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    Co. Kerry, Ireland.
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    I've enjoyed model railways since I got my Hornby Dublo 3 rail N2 with two wagons and a brake van for Christmash 1957. This developed into a 6' x 5' table layout in the living room. In the 1970's the loft was converted and I moved to 2 rail with a layout 19' x 10'.

    I joined the Ulster Model Railway Club in 1968 in Roseland Place, Belfast and remained a member until I moved to Cork in 1998.

    Myself and four friends set up Model Irish Railways in the early 1980s to supply 4mm kits, paints and transfers for NIR and Irish Rail prototypes.

    I have also worked in Northern Ireland Railways from 1976 to 1992 in the Secretariat and Operations Divisions.

    I have recently moved house so my layout is in storage. I am currently preparing a shed for the railway.

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  1. I am looking for a Superquick C3 kit "Modern shops and flats" which is discontinued. I am also looking for the original version of the "Four cottages" kit. If you have either of these I am willing to pay a reasonable price plus postage.
  2. The driver must feel a bit apprehensive with that gun pointing into the cab. No SPADs when the Traffic Inspector is watching so closely lol
  3. Thank you John and other John for those good ideas, but by develop I meant bring to the market so that people can buy one, just like I can buy detail kits, etched nameplates etc to improve other models.
  4. I can't find the layouts now. Can anyone please help? Thanks Colin
  5. Appointed by Andy York. Not self appointed.
  6. I am always amused by the thread police who don't know how to use the "Ignore this topic" button when they get bored with one.
  7. We are informed that the model is already in production with orders that match production numbers so it is what it is. Maybe someone will design and develop a practical after market solution.
  8. Bad enough as "box opening" videos can be, I dread to imagine the excitement of a "box not opening" video.
  9. Well done everyone involved. A great exhibition, layouts, interviews, news etc and without having to fly to GB then quarantine for two weeks on my return. PS spend the entrance fee money wisely lol .
  10. Great exhibition today. I've been popping in to it from time to time. Looking forward to the interview with DJM. LOL.
  11. I buy my trains to run them, but as I am currently 'between layouts' some purchases have not yet been taken out of their boxes as I have nothing to run them on, but they WILL RUN some day. An unintended side effect of having such purchases is that arising from a recent change of mind about some items, coupled with a desire to raise some funds, I recently sold some of the unopened trains on Ebay and am very pleased with the prices obtained.
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