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  1. If these are still available I would buy all six, total £18 plus p&p to Ireland.
  2. Humbrol 33 and small paintbrush. Sorted.
  3. The Rails conditions say that the deposit can be refunded under certain circumstances at the company's discretion. If it ever happens I would argue with them for a refund if a price adjustment was large. eg a £50 item becoming £80. If the adjustment was small, eg £50 becomes £52, then I would just pay it. In any event, I understand that a legally binding contract has to contain an agreed price, or at worst an agreed price "plus a possible increase up to x% " where the value if x is clearly stated.
  4. Your screenshot confirms what I said; not what you said.
  5. I can't find that anywhere. Rails site says that the pre order price is to be confirmed, which is not the same thing.
  6. But some non-users of Facebook on RMweb (not necessarily your good self) go on to complain that they are missing some information and expect Facebook users to inform them of the details they can't be bothered finding out for themselves by checking said Facebook page (signing in if necessary).
  7. Agree @Michael Hodgson but there are also many sensible, well moderated groups so don't throw out the baby with the bath water.
  8. Sometimes "principles" get in the way of pragmatism.
  9. There are eight planks. At 6" that would make each door 4' wide. 9" would make them 6' wide. The doors look to be twice as high as they are wide. Given that the standard platform height is 3', I suspect the door height is nearer to 8' than 12'. If the choice is between 6" and 9", I would go for 6". As @micknich2003 suggests, draw it to scale to see what looks right.
  10. Last remaining rails of the Cork to Blarney line beside the hotel that is built on the site of the Cork terminus. Zoom in,:
  11. Re reopening Irish lines there us Cork to Middleton, Belfast Central Railway, Belfast Great Victoria Street. The Lisburn to Antrim line closes an reopens on a regular basis
  12. Unless you are a teacher, you are under no obligation to teach people. Enjoy the videos/threads/blogs or watch/read something else. No need to get stressed.
  13. @sagaguy your darker image matches my sample. However Merco did produce a dark and a light version of this brick paper, and your lighter image is very close to my memory of Merco's lighter version.
  14. Merco brick paper.pdf I hope the attached is useful. Scanned from a sample of Merco brick paper sent to me by none other than the late Rev Peter Denny
  15. Options: 1, repair and use. 2, put on display. 3, store for spare parts. 4, sell. 5, give away 6, scrap.
  16. Or the best of all 70 class, the UTA (later NIR) DEMU.
  17. Deleted. Thought the thread was about first radius points.
  18. Despite enjoying model railways since the mid 1950s, I only found out that Triang rolling stock was too high when I read about it on RMweb. It was not something that I was concerned about.
  19. At the risk of offending anyone, I can see the height difference clearly. The buffers only match because the Accurascale buffers are drooping, but as this is an EP we can't really tell until the final model is produced. I was unable to react to Henners84's post.
  20. Apologies. Try this. https://www.warringtonguardian.co.uk/news/19544459.old-railway-bridge-warrington-central-station-removed/
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