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  1. I think this is where I went wrong. However I was following the advice from 'Model Railroader' magazine, March 2012 that recommends 16AWG for the bus and 22AWG for the droppers. Another lesson learnt!
  2. Even molten solder on the hand is not pleasant....
  3. Do these strippers remove the insulation from the bus without cutting it first? I used Scotchlocks on my layout because I didn't want to keep cutting the bus and possibly lose mechanical integrity. However, I did have a few failures where the insulation on the bus wasn't pierced and I'm concerned that over time more failures will occur, so I'm thinking of replacing them with soldering. I'm still concerned about soldering 'uphill' though.
  4. I have just acquired an Atlas O gauge Plymouth shunter, I also have a Soundtraax TSU-750 decoder left over from another project. Can I fit it into the Atlas? I have fitted decoders before but my concern is the current draw. The decoder lists a maximum stall current of 1amp, I don't know how much current the Atlas draws, but I suspect it's more than this. Does reducing CV5 (maximum voltage), make any difference? The loco would be used on a small shunting layout with no other locos. I'm using an NCE power cab which is rated at 1.5 amps. Thanks in advance.
  5. Ahh! I have been looking out for one of these for ages. Pity they are not doing a sound fitted one.
  6. Rather than the Kadee tool, I use a bamboo skewer. At 9 inches long it's easier to fit in between cars and it's cheap too; a pack of 50 cost me £1.
  7. In the UK it has to be Model Junction; friendly advice and no pressure to buy. Don't overlook them for general modelling supplies either.
  8. I would agree with all of the above, and would only add that they appear cheap because they have been around awhile and haven't had the price increases of newer kits.
  9. You might find this useful; http://www.hamptonfarms.com/about-us/ I know that severn is situated on the North Carolina & Virginia, a Railamerica line.
  10. Hi Dan, It does, thanks. My problem has always been too much inspiration; every shortline I look at has something worth modelling. Is Galatia due to be exhibited any more this year? R
  11. Excellent stuff! I feel you have really captured the atmosphere of a rural shortline. Can I ask what your inspiration was? Thanks R P.S. I'm a newbie here so please be gentle..
  12. I grew up with model railways as, in addition to the usual Hornby on the carpet, my Father had an OO gauge layout in a garden shed that I was sometimes allowed to run. It had a loop of track about 40' long in the garden and I remember having school friends round in the holidays when I could run my 'horrible blue box diesels'. Other hobbies have come and gone over the years but I have always returned to model railways and have usually had a project 'on the go'. I have dabbled in most scales and gauges including a 16mm garden layout that took all summer to build and an afternoon to rip up when we moved. A visit to see relatives in the USA had me starting an N scale layout as soon as returned. I quickly changed to HO and this has been my main focus ever since. I have not forgotten my roots though and also have a small 'BR blue era' layout under construction. I suspect that like many modellers my main problem is not lack of inspiration but too much; shall I model this..., no this would be good...., wait what about...
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