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    Co. Kerry, Ireland.
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    I've enjoyed model railways since I got my Hornby Dublo 3 rail N2 with two wagons and a brake van for Christmash 1957. This developed into a 6' x 5' table layout in the living room. In the 1970's the loft was converted and I moved to 2 rail with a layout 19' x 10'.

    I joined the Ulster Model Railway Club in 1968 in Roseland Place, Belfast and remained a member until I moved to Cork in 1998.

    Myself and four friends set up Model Irish Railways in the early 1980s to supply 4mm kits, paints and transfers for NIR and Irish Rail prototypes.

    I have also worked in Northern Ireland Railways from 1976 to 1992 in the Secretariat and Operations Divisions.

    I have recently moved house so my layout is in storage. I am currently preparing a shed for the railway.

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  1. Hornby seem to have their act together. They advertise the forthcoming Prince of Wales loco at £209.99 including UK VAT at 20% Once I placed an order and the website knows I am in Ireland, the price changes to accurately reflect the Irish VAT at 23%. £174.99 + 20% = £209.99 £174.99 + 23% = £215.24
  2. It depends on whether you want an APT or whether you want to show solidarity with an "independent" , and not get an APT.
  3. Misinterpreting a red light as a "stop" instruction is surely fail safe rather than dangerous.
  4. Probably updating the CE documentation for EU export sales.
  5. Though I don't think he has any user worked level crossings to deal with.
  6. All our fuel is delivered in sacks (coal, turf, logs) Well not the central heating oil of course. And No, it does not come in barrels either lol.
  7. Perhaps that is because such users are expected to use common sense. Tin hat on and ducking for cover
  8. Could E bay be an "authorised representative in the EU", thus facilitating the purchase of UK private seller items by EU residents.
  9. I don't disagree with either of these posts, but they are both about apportioning legal responsibility (i.e. blame) rather than accident prevention.
  10. Phil I would have thought that preventing an accident would be preferable to letting it happen, whatever the legal protection.
  11. You are not on your own. You made a very legitimate observation that the word "No" could be misinterpreted as "Yes" by speakers of certain languages. I was shocked by the response which seems to imply that it's better legal protection for the signalman in the event that such a person then caused a level crossing accident. A common sense response that I would have given, would be that you made a very good point and perhaps the rule makers could consider how to address that very real issue. I know I am treading on dangerous ground by mentioning common sense. I did m
  12. I would think that the number of potential customers is dropping fast. Anyone who places an order now with a supplier reported as unreliable should not be really surprised if the goods do not arrive.
  13. Remember the delivery fiasco with Rapido's Sterling Single. It's not unknown to have problems.
  14. I can't speak for NR, but following an accident in 1978 when a motorist stalled on an accommodation crossing, Northern Ireland Railways successfully sued the motorist for damages. That case also paved the way for the settlement of railway passenger injury claims and one railway passenger fatality.
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