look at the BR page. Some wonderful pictures there. Well worth a visit.
  3. Same in Ireland where as NIR and Irish Rail refer to the five foot, when it is really five foot three.
  4. My Hornby 2020 catalogue.. and the box it came in!!!
  5. If the livery is wrong then why not spray it Brunswick green, line it out, give it the next number in the 66xx series and run it as a special. Hat, coat, gone fast to Route 66.
  6. Metrics: https://searchcustomerexperience.techtarget.com/definition/business-metric
  7. The towing around was always intentionally; unnplanned perhaps; but always intentionally.
  8. Irish Railway Models / Accurascale will have rotating axle ends on their CIE A class.
  9. Great bit of film there. Possibly also suitable for the level crossing thread. lol
  10. Nor is it clear how the train stayed on that "interesting" standard of track laying.
  11. Order placed. Many thanks Keith. Edit: I received an e mail today from Antics saying that they had cancelled my order as they "could not supply" Gareth of Trains4U has come to the rescue. Thank you Gareth.
  12. Has any shop or box shifter still got any Hornby centenary Diecast Dublo Duchess of Athol left for pre order? I seem to have hesitated too long and now can't find any.
  13. Nah. It's burnt now, making its pioneer contribution to global warming.
  14. So "mint, boxed and in a Hamley's bag" is better than common or garden "mint, boxed"
  15. The model is based on five minutes later than the etch and the missing lump of coal is now in the firebox
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