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    Co. Kerry, Ireland.
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    I've enjoyed model railways since I got my Hornby Dublo 3 rail N2 with two wagons and a brake van for Christmash 1957. This developed into a 6' x 5' table layout in the living room. In the 1970's the loft was converted and I moved to 2 rail with a layout 19' x 10'.

    I joined the Ulster Model Railway Club in 1968 in Roseland Place, Belfast and remained a member until I moved to Cork in 1998.

    Myself and four friends set up Model Irish Railways in the early 1980s to supply 4mm kits, paints and transfers for NIR and Irish Rail prototypes.

    I have also worked in Northern Ireland Railways from 1976 to 1992 in the Secretariat and Operations Divisions.

    I have recently moved house so my layout is in storage. I am currently preparing a shed for the railway.

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  1. What is the radius and gradient on this one?.
  2. This works two ways. I live in Ireland and as a non VAT registered private seller if I sell model railway items to the UK using e bay, I am at a disadvantage if competing against someone from the UK selling a similar item. And as a buyer. Purchases from non VAT registered sellers in the UK will cost me both UK VAT and Irish VAT. In addition An Post or other courier will be charging me for the 'service' of extracting Irish VAT.
  3. Thats like the petrol station in Strabane (Northern Ireland) and one in Lifford (Ireland) with just a bridge between them. Whichever country had the better price got all the business, then something would change and the other got the business. Either way there are often queues on the bridge itself.
  4. Could someone kindly private message me if there are any posts about the GT3 model. :)
  5. Post 1967. 555 and 112 were in NIR maroon and white livery. I'm not sure if 111 was also or if it was still in UTA blue and cream. The set was seen regularly on the Belfast to Lisburn locals.
  6. Nice work. I recall 555 running as an intermediate trailer between AEC power units 111 and 112.
  7. That may be how Shopify works, but it was your choice to use Shopify. Forgive me if I'm missing something but why should Mark have to lose 10% when all he has to do is place a second order for the additional wagons that he wants?
  8. Why do you ask? Others may still have something to contribute.
  9. Surely foreign steam engines ran throughout the world using their own foreign coal.
  10. The seller may not have to register, but as a private individual, not a business, selling a model train no VAT is payable. Does the e bay system allow for that? If Larry from Liverpool buys a Hornby loco from Hattons for £100 plus VAT at 20%, he pays Hattons £120 and they forward the £20 to government. A year later Larry decides he no longer wants this loco and sells it for £50 to Billy in Birmingham. Billy pays Larry £50 and that's that. No VAT. But what if Larry lived in Limerick instead of Liverpool. Billy should still only have to pay £50; not £50 plus 2
  11. Does this apply to private sales e.g. an individual selling a surplus locomotive on e bay?
  12. If you use realistic exchange rates, the issue you have raised is not such a problem.
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